Saturday, March 18, 2017


You may have heard that The Leader likes his steak overpriced, overcooked, and with ketchup, and that new-breed wingnuts are showing their allegiance to Trump by praising this as a real man's way to eat steak. Matt Bors did a funny strip about this at The Nib; in one panel a guy in a MAGA hat gnaws charred ketchup steaks and tells a bemused liberal:
We are owning libs so hard with our steak eating. Hashtag #welldone. Are you crying? Do you need a safe space?
Today Matthew Continetti decided to play this character at National Review, in a column called "Freedom Is Eating Steak Well Done with Ketchup." He claims "the press has fixated on the steak and its accompaniment," and defends the President's choice of meat-ruination from "snobbish and self-congratulatory" food critics thus:
“Trump eats $50 steak with ketchup, foodies aghast,” reports It is hard to read stories like these without coming to the conclusion that so much of our elite’s abhorrence of Trump is a matter of aesthetics, of his not fitting in, of his stubborn devotion to practices and ideas deemed retrograde by opinion leaders but that still appeal to, oh, about half the country. As I read these stories I want nothing more than to run to the nearest steakhouse, order the filet well done, and dunk the bites in a raft of condiments, from ketchup to Tabasco to relish to mustard. Why not? It’s still a free country. Just so long as you can find a way out of the bubble.
Later in a friend's tweet, Continetti showed his devotion to the cause:

Are you crying? Do you need a safe space?

Someone tell them the really patriotic thing to eat is rat poison.

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