Wednesday, March 09, 2011

MOVING TARGET PRACTICE. Standing up for white men in America, Robin of Berkeley. She was filling out an "application to be a provider for an insurance panel" (presumably because she's a licensed psychotherapist) and the application rudely asked if she were gay or Asian.
What also occurred to me while filling out the application is that every special category exists aside from that of a white, straight male. If someone is gay or a woman or a person of color, the welcome mat is laid out. But what about an ordinary Joe, a working-class stiff from Toledo?
I think a working-class-stiff set-aside would liven up any insurance panel, particularly if they waived the professional requirements... oops, next graf suggests she's talking about college admissions:
How does he get into college when all the recruitment efforts are aimed at others?
Cut to a factory clerk longingly gazing upon the gates of his local college, then hanging his head dejectedly as he remembers that college is for differently-abled lesbians of color.
Some young men turn to the military as a way of accessing needed funds for college. What are the consequences?

They are, in fact, grave: white, working class men are at much higher risk of being mortally wounded in the battleground than their privileged counterparts.
Privileged counterparts including non-white working class men? Whoops, new thought follows:
And while the working class risk their lives, the snooty elite go to college on daddy's dime.
You get the picture: The admission privileges allegedly enjoyed by minorities are easily conflated with the privileges enjoyed by rich people. The only ones left holding the bag are poor white men.
After decades of grievances, we haven't turned into a fairer nation; we're simply an angrier one.
Well, some of us are clearly angry.
In the age of Obama, aggrieved groups have joined together to demand their rights, endeavoring to put the white man under their thumb.
Unsurprisingly, there are no evidentiary links in that section.
Now men are marginalized and demonized. They are given the demoralizing message that they are unnecessary.
OK, we've made the leap from poor men to men in general, now let's take it a step further:
The United States would cease to operate if conservative white males went on strike tomorrow (not necessarily a bad idea, by the way). We'd do just fine shorn of most of the metrosexual crowd -- the college professors and the activists. But we'd crash and burn without the manly man. It's he who does the essential work that others cannot, like patrol our streets, extinguish fires, and drive tractors.
Conservative white males! If George Will, Mark Steyn and Charles Krauthammer throw down their tools, the nation will be consumed by flames, leaving only the vanishingly small coterie of metrosexuals who put Obama over the top to ask one another, "Which end goes on the hydrant?"
As a former progressive, I know how tempting it is to blame others for our own problems.
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