Wednesday, March 04, 2020


I've unlocked a newsletter issue for non-subscribers, showing how a more or less typical NeverTrumper pundit might cover candidate Biden on the trail against Trump. The model for our pundit rhymes with Neggy Poonan, but has been passed through a light anonymizing filter. I realize Noonan is more of a stealth NeverTrumper than a pure one, not as hysterical about That Awful Man as, say, Jen Rubin or Max Boot, and thus could, if things roll Trump's way, slide easily into "Well, of course I always wished the President well" bullshit mode; but her passive-aggressive style seems perfect for the result I expect from 99% of NeverTrumpers -- that is, something will remind them that Biden has spoken favorably of (though has not always advocated for) Social Security and Medicare for Some, and they'll lose their ardor for this stealth socialist right quick.

I will say that the Sanders cause is not lost and at this point in 2008 Hillary Clinton was claiming more delegates than Obama, but all always with this stupid party we must plan for the worst; if Biden gets the nomination our only hope is The Formula. The prospect of his presidency gives me Hindenburg vs. Hitler 1932 chills; on the bright side, by that time I may be dead or sufficiently senile to find it amusing. My condolences as usual to those of you with children.

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