Thursday, November 04, 2010

LOCKDOWN. David Hirsanyi at libertarian site Reason:
No matter what happens, for now, we can look forward to two glorious years of hyper-partisan, acrimonious gridlock—Washington's most moral and productive state.
J.P Friere explicates:
Armed with subpoena power, members of the House Republicans are expected to urge President Obama not to shred any documents.
The vaunted "gridlock" of the second half of the first Clinton Administration came when the United States had plenty of money and no one thought the President was a Mooslim. Girdlock II will be more like vapor lock.

Back in the 90s people were simpler, and didn't like it when the government closed the Washington Monument. But, it would seem, things have changed so radically that, if I read the Tea Party mandate aright, they'd be pleased to see the government shut down the Post Office, so long as it sticks to what both parties agree are its real Constitutional duties -- waging a drug war and keeping soldiers in the Middle East.

Prosecuting the Kenyan Pretender comes when the bread runs out and they have to redouble the circuses.

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