Thursday, December 30, 2010

CONSERVATIVE INTELLECTUALISM: A STATUS REPORT. In case you were wondering what that crazy motherfucker Robert P. George was up to, I followed a link at National Review and got this. George is apparently still into mystical anatomy as a justification for homophobia:
Like Andrew Koppelman, Barry Deutsch has posted a critique of our recent Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy article arguing that marriage is the conjugal union of husband and wife. And, like Koppelman, Deutsch makes central to his critique a denial that marital coition effects a true organic (bodily) union of spouses. For the reasons we set forth in our reply to Professor Koppelman, we believe his critique is unsuccessful...
Our studies show 98 percent of readers do the record-scratch/double-take thing on "marital coition effects a true organic (bodily) union of spouses." But wait, George and his co-authors have more. They quote their original article, which I gotta give them credit for because if I had written something like this...
In coitus, but not in other forms of sexual contact, a man and a woman’s bodies coordinate by way of their sexual organs for the common biological purpose of reproduction. They perform the first step of the complex reproductive process. Thus, their bodies become, in a strong sense, one—they are biologically united, and do not merely rub together—in coitus (and only in coitus), similarly to the way in which one’s heart, lungs, and other organs form a unity: by coordinating for the biological good of the whole. In this case, the whole is made up of the man and woman as a couple, and the biological good of that whole is their reproduction.
...I wouldn't be spreading it around. I mean, how many times can people hear "I was drunk" before it stops being a valid excuse?

If you want to read a couple thousand words about how fucking makes you and your beloved into a single super-creature (but only if you do it in the right hole, and sucking is definitely out), Happy Kwanzaa!

George kinda reminds me of the mad doctor in The Human Centipede.

UPDATE. Commenters make the connection I missed: to Voltron, Defender of the Universe, by C.S. Lewis.

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