Wednesday, January 12, 2011

THE ETERNAL VICTIM. Now that Palin's gotten on Ole Perfesser Instapundit's "blood libel" bandwagon, I wonder whether the Anti-Defamation League will step up. (Update: Foxman issues a watery statement.) Traditionally, see, this is blood libel:
The blood libel is a false accusation that Jews sacrifice Christian children either to use the blood for various "medicinal" purposes or to prepare Passover Matzoth (unleavened bread) or for vengeance and mock crucifixions. It is one of the central fables of Anti-Semitism of the older (middle ages) type.
I suppose every time a newspaper runs an editorial against her, it's Kristallnacht. And if Obama wins in 2012, that'll be the Holocaust. Jesus -- is there no limit to their persecution mania?

UPDATE. Ha, Dave Weigel: "First reporter to obtain Palin react quote from Mel Gibson gets a cookie."

UPDATE 2. The Perfesser's playing it close to the vest. Maybe he guessed that, once his noxious usage achieved wider dissemination through a celebrity spokesmodel, people would start making fun of it. Back to the bunker, fellas! (Update to update: The Perfesser has since added a lot of wounded gush about the "silliest hissyfit yet." And when he calls the New York Times Building the New Treblinka, betcha those silly liberals will pop off again! They're so predictable!)

UPDATE 3. Flop-sweat at National Review: Since Jonah Goldberg refused to take one for the team (I can imagine K-Lo trying to pull him out of the hall closet, his eyes streaming tears and his mouth streaming Cheetos), Jim Geraghty had to go out there and earn his bonus with a oh-yeah-liberals-do-it-too post.

The main difference is that Geraghty's examples refer to 1.) Claims that all gay people are pedophiles; 2.) Claims that all black people want to rape white women; 3.) A call for all Muslims to be profiled as terrorists; 4.) Claims that Al Gore tried to disenfranchise military voters ("almost a blood libel"). The last one's a little over the top; the others are less so, because they portray groups of people as guilty of horrible crimes simply because they belong to those groups.

The idea that wingnuts were blood-libeled because some people (including the victim) noticed the incendiary rhetoric used on Giffords before she was shot is worse that ridiculous.

UPDATE 4. Arizona District GOP Chair resigns because he's afraid the yahoos might kill him and his family:
In an e-mail sent a few hours after Saturday's massacre in Tucson that killed six and injured 13, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, [District Chairman Anthony] Miller told state Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen he was quitting: "Today my wife of 20 yrs ask (sic) me do I think that my PCs (Precinct Committee members) will shoot at our home? So with this being said I am stepping down from LD20GOP Chairman...I will make a full statement on Monday"...

Miller said when he was a member of McCain's campaign staff last year has been criticized by the more conservative party members who supported Republican opponent J.D. Hayworth. The first and only African-American to hold the party's precinct chairmanship, Miller said he has been called "McCain's boy," and during the campaign saw a critic form his hand in the shape of a gun and point it at him.

"I wasn't going to resign but decided to quit after what happened Saturday," Miller said. "I love the Republican Party but I don't want to take a bullet for anyone."
Clearly he's blood-libeling Sarah Palin too! If he had any decency he'd put on a bullet-proof vest and get right back in there.

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