Monday, July 31, 2017


...about the Republican Obamacare three-feat (get it?) in the Senate, and the weeping and lamentation of the wingnuts. This occasioned a rare visit to Ace of Spades. I am here to tell you that venue has lost none of its dank wank atmo. Here's a little something from there on Traitor McCain by one J.J. Sefton:
I thought that my reservoir of bile and hatred for John McCain was completely drained after he and the other six crooked pieces of excrement spat in our faces.
But then, even when given the opportunity to at least temporarily fool the American people with the sham of a mockery of two shams of a fig leaf of a joke of the "skinny repeal," the detestable, wicked bastard voted NO. All I can say with regards to him is to semi-quote Shakespeare, "oh Death, where is thy sting.... already?"
I'm sure after that performance his buddies said admiringly, "this one has a pair of 20-sided dice and they're hanging low."

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