Sunday, March 23, 2003

Peter. Fucking. O'Toole.

"As I totter into antiquity...." How wonderful to have a winner who can speak. "...and from whom I grab energy in handfuls." "You're very good. Good night, and God bless you."

This, my friends, is an actor. I loved that they began this with his Charlie Rose interview. I saw that interview, and O'Toole was marvelous -- especially talking about what a disastrous thing the dying of the repertory system in English theatre has been for acting. They should have played the whole thing. O'Toole is a treasure, not just to film but to Anglophone culture.

Someday I'll see that Nicole Kidman movie, but not because of her rambling speech.

She's good, though. Some good actors are smart, some, much less so. A funny thing about art, and about life.

Frank Pierson is funny. Who knew?

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