Monday, July 30, 2018


...about the latest conservative fit over social media, and how, by crying censorship, they parlay their victim status into unearned advantages from corporate suckers. Gotta hand it to them -- they've actually found ways to be simultaneously at your feet and at your throat!

UPDATE. On the delusions-on-grandeur end of the mood swing, conservatives like Ridiculous Pseudonym at Red State are claiming that Twitter and Facebook have taken a bath on the market lately, not because they've run out of suckers, but because Mr. and Mrs. Average American are really mad that some neo-Nazis claim their names didn't come up fast enough in search results:
Facebook portrays itself as an open platform – on which anyone can freely participate. But they have demonstrated time and again – they are a platform closed to conservatives.
And it appears average people – are beginning to not like the inherent unfairness of it all.
"They call me mad, but one day when the history of France is written, they will mark my name well... Sidney Applebaum!" (Meanwhile I see Amazon -- run by Trump's nemesis Jeff Bezos -- is showing record profits; I guess by Sidney Applebaum's law, this must presage a blue wave.)

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