Wednesday, September 06, 2017


Dinesh D'Souza, perhaps stung by the cruel things Ross Douthat said about him last weekend, has rushed his latest historical breakthrough to publication via the prestigious academic journal WorldNetDaily:
Exclusive: Dinesh D'Souza explains how Nazis were anything but 'conservative'
Yes, it's all about how the Nazis have to be liberal because they couldn't be conservative because like liberals the Nazis were artistic and sexed up. Sample:
While the rutting bohemians of the 1960s had no idea, [Herbert] Marcuse surely knew that the Nazis and the Italian fascists were themselves – almost to a man – bohemians. Hitler himself was a painter and artiste before he went into politics. He was obsessed with music and regularly attended the Bayreuth Festival; Wagner’s music, Hitler said, reflected the triumph of art over life.
He painted and listened to Wagner, see, while conservatives think representations of the human form are of the Devil, and only listen to Toby Keith. Oh, and:
He was also a vegetarian.
Well, that settles it!
Hitler had a secret mistress, Eva Braun, whom he only married the day before the two of them committed suicide. In their case, “till death do us part” was literally a matter of hours.
Whereas conservatives wait till they're caught cheating on their wives to marry their mistresses.

Further down, D'Souza explains that the Night of the Long Knives proves Nazis were liberal because the Brownshirts were homosexuals, and gives us a comparison for the ages:
When Hitler’s men opened Rohm’s door the Brownshirt leader feigned a very casual attitude. Hitler simply told him, “You’re under arrest.” One by one, doors opened and Brownshirt couples came streaming out, in various stages of undress. This was the Nazi atmosphere in those days, and it far more closely resembles that of the Village Voice or the Democratic National Convention than it does the National Review or the Trump White House.
It's been a while since I've been to the Voice offices so who knows, but I watched the Democratic National Convention on TV and didn't see anything like what D'Souza describes; maybe that was at the afterparty. But I should think the part of the Night of the Liberal Knives where Hitlery Clinton had all the gay brownshirts murdered would have been in the papers.

All told, if this doesn't convince you Kamala Harris is more like the Nazis than the xenophbic lunatic Nazi-defender who runs the country, I don't know what will.

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