Saturday, January 30, 2010

DEFINING HAGIOGRAPHY DOWN. There are some lovely passages in John Fund's blowjob of new Senator Scott Brown, but this is my favorite, coming shortly after Fund tells us what a normal, regular guy Brown is:
But he knows things are no longer normal. A few hours after we talk he will appear on Jay Leno's TV show. His daughter Ayla -- the one who performed on "American Idol" -- has been offered a job by a major TV network.
Ain't America great? Once upon a time little Ayla was just an ordinary, small-town American Idol contestant. Now she might be on TV! Again!

The graf about MassCare is pretty good, too. His whole "Cinderella story" is based on opposition to health care, yet Fund allows him to brush off his own support of fellow Republican Mitt Romney's health program with "We were being eaten alive by health-care costs." Fund adds, with due diligence, "Universal coverage hasn't changed that, however," before moving on to more permanent-campaign literature for Scott Brown. It's a bad sign when your own hagiographer can't keep you from looking like an unprincipled tool.

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