Sunday, April 07, 2019


Fox News:

Sounds like quite a groundswell! Exactly how many "calls" were there?
“The people campaigning against the Amazon campus are financially illiterate,” said Tracy Maitland, president and chief investment officer of Advent Capital Management during a panel discussion the Black Economic Agenda, according to the New York Post.

He later told the newspaper that he blames the 29-year-old Democratic Socialist for spreading misinformation and helping to kill the agreement with Amazon that would have benefited people in her home state.

“This was a disgrace. I partially blame AOC for the loss of Amazon. She doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. That’s scary. We have to make sure she’s better educated or vote her out of office,” he said...
So literally one rich guy in the story -- and no one else in the story -- says he and his fellow rich guys might vote AOC out of office ("Vote Hedley Throckmorton III, get to pee in a bottle on an Amazon shop floor and this free tote bag!").

This bullshit story is covered by other wingnut websites to their hatewank readers, who mutter "even her own people" as they grab the Kleenex. And Lord how the money rolls in!

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