Friday, July 31, 2009

OBAMA'S MEDAL OF FREEDOM TREASON. Did a short roundup at Runnin' Scared of rightwing reactions to Obama's Medal of Freedom picks. I see they're still mad at Desmond Tutu's unfortunate cracks about Jews. Well, 'twas ever thus -- who doesn't recall the ceaseless re-examination of Bill Cosby's extramarital affairs when he won the Medal in 2002?

Anyway, when it comes to anti-Semitic honorees, Walt Disney -- class of '64 -- will always be my favorite, especially as described in this delightful White Power site article ("It is easy to envision the 'hick' from a Missouri farm recalling all the stories of Jewish treachery and perfidy he had heard in his Midwestern upbringing"). It may not be strictly the truth, but then, neither was Pocahontas.

Debbie Schlussel's is by far the cream of the crop; she doesn't even like the breast cancer fighter lady and thinks Jack Kemp was a fake conservative. Schlussel must wake up excited every morning. She's like that kid in Reagan's "there must be a pony" anecdote, but instead of looking for the pony, she's always looking for the shit.

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