Thursday, May 17, 2012

THE LATEST CRAZE: AFTERBIRTHERISM!  The brethren learn that in 1991 a publicist said Obama was Kenyan, and suddenly birtherism is resurrected -- in a new, Möbius strip form, Afterbirtherism, in which Obama is attacked as not being foreign born:
It is evidence--not of the President's foreign origin, but that Barack Obama's public persona has perhaps been presented differently at different times.
Well, if that isn't an impeachable offense, why do we even have a Constitution?

The publicist says there was nothing sinister in it, she just fucked up, and rightbloggers go, oh sure you did -- you "fucked up" at concealing your decades-long plot to deceive the American people! The Right Sphere has our favorite version:
Despite the numerous times the article states that the booklet does not change the fact that Obama was born in Hawaii, the moron Left and their smear merchants are running with the “ has gone birther” narrative. This is their way of trying to kill the story before it makes it to the mainstream media, or at the very least, poison the story and change what the mainstream media says about the new information.
Later, this cowboy hears the publicist's explanation, and sees that it's all been just a misunderstanding and -- oh, who am I kidding?
Not good enough. Who gave her the “fact” she failed to check? There was no google or wikipedia back in 1991. This is not the end of the story.
Second place goes to American Thinker's Thomas Lifson, who closes his Afterbirther essay thus:
It is the sort of thing that can be discussed by anyone, and presents visual elements, which operate on a different part of the brain than words do.
Worthy of Criswell, that one.

Looking at the ferocious stupidity of the posts and of their commenters (love the guy at Gateway Pundit who says, "Everyone should call the New York Times and ask why their journalists never found this or reported on it"), it's clear that the people who go for this don't even qualify as a fringe -- they're like severely mentally-disabled children who react spasmodically to certain colors or shapes. Yet as long as there's clicks and cash in it, the ones who are not dumb but merely cynical, like Ole Perfesser Instapundit, will indulge them.

On the bright side, I can't imagine normal people hearing this bedlam and being convinced of anything except the need to get away from these nuts. Maybe soon the Afterbirthers will just retreat into their private world, and leave the fate of the nation to people who haven't completely lost their minds.

UPDATE. Famous libertarian Nick Gillespie approaches the subject:
... Obama's most-ardent champions must agree this sort of thing is a pretty good catch by the crew. When you're in a race that's heating up, this sort of blast from the past is the last thing with which you want to be dealing... 
There's no question that this sort of document may add to the idea that Obama is willing to edit and revise his life story depending on circumstance (the insurance company story about this mother's treatments strikes me as a more telling example, since Obama is not really implicated in the author booklet in the same way).
To be fair, there's also a lot of stuff in there about how the distant past isn't as important as the present, so you know Gillespie's really part of the plague-on-both-your-houses libertarian Third Way, which is basically conservatism plus marijuana.

UPDATE 2. Gender of publicist corrected in post, as part of the cover-up.

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