Monday, June 13, 2016


...about the Orlando Pulse massacre and the brethren's response, which was in many ways typical for a massacre (i.e., Guns Are Not to Blame, Hate and Fear Muslims, etc.), but acquired an added degree of derp because LGBT people were targeted by the gunman. The brethren can't acknowledge homophobia as a factor because in their world gay and transgender people are their oppressors, forcing them to bake wedding cakes and share bathrooms. So to the extent that they even noticed the obvious target, their responses were mostly unfriendly or passive-aggressive. Their rare attempts to relate were if anything worse: take Baseball Crank Dan McLaughlin's tweet: "It's a small thing, but small things are the stuff of life: how many of the gay Orlando clubgoer victims were looking forward to the Tonys?"  These people like musicals, right? What else do they like? Poppers? I did speed to get through my law boards, so I can relate!

Making everything worse as usual is Rod Dreher:
I expect the emerging story from the Left will be it’s all the fault of conservative Christians and the NRA, because the Left will not be able to bear the tension between two of its favorite causes: fighting “homophobia” and fighting “Islamophobia.”
Dreher can't grasp that a human being can stand against the unjust persecution of Muslims and against the unjust persecution of gay people without any "tension" at all. One of these days I expect Jesus will bring suit against Dreher for false representation.

UPDATE. Longtime anti-gay advocate Maggie Gallagher says this is "not an occasion to score political points" and "today I am not going to attack any of my fellow Americans except the one who killed in cold blood" and "may we learn to love one another, with all our flaws," etc. Then she goes on about "the Left's hypocrisy in downplaying Islamic terrorism" and "the Left's increasingly anti-white racism." I don't think they even know when they're doing it anymore.

UPDATE 2. Rightwing uber-dummy Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit comes out as gay — or as WorldNetDaily puts it, “WND CONSERVATIVE BLOGGER COMES OUT AS 'GAY’” — you have to put gay in quotes at WorldNetDaily, see, ’cause real conservatives only use slurs for such people. Anyway, Hoft wants his previously unacknowledged gay brothers and sisters to vote Trump because he’ll “protect all gays and all Americans," unlike Dummycrats like Obama who expect them to be satisfied with so-called "rights." At Right Wing News, Greg Campbell knows he’s supposed to be happy for Hoft but seems kinda flustered:
Hoft’s admission doesn’t change a thing. He’s still a strong conservative voice at a time when we need strong conservative voices. How he chooses to live his life, so long as I’m expected to celebrate him, is of no concern to me.
”So long as I’m expected to celebrate him” seems like a botched version of the typical Christian complaint about being “forced to celebrate” gayness. Maybe Campbell was flustered at the memory of having shaken the man’s hand once at CPAC. Anyway, Campbell stumbles on:
However, Hoft’s declaration does touch on an important topic. He (and so, so, so many others) have wrongly confused this as an attack against homosexuals. This was an attack against the Western world- an attack against America.
Naseen really wanted to shoot up a Cracker Barrel, but he took a wrong turn and had to make do.
It was homosexuals that were killed this time. Next time, ISIS could target a church... 
…if a neo-confederate doesn’t shoot it up first.

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