Friday, November 26, 2010

HAPPY BLACK FRIDAYSGIVING. Sorry to have been so far off the grid, again, but this time I wasn't having a wire shot up my penis. I went to New Hampshire by bus -- not to evade our fascist TSA overlords, but because it was cheap -- and am on holiday with my good friends Martin & Zara. Yesterday we ate a giant turkey that came out of this:

The terror of conducting this potentially injurious procedure gave me a great appetite, and I ate enough for two men, which is too bad because I have only one digestive tract, which buckled under the strain. I hope to be back on solids soon.

This being Live Free or Die territory, I also went off to the range and shot off guns -- a 9 mil and a shotgun:

Suck on that, Washington establishment.

P.S. I know The West Wing was wish-fulfillment, but really, what kind of a Thanksgiving are you having when you feel compelled to post this:

"Read all eight of Reagan’s Thanksgiving proclamations here." Then, some football, three hours of Luftwaffe documentaries, and then to the writing desk to fire off some sharp correspondence regarding one's elected representatives.

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