Sunday, March 30, 2003

TRICKLE-DOWN DIVISIVENESS. Fight the real enemy, cries Andrew Sullivan: "The day of reckoning is not just coming for Saddam Hussein. It's coming for the anti-war movement."

Further down, Sullivan advises on "what the anti-war movement must do now if it is to regain credibility." If his ultimate goal is to give millions of his fellow Americans the Saddam Hussein treatment, why would they listen to him?

In Saturday's New York Post, Adam Brodsky writes, "When the big bombs went off in Baghdad on the first night of this war, I felt like beating my chest." He explains: "It tells the world -- in the only language it understands -- that America will defend itself." (emphasis mine)

Intelligent people can disagree about the war on Iraq, but in the war of a handful of American conservatives against pretty much everyone else on the planet, it would appear the sides have been chosen for us. "With us or against us" is having a most ominous trickle-down effect.

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