Sunday, March 23, 2003

Between 100,000 (police estimate) and 200,000 (San Jose Mercury News estimate) anti-war demonstrators marched in New York yesterday. A quarter-million marched against the war in London. There were several other such protests around the world.

Here's the coverage from the warblogs. Instapundit, quoting someone named Jeff Jarvis:

DENVILLE -- Holding signs that read "Honk if you hate Saddam" and "Honk if you support our troops," about 50 boisterous but orderly Denville middle school students held a pro-war rally Friday on Main Street.

Andrew Sullivan:

HEADLINE OF THE DAY: "Peace demonstrators in France stab 2 Jewish boys." - from the Jerusalem Post.

Rod Dreher at The Corner:

As I write this, a large throng of anti-war protesters are massed in City Hall Park, just two or three blocks from Ground Zero. Police are ordering them to disperse, telling them their demonstration is over. They are ignoring the cops. (no follow-up -- ed.)

Volokh Conspiracy:

An antiwar march is proceeding down the street outside my apartment right now. Lots of the protesters are holding antiwar signs from International A.N.S.W.E.R... In a strange coincidence, the protesters reached my neighborhood when I just happened to be reading news reports that Glenn Reynolds linked to over at Instapundit...

The new journalism, folks. The great ones can do it with their eyes closed.

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