Thursday, March 29, 2007

L'ENNUI. Welp, haven't been posting much, let's see if there's a TV review at National Review Online... ah, here we go:
Through the drama, a national dialogue takes place on the issues of love and marriage, family, abortion, and faith or lack thereof...

The show has explored what it really means to love another person, moving beyond mere sexual desire. The show’s writers have managed to make interesting and lasting relationships, even if we wish they had also made the characters married.

At least the characters are generally moving toward marriage. And the show, despite the fact that it does away with nearly all sexual mores, does seem to acknowledge that a happy marriage is somehow the desired end of romance...

...It is never suggested that fatherhood has turned unconnected, selfish, womanizing men into responsible fathers...

...while she admits that unexplained miracles do happen, she never allows that a higher power was behind them...

Here’s an idea, Lords of TV: How about just one, rippin’ hot hospital chaplain who offers the patients hope?
The review is about "Grey's Anatomy." Not that it matters.

I could have written about this meditation on "a conservative view of culture" based on the Texas A&M bonfire (sample: "Of course, in both a marriage and the bonfire tradition, such a self-conscious, analytic process leading to an intensity of experience signals the loss of unself-conscious piety, of an intensity that arises from the loss of self"), but you know what? Life is too fucking short.

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