Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A SIGN OF PROGRESS. Of a sort, anyway. Rightwingers are disowning an Obama-is-Hitler sign! It'll be temporary, of course, as Obama-is-Hitler is one of their steady tropes. But at this critical moment, any outrage multiplier is useful, even if it puts them off their usual game for a few minutes.

Meanwhile the Weekly Standard's John McCormack assures his credulous readers:
Now, Dave Weigel points out that the Obama-as-Hitler posters are produced by the group of many-times Democratic presidential candidate (and absolute nutter) Lyndon LaRouche.
And David Freddoso tells us, "Don't blame conservatives for LaRouche's Obama=Hitler signs."

Almost simultaneously, the Lyndon LaRouche website tells us "Do Not Believe A Word Obama Utters" and praises the Town Brawls: "The anger is real. The hatred for the Obama policy is real." Also: "The fact is: Obama is out to commit genocide. And he's got members of Congress goose-stepping behind him."

This is a wonderful schtick: Obama's opponents consider him a Nazi, but claim his supporters are really the ones calling him a Nazi, and direct us to these "supporters," who call Obama a Nazi.

I had so little hope for health care reform that I suspected Obama's rush to pass it was an intentionally Pyrrhic plan to marginalize his enemies. If I was right, he's certainly getting his money's worth.

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