Wednesday, November 09, 2016


America is fucked. But you knew that. The rise of Il Douche merely accelerates the stroke.

I'm still seeing some people talking about this election as if Trump voters were a bunch of poor oppressed hillbillies desperate to be freed from the meth and misery to which Tyrant Obama had condemned them. But as has been shown, Trump voters aren't poor -- though they obviously do feel as if they've been deprived of something, and that voting for Trump would give it to them. You can get a glimpse of it in Rod Dreher's reaction to the news last night:

Sure, Trump stirred up the Nazis, but look on the bright side, he made the liberal elites sad! I think this was a big part of the winning formula. I doubt Trump voters seriously believe their man will make international trade more advantageous to the U.S., or settle race relations, or bring global peace. But they don't like the people who are actually working on these things; they are delivering unsatisfactory results and, in the Trumpkin mind, that isn't because these things are difficult and complicated, but because they spend too much time thinking about their friends the blacks, the women, the foreigners, and the gays. Never mind your so-called rights, widget sales are fluctuating, now how'm I going to afford that second home? It's gotta be the fault of liberal elites!

You don't have to be a yokel to think like that -- hell, you don't even have to be a Republican. You just have to be a certain kind of American who's always wondering where's his.

There was never really any reason to feel sorry for these guys before, and there sure isn't any now. They're going to get what they asked for good and hard, and so, alas, are we.

We could feel sorry for ourselves, but that trick never works. Best I can tell you is to keep your head up and don't let 'em talk you out of the truth -- or your sense of humor. Those are the two things their kind most despise, in part because they can't take them away from you.

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