Tuesday, July 14, 2020


This morning I did a newsletter issue on the galactic dishonesty of the great cancel-culture circle jerk going on among credentialed conservatives and the neoliberals who love them. And now who should enter the news but the eminent cancel-culture blubberer Bari Weiss, who has resigned from the Times and left behind an abusive and hilarious letter. This is my favorite part:
My work and my character are openly demeaned on company-wide Slack channels where masthead editors regularly weigh in.
It's like Soviet Russia! Wait, let's have some more of that graf:
There, some coworkers insist I need to be rooted out if this company is to be a truly “inclusive” one, while others post ax emojis next to my name. Still other New York Times employees publicly smear me as a liar and a bigot on Twitter with no fear that harassing me will be met with appropriate action. They never are.
It sounds like the problem for Weiss is no one at her job likes her work and feels free to criticize it, whereas she feels she should be spared such insults. Man, I really hate to say it, but: Snooooooowflake! She's a fucking opinion columnist and a fucking public figure. It seems an odd choice of profession for someone so fragile. I learned from a young age that I don't have a right to everyone's approval: how'd she miss it?

The whole thing is laughable and I will return to jeer some more, but for now I'll just say the rightwing press absolutely gets the play here: Fox News, for example, headlines, "Bari Weiss quits New York Times after bullying by colleagues over views: 'They have called me a Nazi and a racist.'" Now, who among their readership, including Donald Trump, could fail to relate? In fact, Weiss' letter is like a longer and more pseudo-literate version of a Trump tweet: A powerful candy-ass whining about how mean people have been to them.

Well, read the newsletter anyway, it's more relevant than ever,

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