Thursday, March 03, 2011

HBO Making A Male “Sex And The City”?
It's to be masterminded by Doug Ellin, creator of Entourage. Fuller vs. at The Huffington Post:
"It's something I've lived with my friends," Ellin said. "People were thinking that 40 is the new 20 and their life is all set -- and all of a sudden they woke up one day and had no money."
Wow, relevance. It's refreshing to see the everyday problems of little people --
Set to star in a role modeled after that conundrum is Ed Burns, who will play a wealthy banker who finds himself holding the bag after his bank collapses.
Whoops. In the first ep, Burns decides whether to use his severance to finally get his Ph.D, or on a big blowout for himself and his buddies on Whore Island. Then, everyone goes artisanal-shaving-gear shopping!

And yet we couldn't get the characters of Peter Bagge or myself on TV. Hmph.

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