Monday, July 02, 2018


...about the conservatives who'll tell you Roe v. Wade is kinda-sorta safe from incoming Supreme Court Justice Throckmorton Q. Iwillreverseroevwade, and the conservatives who are already on their third champagne cocktail, singing "Hey hey, goodbye."

Since liberals are not buying this shit, and are beginning to also question the namby-pamby approach of most Democratic electeds, wingnuts from Trump on down are doing the old Briar Patch routine about our incivility. For example, we've got Rich Lowry spinning this antifa supersoldier fanatasy:
We’re going to hear much more of this, especially about “minority rule,” in the coming years. Where it could become truly dangerous is if Trump wins reelection and gets a couple of more Court picks and there is a sustained controversy of the intensity of the recent fight over family separations at the border. Then, you could see the Left convincing itself that we need some version of a color revolution in America or, as Michael wrote in his column, no-kidding resistance by blue states to federal authority. The consensus that undergirds our constitutional system has long been eroding, but it’s not inconceivable now that it could completely break down.
We just had hundreds of thousands of Trump opponents demonstrating peacefully across the country, while if you get more than a few dozen wingnuts together there's mayhem. I don't think this bullshit will fly outside the klaverns. (And yeah, I know he means "color revolution" like the Green Revolution in Iran and other such lost causes, but I bet his readership heard something else.)

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