Monday, December 26, 2016


...about the Trump team's difficulties in obtaining entertainers for the inauguration, and the extraordinary level of anger expressed by rightbloggers over it.

Didn't want to clutter it up too much, so I left out other brayings over the fact that the living ex-presidents have been slow to RSVP the event. At this writing Jimmy Carter's the only one who has announced his plan to attend. "Jimmy Carter’s policies as President may have been bad, but at least he had the class to say he’ll be at Trump’s inauguration,” says the always-gracious Gateway Pundit; "Jimmy freaking Carter," adds Sierra Marlee at Right Wing News. Why would either Bush or Clinton pass up a reception like that?

Also, there's been some sputtering over the fact that the DC Metro authorities won't have Trump's name and visage on their inauguration day Metro farecards as they did for Obama ("SNUBWAY? Donald Trump’s Name, Face Absent From Inauguration Metro Cards... Twitters users were outraged"). WMATA says they hadn't gotten cooperation from Trump's team in time to put him on the cards, but Townhall isn't buying it: " doesn't take a genius to realize that using Trump's name requires no permission at all." Later Trump's inaugural committee flak announced, "We're working closely w/ @WMATA to design a sleeve for @TrumpInaugural SmartTrip cards, similar to what was done for @Pontifex visit to DC!" and Breitbart seized the spin: "DONALD TRUMP TO GET PAPAL TREATMENT BARACK OBAMA NEVER GOT FROM D.C. PUBLIC TRANSIT FOR INAUGURATION." True Trumpkins despise Pope Francis as much as they do Obama and artists, of course, but for them it's all about respect.

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