Tuesday, November 09, 2010

11/9 WAS AN INSIDE JOB! Remember those old chemtrails conspiracy theories? The dadgum Gummint wants you to believe the vapor off Cali is nothin' to worry about. So does the gol-durned IEEE, a buncha liberal "engineers." But Chemtrails911 knows it hain't so! And so does Michelle Malkin:
“The operative word is ‘unexplainable,’” a Pentagon spokesman said.

I guess they’ll tell us the “system is working.”

Perhaps the most interesting theory: Obama was showing off to Asia while on his jaunt.

So why not just be upfront with the American people and say so?
Why won't the Gummint also explain these secret messages I been getting through the fillings in my teefs? (Malkin's "related stories" on this one are about 9/11 and Fort Hood.)

SKREEEE Patterico:
What I found interesting, though, was that if you traced it back away from the sea towards land, it became a sort of ghostly translucent dark blue color. I had never seen a color like that before on a contrail and it got my attention...
SKREEEE Gateway Pundit:
You didn’t see much of this during the Bush years…
SKREEEEEE Right Pundits:
Possibility Number Three would be a terrorist group. This would appear to be unlikely, given that our Navy ‘claims’ that there were no vessels in the supposed launch area. Any sort of decent cargo ship could be rigged for such a launch. Why would they do it? For causing terror!
SKREEE and SKREEE again! In their beginning is their end: Chasing their demons through clouds of smoke.

UPDATE. Sometimes people ask me: What's the audible model for SKREEE? It's the harpies from Jason and the Argonauts:

If nothing else you get ten minutes of that finest of Harryhausen films, and one of my favorite Hermann scores.

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  1. Jerry1:53 PM

    Quite a few years ago, my county decided to do aerial spraying for mosquitoes. Because a family member had respiratory issues, we wanted to make sure the house was closed up tight on spraying days, so we payed special attention to the (publicly announced) times and locations. Came the first spraying day and I took a peek outside to see if I could see the spray plane. I barely saw it, way up in the sky. Definitely the spray plane, because they're kind of funky looking.

    Point is, here's an aircraft up in the sky spraying actual chemicals and trying to be seen and I was barely able to see it -- with no visible trail, yet. I'd think the Area 51 guys would be able to improve on that without trying too particularly hard, don't you?