Sunday, October 07, 2012

NEW VOICE COLUMN UP, about how delighted rightbloggers were about the Denver debate, and how sad they were that America's employment numbers had improved -- until they decided Hilda Solis Lies, and so cheered themselves up. See, this is why conservatives are happier than liberals.


  1. MBouffant11:23 PM

    "Obama was exposed as the fraud he is last Wednesday. His god-king image has been shattered!"
    Don't the brethren project & then shatter this god-king image of theirs about twice a wk.?

    Doubting if even the Obama-phone woman considers him a god-king.

  2. Ace of Spades
    revealed "Why That 7.8% Unemployment Figure Is Raising Eyebrows" among
    his fellow paranoid schizophrenics. A real recovery, Spades explained,
    was like this: "If anyone's too young too know, let me explain to you
    what a 1983 economy feels like: It feels like the movie Wall Street. As
    Adam Carolla says, 'pre-AIDS, mid-coke.' Poppy music on the Blaupunkt.
    People buy plastic watches to wear on their ankles and in their hair.
    The world is your Cinnabon's."

    standing athwart history, shouting "sussudio!"

  3. XeckyGilchrist12:00 AM

    Don't look now, Ace, but 80s fashions are back. Around campus I keep seeing Wayfarers, off-the-shoulder sweaters over tank tops, ripped up narrow-ankle jeans, day-glo. All that, and the music is full of synthesizer.

  4. Leeds man12:13 AM

    It's The Golden Bough on crack.

  5. The Dark Avenger12:36 AM

    David Frum has what I think is the saddest take from the non-frothing-at-the-mouth Republican POV, from the Daily Beast:

    a little less than a month's time, the Republican party will ask the
    American people to trust us with national executive power. It would be a
    great help if, in the interval, party supporters refrained from looking
    or sounding like raving madmen

  6. MBouffant12:46 AM

    Supporters hell, they can't get their legislators not to look like loons.

  7. Halloween_Jack12:57 AM

    The highlight of this round, for me, is the frequency in which "Chicago" pops up as an instinctive response to the employment numbers. I wouldn't be surprised if (aside from taking their cue directly from Jack Welch) the usual suspects had had it cued up, ready for any good economy news for Obama by asserting that he'd cheated, because who knows where those crazy numbers come from anyway? Math is hard. Just as they'll respond to what (one hopes, anyway) will be a better debate performance by Obama as if he brought a gun to a knife fight.

  8. redoubt1:21 AM

    Interesting how "Chicago" has come to mean "funny numbers" to the same Chicago-school conservatives <a href=">who would not exist</a> without "funny numbers".

  9. redoubt1:24 AM

    Discus, elves &c....

    Was supposed to be ". . .who would not exist without funny numbers" with a link to Uncle Milton.

  10. Fats Durston1:47 AM

    Now the South Side of Chicago,
    Is the baddest part of town.
    And if you go down there,
    You better just beware
    That unemployment numbers be down.

    And it's bad, bad
    That unemployment be down
    Baddest thing for the whole damn town
    Bad that statistics be wrong
    The economy can't be that strong

    Now Chicago thugs want the trouble,
    See they count about one-three-four
    They false-i-fy statistics,
    How they scare you out the door.

  11. bstar4:33 AM

    I think Mitt Romney does a pretty good Patrick Bateman impersonation.

    And this guy agrees!

  12. mortimer8:22 AM

    Jack Welch knows what it's like to be unemployed. Since 2001, he's been scraping by on the meager golden parachute he got from GE: $417,361,902, i.e., almost half a billion dollars just to leave. It includes an annual "consultancy" fee of $86,000 a year, lifetime access to company facilities and services (like the use of GE's Boeing 737, valued at $291,869 per month). And lest he have to actually pay for anything, his package included $2.5 million in annual perks, including the use of an $80,000/month Manhattan apartment owned by GE, court-side seats to the Knicks and U.S. Open, seats at Wimbledon, box seats at Red Sox and Yankees baseball games, country club fees, security services and restaurant bills.

    We love our overlords so very, very much.

  13. Derelict8:24 AM

    Fo course conservatives are happy! When you get to completely ignore reality and make up your own version any time you want, it's easy to be delirious all the time.

    Although I'm sure that does produce other problems, their complete lack of social interaction with actual humans keep those problems to a minimum.

  14. Doghouse Riley8:57 AM

    I saw Brian Williams ask Sue Herrera if it were possible the employment numbers could have been faked. It was a throw-away question, asked with the expectation of her one-word (No.) response, but still, it was asked. I don't recall Brian asking if Dick Cheney could possibly have been behind 9/11, or if George Bush's various wrestling matches with bikes, Segways, and pretzels could possibly mean he was drinking again.

    They still run scared from Richard Nixon.

  15. Rugosa9:31 AM

    I know the answer to my question is "because they can," but I still find myself asking, "why does someone who gets a half-billion severance payment also need free housing?"

  16. Deggjr9:38 AM

    Jack Welch immediately went to 'cooked books' on the jobs report. It's almost as if he has familiarity with 'cooking the books'.

  17. Halloween_Jack10:00 AM

    "why does someone who gets a half-billion severance payment also need demand, and get, free housing?"

    The same reason dogs lick their balls: because they can.

  18. KatWillow10:44 AM

    He EARNED the jet and free housing, unlike those parasite moochers with their Section 8 housing assistance, spending their food stamps on STEAK! instead of macaroni & cheese.

  19. KatWillow10:46 AM

    Imagine the right's response if Obama had said to Rmoney: "Everything you've said tonight is a bald-faced lie."

  20. DocAmazing11:15 AM

    I want to keep this comment from flying any small planes.

  21. XeckyGilchrist12:00 PM

    Because they take all the risks!


  22. It's always projection with them.


  23. Hey, if I didn't think that the ice caps were melting, seas levels were rising, rain forests were disappearing, and that ordinary hard-working Americans were living in poverty, I'd probably be a hell of a lot happier, too.

  24. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard2:23 PM

    It's easy to take risks when you know the taxpayers will act as a backstop.

  25. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard2:28 PM

    Hey, now, Chicago numbers work well in Latin America because... metric system? Shut up! SHUT UP!! SHUT UP!!!

  26. That's the poll-tested answer that the think tanks have been using, yeah.

    Alas, there are a FEW things wrong with that created fiction.

    Most obviously, if my own financial risks fail, I will get $17 a month in food stamps. If a billionaire screws things up so badly that it threatens to destroy the national economy, we all spend our tax money on his failed risk-taking.

    It's part and parcel with the "job creation" thing, which the GOP candidate for President this year is a great example of, with his money is hiding off-shore, where there's nary a job to be created by it.
    But I congratulate you on memorizing the think tank agenda so thoroughly. You regurgitate talking points quite well!

  27. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard2:29 PM

    Ah, yes, the Friedman who wrote "The World Must Be Flattened".

  28. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard2:30 PM

    I want to meet this comment in a secluded grove, kill it, and take its place.

  29. XeckyGilchrist2:40 PM

    Sorry, forgot the snark tag. Thought maybe "/libertarian" covered it.

  30. I've given up on trying to learn internet sarcasm.

    I assume people mean what they say online.

    What trouble could that cause?

  31. XeckyGilchrist2:51 PM

    True, at this blog people aren't much for irony. Apologies.

  32. aimai3:15 PM

    You have to eat it, too.

  33. aimai3:15 PM

    I miss being able to click on the "like" button and see my nym appear. It was like leaving a little love note to the posters. Now I have to log in and think of something witty to say that is in the spirit of the damned comment. Or not.


  34. No one can fully learn Internet sarcasm in a single lifetime. However, it's probably worthwhile to know that ending a post with "/xyz" is a common shorthand for "this is the kind of nonsense I would say *if* I were [xyz]". It's a techie joke based on the syntax of HTML (albeit incorrectly applied).

  35. Leeds man4:50 PM

    Yes Katy, but then you'd have to deal with all those simultaneously stupid and cunningly clever, evil liberals, with their lying eyes and "science" and gotcha facts all. Fucking facts. Facts make baby Jesus cry.

  36. wileywitch5:46 PM

    Any of the pundits carrying on about how well Romney did? Any blow by blow accounts of his big win? None of this panning of Obama's bad night hides the fact they're not really fond of Romney and would rather talk about Obama than the tow-faced reptilian mess on their ticket.

  37. Leeds man5:55 PM

    Yeah, yet another confirmation that "upgrade" is the unintentionally funniest word in English. Yech.

  38. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard8:24 PM

    Say it ain't so, Xecky... otherwise, what the hell am I doing here?

  39. M. Krebs9:19 PM

    Funniest comments at the Voice in a while. Kudos to Leeds Man, M. Bouffant, and Chris Vosburg.

  40. M. Krebs9:32 PM

    OT but ... Roy, I can live with the robin's egg blue if I have to, but this place will never feel right without the Quotomatic Selector and especially the old photo of e.b. whatshisname and that other dude sitting on steps.

  41. Fats Durston10:00 PM

    Not to mention the lurid cover of his novel...

  42. Has the bar for thuggish brutality really been lowered to statistical tomfoolery?

  43. XeckyGilchrist11:01 PM

    It ain't so. I'm just not real great at irony.

  44. Leeds man4:51 AM

    Yes, the blue. "somber, Shackletonian" should be changed to "bouncy, Schtroumpfesque".