Thursday, December 08, 2005

SHORTER PEGGY NOONAN. (to the tune of "Who Put The Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder") 

Now me Grandma came from Ireland a hundred years ago
And she had things so much tougher than them boys from Mexico
True, Mexicans risk life and limb to get into th' States
But Grandma briefly wore a card all marked with names an' dates

One night me Grandma had to sleep out in th' open air
(I guess th' campesinos, bein' campers, wouldn't care!)
Now Mexicans are runnin' wild -- Lou Dobbs showed me th' tapes -- 
And they laugh at dear old Grandma as they come to pick our grapes! 

Who let th' Mexicans in Peggy Noonan's country?
Soon racially we'll be naught but gallimaufry
Grandma slept upon a bench
Now I'm grand as Judi Dench
No Mexicans in Peggy Noonan's country!

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