Friday, August 28, 2020


•   A few days after a white LEO fetishist came to Kenosha and murdered two protestors, it's Rightwing Honky Ginned-Up Grievance Time:
The Washington Times blubbers:
'It was horrific': Sen. Rand Paul threatened by protesters after the RNC
What was the threat? Here's the most violent thing in the story:
Protesters knocked one of the officers, who had a bicycle, into Mr. Paul.
I hope the poor man was rushed to the ER.

Making this snowflakery even funnier: This video report from a Washington Post reporter. Looks like both Paul and the protestors were in serious danger of being overwhelmed by news photographers. The usual suspects are shrieking over it: rightwing rageclown Sara Carter portrays Paul's hecklers as "unstable protestors and rioters" -- man, they love to call people who are self-evidently not rioting rioters -- and expressed terror that today's Washington protest will devolve into chaos and anarchy:
As crowds begin to line up early this Friday morning in Washington D.C. protesting what they say is criminal justice reform and racial equality, we must remain vigilant. Innocent protestors, police officers, businesses and citizens going about their own business will get swept up in those that are sure to attempt to riot and destroy the city. 
Worse, the fear that the situation could escalate to the point that someone could lose their life is very real.
LOL. I'll try and get over there later (goddamn job is in the way, gripe mutter) but so far the "Take You Knee Off Our Necks" gathering looks like a sedate church-crowd event. I guess Carter only knew the attendees would be black. Ooga booga!

UPDATE. Took a long lunch to run down and get a look and take some snaps. Got there as CeCe Winans was singing! !Lots of people -- probably bigger than the last big Lincoln Memorial protest I attended in June -- and a great feelings of revival, remembrance, and resolution. Had to get back to work but wish them well on their March. And as for the fools like Sara Carter who are scared of this -- in a way, you should be.

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