Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SHIT FLOATS. The Washington Post has hired Commentary's Jennifer Rubin to fill its Ben Domenech Chair for Wingnut Blogging. I said in August that Rubin was "fast becoming the worst hack on the internet." I like to think this was what clinched it for Rubin.

The Rubin atrocity that prompted my comment was a doozy -- she claimed that the President of the United States' "sympathies for the Muslim World take precedence over those, such as they are, for his fellow citizens" (for Commentary writers, real patriots only allow Israel to come before the United States) -- but she has delivered many others:The secret to Rubin's success is that she just spins everything and anything so that it will sound heartening to her fellow conservatives. Back during the 2008 campaign, she was happy-clapping about "the difficultly many Democrats will have in moving on to support Barack Obama" (pushes in nose) and suggesting "McCain can capitalize on this by outreach to the aggrieved [Hillary] Clinton female voters (or by putting a woman on the ticket)." She started predicting Obamadamerrung -- "the Obama team is lawyering up, the Senate will be sued" -- in... January 2009. She just sputters hyperbolic insults -- for example, when Obama attempted to negotiate with Iran, she called him "a cold-hearted technocrat obsessed with engaging a loathsome regime."

So whenever things go wrong for the Democrats, she's vindicated, and whenever they go right... well, they never go right. Even when Obama sent more troops to Afghanistan, which you'd think would warm her black little heart, her response was, "Obama never did say 'victory,' and that is telling. It's not his thing."

In short, the woman's so full of shit I'm surprised she doesn't explode. Her fans across wingnuttia will enjoy reading her as they scream about how they can't trust the WaPo.

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