Sunday, December 22, 2013


...about Duck Dynasty and Pajama Boy, and how these phenomena have spurred the brethren to assert their manhoods in the traditional manner: denigrating the manhoods of others.

In the course of my research I discovered that the Wall Street Journal Speakeasy section has cartoonists, and there's a strip about Phil Robertson's comments. I hope if you have some extra time you'll take a look and tell me what the fuck is going on.

UPDATE. After derision and rage, it appears the next stage in wingnut Pajama Boy fixation is deepthink essay-writing: Linda Chavez complains that, though he has only been pictured indoors, PJB is related to some epidemic of public pajama-wearing ("the latest entry into the fashion craze is Pajama Boy, the now infamous, plaid-clad twerp") that I've apparently missed, living as I do in something approximating civilization.

Under the maladriot ministrations of Chavez, however, deepthink becomes derpthink:
Granted, it is only convention that says we wear one type of clothing for one purpose — sleeping, lounging around before we go to bed — and another for a different purpose — shopping, traveling across country, going to the office. But convention matters. 
Humans make rules that govern behavior. (Actually, all species do; ours are simply more numerous and elaborate.) Without those rules, we’d have not only anarchy, but shorter, less pleasant, more dangerous lives.
Maybe wearing pajamas outdoors caused gay marriage! Or the other way around! Anyway it all adds up, and soon we'll be dying at 40 on slag-heaps in our negligees and union suits. Well, maybe it'll sound more plausible when Charles Murray has a whack at it.

UPDATE 2. Jesus, what a shitshow at The Corner today. Jason Lee Steorts objects in the gentlest way possible to the pansy jokes with which Mark Steyn enlivened his pro-Robertson column, and Steyn responds belligerently in a post entitled "Re-education Camp" -- "do excuse me if I skip to the men’s room during his patronizing disquisition on the distinction between 'state coercion' and 'cultural coercion'... if he truly finds my 'derogatory language' offensive, I’d rather he just indefinitely suspend me than twist himself into a soggy pretzel of ambivalent inertia trying to avoid the central point..." Sheesh, what a drama queen! Other NROniks rush to Steyn's defense, including Peter Kirsanow, who proclaims Steyn the new Solzhenitsyn. Speaking of re-education, I think a spell in the private sector might refocus these guys' priorities -- but maybe that's just my liberal fascism talking!


  1. John E Williams9:10 PM

    Not that I have any business talking, but good god that comic is horrible. In fact, I'm Charles Fucking Schulz compared to this piece of shit. I can't tell you what the gag is because I can barely read the horrible computer font. And also, the guy literally just drew one picture and posted it several times. How the hell can I get a gig like this???

  2. John E Williams9:10 PM

    Pant pant pant

  3. Through all the recent gay watershed events, he's tried to get with the program and portray his seething contempt....

    I read this the first time as "get with the pogrom" and it still made sense.

  4. hellslittlestangel9:22 PM

    Gotta love the one comment posted so far:

    Bruiser Laroue wrote:

    Ace! Glad to be shaken in a comment or 2. Just wanted to speak up on
    behalf of the American Revolution and all that it stands for. I must
    say that America has been quite a adventure. My thoughts of the matter,
    Is that I wish the courts never stuck their nose’s into proposition
    acts. It has changed the lives of many descent minds and has opened the
    door for the un-thinkable life style that does not belong. Hopefully, In
    the near future, Congress can pull the weeds behind closed doors and
    bring back the american tradition.

    For many decades, until Rupert Murdoch came along, the WSJ failed to reach out to a core constituency of the right wing -- total fucking illiterates.

  5. Good God. that is literally un-thinkable. As in I can't think it.

  6. Duck calls all around.

  7. Jeffrey_Kramer10:12 PM

    If ENDA ever comes up for a vote in the House, I guarantee that Stockman or King or Gohmert will propose an amendment adding that it will be unlawful for an employer to discriminate against anybody for the expression of any "faith-motivated" comments. ("You want to protect Sodomy, but not Christianity?")

  8. Bethany Spencer10:14 PM

    I want to snark, but I'm just really confused now.

  9. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person10:15 PM

    Well, Limbaugh already has the Entertainment for Ignorant Bigots Network. He sleeps with its Golden Mic up his ass, probably...

  10. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person10:15 PM

    I think the entertainment arm (tentacle?) of Fox fits the description. Look what happens when they get ahold of an even remotely sci-fi show that appeals to intelligent people...

  11. Do I want to protect Sodomy but not christianity? Just give me the chance.

  12. XeckyGilchrist10:27 PM

    It needs that like it needs White History Month.

  13. Jeffrey_Kramer10:38 PM

    "I may not be turned on by your sexual position, but I will defend to the death your right to assume it.!"

  14. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person10:50 PM

    I'm taking that list over to Netflix toot sweet. Gotta be some good ones in there.

  15. Code Name Cain10:55 PM

    So the response to someone who has compared gay people to terrorists and that they are "full of murder" is to claim they don't hate gay people and they demand the right to publicly declare hate for gay people.

    Seems consistent.

  16. mortimer200011:05 PM

    Obviously, they should have gone with something like this.

  17. AGoodQuestion11:08 PM

    The cartoon seems to be employing a Christian lesbian as a mouthpiece for conservative talking points. Of course her girlfriend looks so understandably bored that the whole thing backfires. This relationship is on a slow boat, to Sochi or elsewhere.

  18. Couple things about that. First, the comic (which is called "SFW" for some reason) has two people in the masthead. In webcomics, that usually means that one of them did the art (as it were) and either the other did the writing or else they split it. Think about that for a second. It really says to me that one of these two guys saw Dinosaur Comics and those "I can do that." As it turns out, he was wrong.

    Also, one of them has a young adult novel coming out - some urban fantasy thing about a kid who gets pulled into a video game world for real. Anyway, the first line in the description:

    Dylan Rudee’s life is an epic fail.

    That's funny, I seem to have lost consciousness for a moment. Also, I just noticed that there's a dent in my desk the exact size as my forehead. I should look into that.

  19. BadExampleMan11:30 PM

    That's pretty much all of them. What this country needs is one or two channels that aren't Entertainment for Ignorant Motherfuckers.

    "Ow, my balls!"

  20. AGoodQuestion11:35 PM

    Camille Paglia, still pretending to be a Democrat for the reality show that is her career, called the suspension "punitive PC, utterly fascist, utterly Stalinist," and added "This is the whole legacy of free speech 1960's that have been lost by my own party."
    Strong words from Professor Paglia. We can't be too surprised, though. Given the kind of indulgent attention she got in the 90s, writing for the Daily Caller must be quite the comedown.

  21. John E Williams11:36 PM

    Wait hang on, lemme write this down

  22. AGoodQuestion11:37 PM

    How the hell can I get a gig like this???
    Don't do it, man. You still have your dignity.

  23. Formerly_Nom_De_Plume11:39 PM

    Murdoch learned how to pick his target demographic a long time ago, and he has been perfecting his craft ever since. Note how Fox News just gets dumber and dumber. Rupert Murdoch is a man who will not be happy until everyone is drooling into a bib.

  24. Oh, like anyone here has dignity left. We're blog commenters, dignity departed this station a long time ago. If writing wooden, sub-webcomic quality dialogue for a prime wingnut welfare dispensary can land you a book deal, then I say bring it on.

  25. punitive PC, utterly fascist, utterly Stalinist

    Really? Because I thought it was utterly capitalistic. Unless A&E was forced by the government, I'm assuming that there was a cost/benefit ratio involved at some point.

  26. AGoodQuestion11:58 PM

    I guess capitalism is invalidated when you factor in the possibility that some consumers may be liberal communists or what have you.

  27. M. Krebs11:59 PM

    Holy fuck. Now I've finally seen Pajama Boy. And this is what the brouhaha is all about? Are you kidding me?

  28. M. Krebs12:00 AM

    Needs better camo.

  29. AGoodQuestion12:02 AM

    "Shocker: Pajama Boy Is an Obama OFA Zombie Named Ethan Krupp," gurgled Jammie Wearing Fools.

    Pajama Boy has been set upon by Jammie Wearing Fools, a blog whose very name refers to wearing pajamas and being stupid. Obviously they have pure contempt for those who can only manage the first one.

  30. Well, he's wearing pajamas! And he doesn't have a beard! And...uh...wavy hair?

    Not exactly an androygyne I know, but he gives a bunch of doughy, pasty shut-ins an excuse to mock someone.

  31. M. Krebs12:14 AM

    "He's literally guilty of a thought crime against humanity," wept Hot Air's Mary Katharine Ham over Robertson's prostate form

    I see what you did there, Roy.

  32. DocAmazing12:22 AM

    There are numerous backdoor attempts to discriminate against Sodomy, and we must rear up and push back against them. We cannot take this lying down.

  33. DocAmazing12:24 AM

    I actually thought he looked like Kid Groucho Marx, before his shoe-polish mustache grew in.

  34. JennOfArk12:36 AM

    I've always thought it would be fun to troll them from the inside. One of the conservative blogs ran a contest a few years ago for videos to explain to young people the dangers of the national debt. I was very tempted to enter and win it and then announce, "just kidding! But thanks for the $100K prize!"

    But here's the thing: then I saw what won, and I would never have been able to do anything that stupid. It was some pathetic zombie knock-off; it never explained how a high national debt had turned people into zombies who now needed to be shot by the intrepid wingnut. I mean, it made no sense whatsoever. And that's what they were looking for: nonsense. I joked yesterday that reality was trolling the wingnuts, but the truth is, they aren't all that easy to troll intentionally, because no matter how much you dumb things down, they can always go dumber or reach a more insane conclusion that you could ever even imagine in a fever-delirium. Trying to walk that tightrope on a daily basis would destroy your nerves.

  35. JennOfArk12:44 AM

    OK, Imma go off-topic here early in this thread to again plead for someone's assistance on a photoshop, which I need for my book thingie I'm working on. And I know it's the holidays and everyone's busy but if you think you could help sometime after all the festivities are wrapped up, it would be very greatly appreciated. Any takers?

  36. BigHank5312:53 AM

    If you were looking for either logic or consistency, I'm afraid you went to the wrong fucking store.

  37. BigHank5312:56 AM

    'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose
    it to mean — neither more nor less.'

  38. BigHank5312:59 AM

    I was sorely distracted by the fact that both women were drawn with the same mouths that one finds on inflatable sex dolls. You're welcome to come to whatever conclusions you like about the cartoonist.

  39. BigHank531:00 AM

    Sodomy? Christianity? I've tried 'em both. Still believe in one.

  40. M. Krebs1:10 AM

    Down Memory Lane...



  41. Gromet1:12 AM

    "I'm super mad that the racist, gay-hating marketing gimmick on Duck Dynasty had his first amendment rights curtailed by temporarily losing his position as star of his own TV show, and super EXCITED to be part of the mob that curtailed the first amendment rights of the kid who appeared in a photo that was tweeted in support of the president -- ha ha, he felt compelled to delete his whole social media life to escape our harassment over his appearance! As for thought police, they must be stopped." -- Rightbloggers

  42. Pope Zebbidie XIII4:34 AM

    Put his finger right on it.

  43. You've been pulled into a rightwing blogosphere world for real.

  44. I haven't had the intestinal fortitude to click any of the links, have any commentors gone full-on "Stormfront" about Pajama Boy's perceived ethnicity?

  45. Hilarious con comment from a "Slate" comment thread:

    Mote, beam. Progressives have made it their go-to move to get worked up about Kochs and phantom racism.

    Yeah, subverting the electoral process in order to line your pockets even more is just as bad as wearing a onesie and sipping cocoa! BOTH SIDES DO IT!!!!

  46. redoubt7:15 AM

    Graduate from Chris Muir's Online Template Making "Cartooning" school.

  47. redoubt7:18 AM


  48. Doesn't this happen the old fashioned way, with a reading of Atlas Shrugged?

  49. Aren't you Jewish? Get with the pogrom always works.

  50. Derelict7:25 AM

    Aaaaaaaaaand once again it's an attempt at "The fact that you condemn my hate speech proves that YOU are the one who's intolerant!"

    These people must be a blast at a party. Non-stop offensive comments and behavior, followed by non-stop bitching that everyone who finds that offensive is oppressing free speech.

  51. We've kind of canvassed this already everywhere but "I was just joking/you're the real oppressor" is now a very important part of the morphing of real American Southern Blowhard Agression into mere Passive Agressive Shtick. The cultural ancestors of the Duck Dynasty Guys are (supposedly) the same guys who fought the Civil War on the Southern Side and who just spent the umpteen years since they lost wailing that they "didn't really mean it" and that they were bestest buddies with their former property and really christian to boot and that they are being oppressed by the system. Literally all they know how to do is run out, shove the other guy, and then run crying to mommy that "he hit me first."

    I'd also like to add that more even than a generic regional/historical thing "Blowhard Masculinity" is a very specific type of Masculinity in which the patriarch and most manly guy gets to say whatever stupid shit he wants without being contradicted, and when he gets contradicted pisses and moans about how humorless people are. Its different from Chris Christie's Italian blowhardism, which is mixed with Jersey and NY spite and rage. That kind of asshole doesn't back down. And its different from Eastern Seabord upper class style which prizes not making threats with your mouth that you can't carry out. Its not Obama's style and its not "speak softly and carry a big stick." Its the style of the childish "bully" who is educated into his social position terrorizing his nanny and his slaves and people older than him.

  52. You literally can't troll the from inside. Once you are inside the asylum there is no way to convince anyone that you are sane. There's no independent vantage point from which to judge. Its Poes all the way down.

  53. Well, if they do go full Stormfront you know whose fault it will be? The Jews.

  54. Some of them do look good but the youtube links have been pulled. You might like Carnevale which had only two seasons but both were amazing and at least it kind of finished up.

  55. mortimer20008:40 AM

    You may not be able to troll from the inside, but it seems ridiculously easy to get conservative media and politicians to troll themselves. All you have to do is write satire. How many times have we read of Fox or some other right-wing outlet broadcasting something insane from a source like The Onion? A recent one was Fox et al reporting that Obama was personally funding a Muslim museum during the government shutdown. Or Louisiana Rep. John Fleming's anger that Planned Parenthood was opening an $8 Billion Abortionplex. Or the Fox News story on how Pakistan ordered an Islamic ban on padded bras. Or Fox Nation reporting as fact the Onion story “Frustrated Obama Sends Nation Rambling 75,000-Word E-Mail.” Or that Obama had a 19-year old son, that Al-Queda was doing nationwide telemarketing for recruitment, etc. The NY Times even posted a phony Tiger Beat cover with Obama's picture on it. And then they live on forever in chain emails even after debunking.

    And the ultimate troll, not exactly satire, but it could have been: The Michelle Obama Whitey Tape.

    So is it any surprise that the national discourse for the last week has been about Duck Dynasty and Pajama Boy?

  56. satch8:57 AM

    And now, I'm informed that the latest corporation to pile on the poor Robinson family is Cracker Barrel. CRACKER BARREL, Mandrake!!! Their gift shops are being purged of Chinese produced DD paraphernalia as we speak, and soon we will be scarcely able to remember what it felt like to be free...

  57. glennisw8:58 AM

    They've finally accepted the fact that they've lost the election and they're ineffective in Congress, so they've decided to fight on a front where they know they can prevail - the battle against fictional characters.

    Funny, yeah, although there really is something majorly shitty about channeling their hatred of a political opponent into harassment of ordinary people who happened to pose for advertisements. I hope there's a special place in hell for them.

  58. montag29:06 AM

    I think they're still smarting over Laura Ingraham getting the hook for similar comments a few years ago. Now, apart from the very few companies still advertising on Blimpbaugh's show, corporations do not want to be associated with controversy. It's bad for the brand. And, if advertisers don't want to associate themselves with controversy, there's no money to be made by anyone, and money's the whole fucking point of commercial programming.

    Not to mention that these are pretty much the same people who hounded Dan Rather out of the business for saying something that was true, even if his source got played by the VRWC.

    That said, it's rather obvious that Paglia has never worked for a big corporation and has never expended a calorie's worth of effort to even imagine the sort of control exerted by corporations over their employees when it comes to public speech. Fer chrissakes, we have whistleblower laws precisely because corporations are not bastions of radical Freethinkers, and this has been true, if not from the moment the first corporation was chartered, then at least from the beginning of the Age of the Buttoned-Down Mind.

    it's not that Paglia thinks this is "fascist." It's that she apparently didn't figure out that that longstanding truism about capitalism was true until a bigoted religious nut tested his contract publicly.

  59. tigrismus9:17 AM

    Also, real people doing real things versus actor who is acting. I'd be flummoxed if they hadn't already broken my flummox capacitor.

  60. mortimer20009:19 AM

    Hey, that there's genyoowine Dick Dynasty camo, M. See the flying dicks on it?
    (And if I actually had any Photoshop skills that's what it would have been.)

  61. satch9:21 AM

    In the "Overtaken By Events" file, Cracker Barrel has announced that, due to the outcry from the hearts of Real Amurkins, they will begin restocking DD trinkets, accompanied by this apology:

    “You flat out told us we were wrong. We listened. Today, we are putting
    all our Duck Dynasty products back in our stores. And, we apologize for
    offending you.”

    Who says corporations can't grovel if the price is right?

  62. mortimer20009:22 AM

    Fear not! The 1st Amendment lives on!

    Cracker Barrel puts 'Duck Dynasty' products back on shelves after outcry
    The Cracker Barrel restaurant chain, two days after removing “Duck Dynasty”-related products from its shelves, said Sunday it was putting them back – and apologized to fans of the reality series.

  63. J Neo Marvin9:28 AM

    After noticing Pajama Boy's "plucked eyebrows" (probably with a
    magnifying glass), he told us, "By contrast, here were the male images I
    grew up with," and showed pictures of Ray Nitschke, Clint Eastwood, the
    Normandy landing, and, we aren't even kidding, Sgt. Rock. And today?
    "I'm in the advertising business," said Hart.

    What? No Don Draper?

  64. MikeJ9:31 AM

    All those great shows Fox axed, and then they allowed X files to run about 5 seasons too long.

  65. satch9:32 AM

    In related news, Stephanie Miller has lost her well rated morning drive time gig on KTLK in Los Angeles, which will be dropping its progressive format and going all wingnut all the time after the first of the year. I truly believe that Clear Channel doesn't care if its ratings drop to zero... it's all about catapulting the propaganda. The good news for Phil Robertson is that he's got, as they say, a face made for radio.

  66. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person9:54 AM

    And if enough Lefties put a bug in CB's ear, the price will be right all over again.

  67. Dr. Hunky Jimpjorps9:58 AM

    Sticking your nose into the weeds located behind closed doors will shake you up. Got it.

  68. Halloween_Jack10:05 AM

    The face on the left? I'm pretty sure that he cribbed it from R. Crumb back in his Mr. Natural and Flaky Foont days.

  69. Halloween_Jack10:13 AM

    Aside from my asides above, I really can't add anything to a column that features, fuck me with a candy cane (and not a small one either), Phil Robertson with a crown of thorns. That sense of oversized martyrdom by proxy creates a Jesus that only Mel Gibson could love.

  70. Dr. Hunky Jimpjorps10:20 AM

    Not only that, but Branco (the cartoonist) can't even get the labeling right. The crown of thorns was placed on Jesus as a mockery of his claim of divinity, so anybody reading this comic without knowing who Robertson is would have to read it as being a mockery of a man who claims himself to be the king of political correctness. Good work, Branco!

  71. Unfortunately... or maybe fortunately, Lefties don't seem to be able to sustain the level of outrage necessary to pull this off.

  72. J Neo Marvin10:43 AM

    He probably looks Jewish to them. That and the Buddy Holly specs sends them over the edge.

  73. El Manquécito10:47 AM

    I watched this happen cause my fb feed was aflame from oppressed christians threatening eternal hate on CB for oppressing them. I enjoyed imagining the frenzy over the weekend back at the Biscuit Cave at CB world HQ. That it was basically about bobble heads made it even better.

  74. Derelict10:49 AM

    This. This is the conservative view of freedom of speech in a nutshell.

  75. A lot of wingers have taken shots at his hair, apparently on the grounds that wavy hair makes you a sissy. I haven't seen anyone who's considered that wavy hair might make you Jewish.

    For the record, I'm not saying that they're anti-Semites. I'm saying that they're dumb.

  76. El Manquécito11:07 AM

    This was an unusual situation, Cracker Barrel's clientele being what it is. Big overlap with the dynastie des moulards.

  77. Conservatives decided a long time ago that the entertainment industry does not count as the free market. This is why it's not hypocrisy for them to rail about the First Amendment when a wholly private entity makes a decision.

    Of course, if an entertainment product that they like becomes popular, then obviously that was because of the free market.

  78. tigrismus11:13 AM

    stuck their nose’s ... descent minds

    The heartbreak of anosmia.

  79. Mark_Bzzzz11:13 AM

    I'm offended by the Wall Street Speakeasy cartoon. Nothing to do with the message or sentiments, it's just that the artwork is so damn lazy and cynical. Maybe Garry Trudeau can get away with using the same artwork for three panels with different word balloons on occasion, but his drawings aren't crap.

  80. Well, in this rendering, Pajama Boy does look Hasidic enough to raise the ire of Stormfront.

  81. XeckyGilchrist11:23 AM

    Not when it isn't important. There was that whole South Africa thing a while back.

  82. Ellis_Weiner11:33 AM

    Is it me, or does this comic make no sense? Forget "funny." The girl on the left voices a pro-Papa Duck (h/t, Roy) sentiment. The girl on the right's is anti-. But if "homophobia is Russian," why would they get sent to Sochi? Are these girls arguing with each other, or is this Point-Counterpoint for Dadaists?

  83. realinterrobang12:02 PM

    It's like some of Orwell's bad examples from Politics and the English Language gone horribly, horribly...worse.

  84. RogerAiles12:05 PM

    If it gets any worse, she'll be interning at The Dish.

  85. RogerAiles12:06 PM

    Cracker Barrel lost my business when they starting using plastic tees in the Golf Tee Puzzle.

  86. RogerAiles12:09 PM

    Phil won't take kindly to Branco kneeling before him.

  87. Ellis_Weiner12:11 PM

    (Upvote for "nodameen?")

  88. glennisw12:22 PM

    "both sides do it."

    Even if you accept the canard that Phil Robertson is being victimized here, what it boils down to is progressives vilify a real-life person who says vile and hateful things about other people, while conservatives harass a real-life person who plays a fictional character who tries to get young people to sign up for health insurance.

    Yeah, "both sides do it," all right.

  89. Gromet12:55 PM

    One of my favorite Thomas Jefferson quotes, from the 1780s while writing to someone in France: "Northerners are cool, sober, laborious, persevering, independent, jealous of their own liberties, chicaning, superstitious, and hypocritical in their religion. [While Southerners] are fiery, voluptuous, indolent, unsteady, independent, zealous of their own liberties but trampling on those of others, generous, candid and without attachment or pretensions to any religion but that of their own heart." The 1780s! And you can draw a straight line from that quote to the Civil War to our present anxiety. I love Jefferson. A Southerner, incidentally...

  90. StringOnAStick1:05 PM

    All you have to do the get conservative politicians to troll themselves is give them a twitter account. We've seen the results, and yet they keep going to that well looking for champagne, but getting backwoods swampwater instead.

  91. Halloween_Jack1:10 PM

    Granted, it is only convention that says we wear one type of clothing for one purpose — sleeping, lounging around before we go to bed — and another for a different purpose — shopping, traveling across country, going to the office. But convention matters.

    See also: wearing camouflage anything when you're not actually hiding from someone out in the woods.

  92. StringOnAStick1:10 PM

    The woman who used to be on the first page of the ACA website had her stock photo removed (and no doubt lost the income from it - how anti-free market of her!) after the flying monkeys of right blogistan figured out who she was and she started to get harassed, including death threats. So, has anyone heard if they've blown pajama guy's deep cover yet? Was there an extra personal safety rider on his models' contract, or just a guarantee of a new identity/life if they find him?

  93. smut clyde1:13 PM

    we'll be dying at 40 on slag-heaps in our negligees and union suits

    Insert "criminal negligee" joke here.

  94. StringOnAStick1:16 PM

    Feck it all, I'm going to that party later this week - parents and the S. Baptist older sister.

  95. Cato the Censor1:17 PM

    So people wearing pajamas in public will lead to John Locke's definition of life w/o gov't: "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short?" My, what a fragile thing human society is after all.

  96. StringOnAStick1:22 PM

    Not in my skill set, or even on my PC. Sorry, wish I could help.

  97. redoubt1:39 PM

    Sorry about that.
    Southern Baptists: people who believe Hell is Hell because it's integrated

  98. tigrismus1:59 PM

    Humans make rules that govern behavior. (Actually, all species do; ours are simply more numerous and elaborate.)

    Political correctness run amok! Intolerance! Free the speeches!

  99. tigrismus2:03 PM

    Respond with a class-action union suit.

  100. Matt Jones2:06 PM

    LOL @ Chavez. Note that nearly every photo I've seen of "pajamas in public" has been via "People Of Walmart", so these are the erstwhile Teahadi base we're talking about. RWNJ writers can no longer even *pretend* to contain their contempt for the people they depend on for electoral relevance...

  101. Jay B.2:08 PM

    From Roy's column: Then Dreher brought up Robertson's racist remarks ("haven't received nearly as much press, which just goes to show you who has the most cultural power")

    That's some catch you got there Rod. Can you imagine the fucking whining about "raaaacisssm" if the blacks really bit on the Boomer cracker's wholly false, completely ahistorical, but genuine awfulness? We've been treated to uncut CCC-styled racism for the past 5 years and they jammer about how racism is over and the uppity Kenyan usurper is just a race pimp. Personally, I enjoy the fact that both blacks and gays are pushing their agendas down Rod's throat.

  102. Matt Jones2:09 PM

    Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure that A&E's play in picking up "Racist Redneck Dynasty" *was* a play for that demographic. They neglected to realize that you never just get a little derp.

  103. ohsopolite2:12 PM

    Because, after all, if all of the Crackers leave the Barrel, what are they going to call the place, anyway?

  104. El Manquécito2:15 PM

    I'd like to offer this comment a Hobson's choice.

  105. ohsopolite2:19 PM

    Same thing happened here in the S F(rickin') Bay area a couple of years ago--the "progressive talk" AM station that carried Miller magically changed formats in the runup to the 2012 election, moving Miller to a delay-cast at 8 PM. Currently they run another, much less funny (but much more self-impressed) Miller(yeah, that guy) in her former morning drivetime slot.

  106. Mooser2:19 PM

    You don't think the comment needs a shave before making that decision?

  107. Mooser2:22 PM

    Wasn't it Frank Zappa who said: "We are all wearing uniforms!"

    As an aside, I can only thank the FSM (Field Staff Members) he didn't say "...all so wearing uniforms" That would have been hard to take.

  108. Mooser2:25 PM

    I despise Clint Eastwood. Always have. Repelled the moment I first saw him, and it's only gotten worse. Besides saving me a little bit of money, it makes me feel good.

  109. Mooser2:27 PM

    "the battle against fictional characters."

    Winning a battle doesn't necessarily win the war, does it? Fictional characters will not just endure, they will prevail. I read it in a novel.

  110. Mooser2:31 PM

    And asked him to cough.

  111. Mooser2:32 PM

    I guess "Obamas in Pajamas" can't be too far away.

  112. satch2:34 PM

    "And, we apologize for offending you."

    Said with the same contrition with which Harry Whittington apologized to Dick Cheney for sticking his face in front of Cheney's shotgun.

  113. Mooser2:36 PM

    Lefties don't seem to be able to sustain the level..."

    You do realize, of course, that "sustain" and 'pay for' don't mean quite the same thing in this case.

  114. Mooser2:41 PM

    Thanks. I love redemption stories.

  115. Mooser2:42 PM

    Well, yes, but you know what they say about 'assuming'.

  116. Mooser2:47 PM

    You know, when you get out of the habit (for whatever reason) of watching TV programming, and you're not used to it the way it proceeds and its content, it becomes very hard to watch it, at all.

  117. Mooser2:50 PM

    Yes, we're still complaining about that awful pogrom in Palestine.

  118. Teresa2:51 PM

    The right wing is being snotty and having a meltdown because well...PJB wasn't posing in superman underwear.

  119. John E Williams2:52 PM

    Please get on this. We need to know.

  120. John E Williams2:53 PM

    Oh jeez. Hi Ellis Weiner!

    - afan

  121. ADHDJ2:53 PM

    How come white people can use the word "cracker", and I can't? It makes things weird when I'm singing along to songs about smoked sausages and the like... is it OK to use the word "quacker" as a substitute, or is that still racist?

  122. Mooser2:57 PM

    You can't think it, but you can feel it. He's writing a sort of political-comment impressionism. It includes some words and phrases used in the context of politics, but in random ways.

  123. Ellis_Weiner3:02 PM

    "a soggy pretzel of ambivalent inertia"

    Best--and therefore, worst--Captain Beefheart album ever.

  124. PersonaAuGratin3:04 PM

    Reminds me... I need to buy pretzels today.

  125. PorlockJunior3:06 PM

    OMFG, they're *apologizing* for offending people? No right-wing customer will ever again show up at that commie place.

  126. I know you are all asking yourselves: just how hard is it going to get out there for your brain cells? And I'm sorry to tell you that its going to get hard. Harder than making sense of how Duck Dynasty's problem with gays is really a problem with Black people not having as much power as Gays to rebut the accusation that Black people were happier under slavery and before entitlements because at least they weren't in competition with gays back then, or something.

    Here it is:

    Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) appeared at a David Horowitz Freedom Center function last month where he agreed with a co-panelist who said Obama may be a secret Muslim, or is at least acting like one. Franks sat on the panel with anti-Muslim activists Robert Spencer, Erick Stakelbeck and Caroline Glick. A member of the audience asked Spencer — to laughter and applause — that if the Quran dictates that apostates must face execution, “If so, how does this apply to Obama? And if so, what should we do about it?”

    Spencer replied that the president’s religion is “murky, probably intentionally so.” He went on to say that because you don’t hear Muslims “calling for Obama to be executed as an apostate” for leaving Islam for Christianity, then it is likely he is still a Muslim.

    “With so many hotheads and firebrands and hardliners, you would think that somebody would say that, unless maybe they know something,” Spencer said.

    He went on to argue that Obama’s Christian faith is further proof that he’s a Muslim, explaining that he can still be a Muslim while he identifies as a Christian. Spencer added: “Whatever his personal beliefs are, certainly if he were a secret Muslim, he wouldn’t be acting any differently from how he is anyway.”

    “That’s exactly right,” Franks said. “He wouldn’t be any different.”- See more at:

  127. Ellis_Weiner3:11 PM

    "Granted, it is only convention that says we wear one type of clothing
    for one purpose — sleeping, lounging around before we go to bed — and
    another for a different purpose — shopping, traveling across country,
    going to the office. But convention matters.

    "Humans make rules that govern behavior. (Actually, all species do; ours
    are simply more numerous and elaborate.) Without those rules, we’d have
    not only anarchy, but shorter, less pleasant, more dangerous lives."

    I don't normally respond to public declamations by women by shouting, "Show us yer tits!" but I feel that in this case I must make an exception. Does it occur to this philosopheress that "rules" and "conventions" are two different things? I put it to you that it does not. Ergo, show us yer tits.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  128. Ellis_Weiner3:18 PM

    "...certainly if he were a secret Muslim, he wouldn’t be acting any differently from how he is anyway.”

    So...if Michelle is a witch...then she...must be made of wood?!

    A friend of mine is fond of saying, w/ regard to scraping the bottom of the barrel, that with these people. "there is no bottom." I'm starting to have a Matrix-like insight that there is no barrel, either. The right now consists of a plasma-like congelation of pure stupidity, bad faith, rank hypocrisy, and teenage sniggering, all covered in a thin, thin candy shell of bigotry and greed.

  129. J Neo Marvin3:55 PM

    Why in public anyway? I thought the point of the ad was the character ISN'T in public and you can apply for insurance in the privacy of your own home. Do these people sleep in business suits, Army uniforms and cowboy outfits? Doesn't mockery have to make sense? (I know better. This is just a rhetorical question.)

  130. Im betting they sleep on either army uniforms or cowboy clothes, complete with teeny tiny six shooters or other guns as appropriate.

  131. StringOnAStick4:37 PM

    It gets better: my husband is Jewish, therefore she will not deign to speak his name nor interact with him in any way, because - Jewish.

  132. I'm not immune to irrational negative impulses myself.

    If I had stumbled across the pajama ad thinking it just another simple, slightly generic institutional message, I might have thought, "Hmmm, that scene is a little too smug and whimsical for my taste," and quickly forgotten about it.

    Now, however, since it resulted in a thunderous, all-hands-on-deck, tsunami of derangement from the wingnut media machine, I'm ready to lay down my life for Pajama Boy.

    Fuck these people.

  133. Wrangler5:17 PM

    Not too long ago I believe Camille wrote in the WSJ that the reason why the arts are currently at an ebb (which is way off as an observation, by the way. The arts right now are as good as they've been in some time) is because artists have failed to endorse capitalism, and therefore failed to tap into its abundant reserves of creative energy (not like her hero Balzac, he loved capitalism!). Montag2 is obviously correct, she has never worked for a large company before, and it is unclear what the word "capitalism" even means to her. Probably some bullshit involving words like "primal", "elemental", "atavistic" and "apotheosis".

  134. KatWillow5:20 PM

    Soon it will turn into that evil tar-puddle from Star Trek TNG

  135. ADHDJ5:33 PM

    It's what was known as détardement by the Situationist International movement.

  136. BigHank535:49 PM

    Get him to turn some crucifixes upside down or something equally blasphemous and you can get yourselves uninvited to next year's party.

  137. BigHank535:51 PM

    Judging from the enthusiasm with which Rod grasps's fair to say that Rod enjoys having this stuff crammed down his throat, too.

  138. JennOfArk5:53 PM

    That's what we call "Shiite Baptists" around these parts.

  139. Aw, man, that was a Great Show. I really, really wanted the writers and producers to be able to finish telling a very mythological story arc. The show was a melange of Steinbeck, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and Joseph Campbell. Great sets and costuming, as well. Not bad acting--and a terrific part for a mature Adrienne Barbeau.

    Too bad.

  140. redoubt6:30 PM

    Having deleted said social media life, he can hit the links with George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina, in peace, when it's not duck season.

  141. "do excuse me if I skip to the men’s room during his patronizing disquisition on the distinction between 'state coercion' and 'cultural coercion'... "

    He's got a rent boy waiting for him in there.

  142. That shell is not so thin.

  143. I dunno, I bet he's really conflicted about his sexuality.

  144. Don't you mean "plusungood"?

  145. coozledad6:50 PM

    Unleavened Americans?


  146. You are right! I forgot she was in it! It was a great show. Really powerful and, as you say, mythic. The dwarf guy had a fascinating part and the scene with the prostitutes was really challenging in terms of what you were expecting.

  147. M. Krebs6:51 PM

    A friend of mine has a little side business consisting of crocheting and a few other crafty things. She actually had a request for a camouflage afghan. Fortunately no one makes camo yarn -- yet.

  148. coozledad6:57 PM

    I think you typed an extra "i"

  149. coozledad7:05 PM

    If they've got any holiday candles going, just sniff the air and say "Where did you get those candles? With all the political correctness it's getting to the point you can't find shabat bougies made from real Christian infants anymore!"

    This is how family memories are made.

  150. Mooser7:16 PM

    I think it's called "doing a Vitter"

  151. Mooser7:17 PM

    Frankly, I think you deserve a bust in the mouth for that comment.

  152. Mooser7:31 PM

    "It gets better: my husband is Jewish, therefore she will not deign to
    speak his name nor interact with him in any way, because - Jewish."

    She's going to let a little thing like that get in the way of Southern Baptist tradition? Doesn't it have some strictures concerning sister's husbands?

  153. Mooser7:36 PM

    "This is how family memories are made"

    My wife's Gentile family always included me as her husband, and hastened to assure me they supported Israel. But when they found out I was a fervent anti-Zionist, they stopped talking to me.

  154. M. Krebs7:37 PM

    It's a thin, thin 16-millimeter shell.

  155. You think Dreher reads many black writers? You think he has any idea about black public officials that aren't Reverends Jackson or Sharpton, or perhaps the Kenyan Usurper?

    Also, where's chuckling castigating us all for being to harsh on someone from "Racistality" or what have you?

  156. I've definitely found that to be true. We haven't watched anything with commercials in years and I can barely sit through the commercials and previews before movies.

  157. Really? Jesus is in for a nasty surprise if he shows up.

  158. She should just crochet it and then spatter it with paint.

  159. glennisw8:25 PM

    And the candy is rancid.

  160. glennisw8:30 PM

    The harassment of the woman on the ACA webpage was surreal. They acted as if she were in cahoots with Kathleen Sibelius herself in crafting the legislation. Then they yammered about her "poor choice" in deciding to pose for an ad, because of what it "stood for" - as if posing for an ad meant, I dunno, serving on the front lines of the Communards at the barricades. And some wondered, how dare she? as an immigrant, have the arrogance to pose for a photo that would be used on a US government website.

  161. Another Kiwi8:42 PM

    Spencer has gotta lay off the hot coca and 'shrooms. But he is WAY behind Daniel Pipes

  162. montag29:18 PM

    I find it pretty damned telling that when all this "Pajama Boy" business started, no one among the right-wing welfare crowd admitted that wingers do it, too, and with considerably less style:

  163. stepped_pyramids9:24 PM

    That apostasy argument goes all the way back to before the 2008 election. The best part is that it just assumes that somehow every Muslim in the world would be privy to the President's Crypto-Islamism, or else you'd expect someone to be calling for his death, right?

  164. stepped_pyramids9:27 PM

    You urban liberals don't understand the primitive, superstitious ways of Rurality. Only chuckles knows how to speak their guttural ape lingo, which is why the ACA is a failure and chuckles is the best.

  165. stepped_pyramids9:28 PM

    Someone told me that when the duck people went to Hawaii they were wearing various camo-print tropical clothes. Those outfits are obvious costumes anyway.

  166. stepped_pyramids9:31 PM

    I'm assuming JWF's name is like Pajamas Media -- from the era where the joke was "look, we're able to blog and outwit the MSM from our homes, in our jammies, with cheeto dust all over our mouths/genitals!"

  167. stepped_pyramids9:33 PM

    Much like how Janeane Garofalo is supposed to be some kind of cave troll. I have a friend who has a fairly compelling argument that the tribal division in US politics goes so far that liberals and conservatives tend to have substantially different search images for attractive men and women.

  168. stepped_pyramids9:35 PM

    What kind of restaurant sells reality show merchandise? I'm baffled.

  169. stepped_pyramids9:41 PM

    Linda, college students wear pajamas. This is the same demographic previously known for cramming themselves into phone booths, eating records, using words like "skidoo", and masturbating in coffins. It's a little rich to make any broader social conclusions from their behavior.

  170. TGuerrant9:55 PM

    That colon after "style" looks remarkably like the colon that usually appears before a picture of Blake Farenthold in his rubber duckie onsie.

  171. TGuerrant10:02 PM

    Will Professor Paglia be giving the Martin Bashir free speech memorial lecture on MSNBC next December?

  172. TGuerrant10:12 PM

    His anodynes clank when he walks.

  173. TGuerrant10:14 PM

    He pushed through the Louisiana Purchase just to invent Westerners.

  174. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person10:30 PM

    Granted, it is only convention.... But convention matters.

    Lounging around in PJs and robe/smoking jacket--and not necessarily at home--was a standard practice of such diverse luminaries as the Liberal Hugh Hefner and arch-Conservative Robert Heinlein.

  175. What? you've never seen the tschotske palace that is a Cracker Barrel gift shop?

  176. JennOfArk10:42 PM

    Not good. If both U and Me are asses, who's the top?

  177. mortimer200010:47 PM

    Wow. Speaking of deepthink essay-writing and shitstorms, Victor Davis Hanson has toked some genuine Bakelite, and weighed in on Pajama Boy. The breadth of complaint is more jaw-dropping than usual-- his Pajama Boy takes us to, among other things:
    High Noon
    Marlboro Man
    Michelle Obama
    Al Sharpton
    Freddie’s Fashion Mart
    Tawana Brawley
    David Letterman
    Martin Bashir
    Sarah Palin
    Sarah Palin’s 14-year-old daughter
    Chris Rock
    Jamie Foxx
    Miley Cyrus
    Ezra Klein
    Jay Carney
    Silicon Valley
    The Upper West Side
    Nate Silver
    Barbara Walters
    David Brooks
    Chris Matthews
    Cabbage Patch Kids
    Sandra Fluke
    ...and an even longer parade of subjects, from an arugula-eating Obama and male sodomy to Current TV. It's awesome, in an "I never thought assisted-living was going to be this fucking bad" sort of way.

  178. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person10:49 PM

    They serve those at a drive-in restaurant in Hollywood...

  179. JennOfArk11:00 PM

    You just reminded me of a real-life story from my family. My brother's first wife was an animal rights fanatic. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But you know, vegetarian and really pretty radical about it - she went on endlessly with me one time about how you could put cats on a vegetarian diet. Cats! I mean, I get the moral question regarding people eating meat, but expecting cats to live by a moral code not even designed by cats that goes against their entire raison d'etre seems a LOT extreme to me. dear deceased dad was a veterinarian who specialized in poultry health. He was a chicken doctor. And also a very odd bird himself who loved nothing better than to stir the shit. So we're having Thanksgiving at mom & dad's, and after dinner, Dad, my sister, and my sister-in-law are sitting around the table talking. I'm sitting in the adjacent living room and listening to what's going on, when I hear my sister say, "Dad, how do they STUN the turkeys so they can hang them on the line?" Momentary silence, as I'm sure Dad thought about how much detail he could pack into his description. I don't even remember what all he said, except he said a lot. Meanwhile, I'm doing a countdown in my head...right about the time Dad wraps up his answer, sister-in-law flips out, shrieking, "we have to STOP this!!!" while at the same time, beating her hands on the table. I decide that it's the perfect time to slip out on the front porch for a smoke, and as I'm heading to the door here comes my sister's husband who's decided the same thing. I can't even begin to describe the look in his eyes! Anyway, we manage to not lose it before we get outside. Like I told Bob (my brother in law), "she seems completely unaware that she's sitting in house that was paid for with the blood of innocent chickens."

  180. JennOfArk11:09 PM

    Or the smoking mass in the toaster oven at the end of Time Bandits.

  181. AGoodQuestion12:55 AM

    Ah, circular reasoning from a circular man (the latter being the result of Spencer's head being lodged in his rectum.)

  182. AGoodQuestion1:15 AM

    I'm seeing a couple of colons all right.

  183. DocAmazing1:22 AM

    The guy calls himself Rod. Freud couldn't make that shit up.

  184. DocAmazing1:24 AM

    A camouflage Afghan? Aren't the Taliban sneaky enough now?

  185. Tehanu2:17 AM

    It's never the wrong time to call in this particular blast from the past. I give you Molly Ivins on Camille Paglia: (If you don't have time to re-read the whole thing, just remember the final line: "Sheesh, what an asshole.")

  186. Tehanu2:19 AM

    Uh ... could you be more specific? I have some basic (and I do mean basic) chops on SnagIt but I don't know what you're in need of.

  187. Tehanu2:20 AM

    What about rabbit season?

  188. Tehanu2:28 AM

    And inside, it's delicious! Yes, that's Arnie's Whole Beef Halves, we deliver! (Offer not good after midnight in Sectors R and N).

  189. coozledad8:34 AM

    Did your dad work through an ag extension agency? There must have been a lot more independent poultry farmers back in his day.

    We keep chickens for eggs, and keep the roosters primarily as a distraction for predators. A fox dragged one of the roosters that lives in our vegetable garden partially through a fence and gnawed on his leg for awhile until something scared it off. The rooster lost his foot after awhile. He is now incapable of mounting his former girlfriend (Skinnerbox), and there's a silkie rooster about the size of a softball that kicks his ass every thirty minutes or so.

    Did your father ever mention anything about prosthetic limbs or appendages for poultry?

  190. coozledad8:51 AM

    It looks like a medical trade journal advertisement for a lipid/protein shake.
    Just two weeks ago, we were wasting. Now look at us! Hogs at a stripper bar!

  191. glennisw9:12 AM

    Two wet suits.

  192. Halloween_Jack9:39 AM

    It's a handy reminder of the mindset of the Spite-Americans (of which Caribou Barbie is their queen): no one ever, ever, ever leaves their shit list.

  193. redoubt9:47 AM

    That a Glen Miller tuner?
    Nah, if ever there was a Benny Goodman tune written this was it.

  194. satch9:55 AM

    Y'know, I just don't believe that VDH has the authenticity required of a true Agrarian Classicist regardless of how muscular he thinks his prose stylings are. When he grows a chest-length beard and dresses in dairy boots and cammo bib overalls with one broken strap, then... maybe. Until then, he's really no better that the worst PJMedia commenter.

  195. DocAmazing10:30 AM

    For some, their shit list is as close to a knowledge of history as they're ever going to have; hence VDH's expertise. His shit list extends back a couple thousand years.

  196. LittlePig11:38 AM


  197. LittlePig12:02 PM

    And that's how Robot Chicken came to be...

  198. LittlePig12:15 PM

    And the flashlight....wait, that's not a flashlight...

  199. RogerAiles2:02 PM

    Don't forget Tony the Wonder Horse.

    Ol' V.D. went to the Slauson Cutoff and cut off his slauson.