Monday, February 05, 2018


...about the Nunes memo and the conservative response, which seems to class out as either a.) Democrats are traitors, or b.) It may be bad to call Democrats traitors, but Democrats are overreacting to us calling them traitors so, you see, both sides have some soul-searching to do.

I think the bothsidesing bothers me more than the overt insanity at this point -- John Sexton at Hot Air:
What we seem to have is a pitched battle in which both sides are using something akin to information warfare, i.e. dubious claims (‘This threatens national security!’, ‘He threatened retaliation!’) intended to convince the public that the other guys are acting beyond the pale.
This is fine if neither side has a legitimate claim, which is 1.) not the case here and 2.) a position more and more conservatives have started taking since they started defending the uniquely indefensible actions of Donald Trump.

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