Friday, September 18, 2020


 The Julie London version ain't bad either. 

Been busy and not on here much -- will try harder next week, but if you miss me, try my newsletter Roy Edroso Breaks It Down, wherein I'm contractually obliged to provide five (5) items every week and you only pay a party, miserly, seven (7) dollars a month for this cornucopia of content.  

Here's a freebie: Patriotic American History Education Module #1 from Trump Educational Industries. It's how I expect Trump will try to grift off his new Don't Tell Kids The Bad Things About America program. Until he can figure out how to get away with that, Betsy DeVos is peddling a "black history" thing called 1776 Unites, which has modules called "Living by the grace of God and the power of applying oneself" and "The Cult of Victimhood," which is probably how she sold it to Tubby. (Why they didn't call it Bootstraps U I'll never know.)

The first one is by Rev. Dean Nelson who, as a backwoods African-American lad, learned to shrug off incidents of racial prejudice like being called names and chased by a guy with a gun (!) but when he went to the Big City to study at Howard (cue sinister music) he got indoctrin-o-mated with "something like the thinking behind The 1619 Project narrative." As "a country boy, easily impressed by my more sophisticated urban peers," Nelson tried to get with the cool kids and "started viewing little slights in an entirely new way." Fortunately, as General Jack D. Ripper told Colonel Mandrake, he learned how to interpret these feelings correctly, and "decided that ignorant whites were no longer going to command my attention" and "I would do all I could to improve the situation of blacks in our country," which he now does by running "pregnancy centers" that browbeat "abortion-determined" women into bearing children. You can see why DeVos loves it.

Depressed? Hell, things ain't so bad as all that -- and here's another freebie with a bit of uplift to it. Toujours gai

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