Sunday, August 02, 2009

OBAMA PENIS OF SCANDAL! Atlas Shrugs suggests conservatives fight lies about Sarah Palin with "legitimate stories" about Barack Obama. For example, "why not tell the truth about Obama and his reported strange sexual predilections? My question is, it is well known that Obama allegedly was involved with a crack whore in his youth. Very seedy stuff."

In come some wonderful reader offerings:
It's not like one must dig very far to witness his predatory weirdness.
Here in an official White House photo, BO proudly displays his chubby after touching Crowley's thigh. Yuck...
Amazingly, no one mentions Cheney's dick, though another reader says, "In body language terms, the only one showing off his manhood is Crowley. His legs are wide apart... Crowley is the only 'man' in the group." Also:
and, as far as his chubby goes, please, everyone, do not forget the series of photos of obama chasing a woman reporter down the aisle of his campaign jet, clutching an obvious hard on in his trousers.

the series of pictures shows a disturbance at the front of the plane where he is talking on the phone, an aghast woman reporting retreating from obama down the aisle from where she was sitting in the seats next to him, and obama grabbing and flaunting his obviously hard dick.

pamela should be able to come up with the series of photos, because i believe that she ran them here.
The post turns up ("The man lifts his leg, pivots, and thrusts his pelvis"), but the original YouTube video has been removed by the user. Clearly the user was clubbed into submission -- but with what?

Once these get out, no one's going to pay any attention to that birther shit.

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