Monday, July 09, 2018


...on the socialist menance conservatives are seeing in the recent primary victory of DSA endorsee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez'. Actually this has been building awhile, with citizens increasingly telling pollsters hell yeah, we want universal health care and while we're at it, capitalism blows, but Ocasio-Cortez' charisma seems to have jolted conservatives into a higher level of awareness and got them trying to answer back, however feebly.

Which reminds me: Back in 2010, some of the brethren were trying to link the DSA (which they called "The Socialist Party of America") to the Democratic Progressive Caucus. There was no evidence that anyone gave a shit then, either; I expect what conservatives actually wanted was to rattle neoliberals and The New York Times so they'd put pressure on the Obama people to move even further back from genuinely progressive policies. (Mission Accomplished!)  But now there's no Obama Administration to pressure -- just powerless old Congressional Dems like Chuck Schumer who have increasingly lost the plot. Conservatives describe this as the party "being destroyed by their millennial base," but I don't recall them saying anything like that about the Tea Party back when they were blasting the RINOs, and millennials have a lot more energy and time to influence their party than the geriatric TP people have to influence theirs.

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