Monday, November 30, 2015


...about rightblogger reactions to the Planned Parenthood shooting. I stuck in a bit about the Minneapolis BLM shooting, mainly because I can't believe how little coverage that got, but also because it shows how skilled these guys are at obfuscating even the most self-evident products of bigotry into some sort of conspiracy against themselves and their pals. (Among the credit-roll outtakes: Gateway Pundit's headline, "5 Black Lives Matter Protesters Shot AFTER REPEATEDLY Beating White Videographers." Videographers, eh? Love to see some more of their work; where's it playing, the Stormfront Film Festival?)

For the clinic their main tools were misdirection -- pretending that a murder spree at a Planned Parenthood had nothing to do with abortion, or actually happened somewhere else -- and whining that all the talk this event was generating about extremism against abortion providers was hurtful and unfair to people who call women baby-killers. Some of the crazier ones used the opportunity to work on their baby-killer-calling skills. Some Guy at RedState, for example, starts out all reasonable-like -- "What Dear did is evil and wrong in any circumstance" -- and then begins to froth:
I am vehemently in opposition to abortion, safe, legal or otherwise. Abortion is really a double-murder. It physically murders the baby, and it simultaneously spiritually/emotionally murders the mother. It’s not only a murder, it’s also a poison, that rots the souls of those who practice violence and barbarism toward innocent unborn human beings, robbing them of a whole lifetime of potential. 
The abortionists have done this over 50 million times in America, and Cowart calls it “safe and legal.” The only people glad Dear chose an abortion clinic to commit his hateful and evil act seem to be abortionists, because someone else committing murder salves their seared souls and masks their own sin.
Shoot, is it any wonder a sensitive soul would want to go to war with Planned Parenthood -- or, hell, all them evil liberals: "There is a cult of death that hates America," starts Some Other Guy at RedState's column on the subject --
It worships what it sees is the right of man to give and take life when it becomes a threat to its way of life. This cult has been aiming to see the end of America as we know it for a long time, but lately it’s become much worse. 
This cult is not ISIS. It isn’t violent, extremist Islam. It is much closer to home. It is the modern American Left.
Eventually RedState will be all KILL LIBERALS in block letters, gifs of Louie Gohmert stabbing his Jane Fonda doll with a knife, and the occasional Erick Erickson column on how it's not too late for Rick Perry.

But enough of my yakking, please read the column.

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