Monday, January 07, 2008

STOP THE PRESSES. Here it is folks -- after days of controversy -- Billy Kristol in the New York Times!
After the last two elections, featuring the well-born George Bush and Al Gore and John Kerry, Americans — even Republicans! — are ready for a likable regular guy. Huckabee seems to be that.
Translation: Huckabee is the candidate America would like to have a beer with Jesus.
His campaigning in New Hampshire has been impressive. At a Friday night event at New England College in Henniker, he played bass with a local rock band, Mama Kicks. One secular New Hampshire Republican’s reaction: “Gee, he’s not some kind of crazy Christian. He’s an ordinary American.”
Translation: Huckabee is Bob Roberts.
Some Democrats are licking their chops at the prospect of a Huckabee nomination. They shouldn’t be. For one thing, Michael Bloomberg would be tempted to run in the event of an Obama-Huckabee race — and he would most likely take votes primarily from Obama.
Translation: The Kristol appointment is a New York Times plot to make Maureen Dowd look profound.

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