Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BOOK NOTES. Look out below:
The Atlantic's libertarian entrepreneur-turned-business writer and blogger Megan McArdle's PERMISSION TO SUCK, a look at how risk aversion is sapping America of its core strengths and how we have to embrace the possibility of failure - which she experienced when she was fired and dumped in the same week - if we want to find our passions, land the right job, and succeed in life, to Joy de Menil at Viking, in a pre-empt, by Gail Ross at the Ross Yoon Agency.
No free link -- thanks to whet for the info.

I hope these chapters are included:
  • The unintended consequences of giving money to bums -- they eat, sure, but also fail to upgrade their cardboard signs in ways that enrich our street life.
  • The real tragedy of the financial crisis: it gave Big Government an excuse to interfere with the production of wonderfully risky financial instruments.
  • The inspiring story of an enterprising chemist who developed a new kind of granite from which to make countertops.
  • How I bought the wrong $400 saucepan but learned how to make an omelette!

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