Wednesday, April 07, 2010

BREAKFAST TREAT. You good people, following my lame site day in, day out, deserve some candy for your trouble. Here's that asshole Rod Dreher flipping out over phalluses outside a church.

It's in the Netherlands, and it's done by artists, so as you may imagine, Dreher says it's the dildo-bearers who are stuck in the past, not the Catholic Church (one of Dreher's former faiths, though I can't recall whether it was his second or third). He also claims to have a Dutch friend -- perhaps his hashish connection -- who declares, "That's how it is for Dutch artists. We can't think of anything creative to say, we just throw in sex." So if Texas doesn't work out, I know where to head next.

He also finds a picture of one of his dick-wielding nemeses and decides, "He looks to be a Baby Boomer. Will we never be rid of that generation and its tired, flaccid obsessions?" He brings in a guest Jesusoid to assure us that the Younger Generation will soon overthrow sex. So what's he bitching about, then?

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