Tuesday, May 19, 2015


A Duke professor wrote comments on a New York Times editorial that got negative attention. Sample:
So where are the editorials that say racism doomed the Asian-Americans. They didn’t feel sorry for themselves, but worked doubly hard. 
I am a professor at Duke University. Every Asian student has a very simple old American first name that symbolizes their desire for integration. Virtually every black has a strange new name that symbolizes their lack of desire for integration. The amount of Asian-white dating is enormous and so surely will be the intermarriage. Black-white dating is almost non-existent because of the ostracism by blacks of anyone who dates a white. 
It was appropriate that a Chinese design won the competition for the Martin Luther King state. King helped them overcome. The blacks followed Malcolm X.
Never mind that you can see that and worse in the comments of any online article that mentions race -- in fact, look at the comments under this story at WorldNetDaily and elsewhere -- the point is that Hough's an academic and from the left, so needless to say conservatives have a new hero. Ole Perfesser Instapundit:
SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER... Even being an old commie apologist isn’t enough to keep you from being savaged over this badthink.
"Savaged" means, in this context, some people disagreed publicly with his comments and he wasn't fired. (Hough was on leave working on a book when this thing blew up, though some of the usual suspects have sought to convey the impression that Duke pushed him out after the fact.) Don Surber:
Telling the truth online gets you in trouble in America. Consider Duke University political science professor Jerry Hough made the mistake of pointing out that Asian-Americans are as a race doing better than African-Americans in general. For that people are calling him racist. 
Part of the reason is Asian males are not shooting one another up like inner city black males are.
Surber knows how it is to be vilified for what folks 'round here jes' natchurly knows. Nicholas Stix at more-mainstream-conservative-by-the-minute VDare:
As a result of the school’s racist hate campaign Hough’s life is in danger on and near the North Carolina school’s campus. During the 2006-2007 Duke Rape Hoax, which was also rabidly promoted by the school’s administration and faculty, racist blacks in Durham exploited the hoax as a pretext to commit violent hate crimes against white students, simply for breathing while white.
He's like MLK in Selma except, you know. Maybe Stix can get up a posse from the Bundy Ranch to protect him. The libertarian position is expressed by Robby Soave at Reason:
These are gross, nonsensical statements (Asian names are better geared for integration than black names? What?). But to say that they have “no place in civil discourse” is going too far. Is hearing, contemplating, and rejecting his claims not a worthy exercise for university students?
The problem with higher education is that Harvard students are not exposed to the opinions of Professor David Duke, that they may wrestle with them to their intellectual profit.  How will they defend their mollycoddle anti-racism when confronted with an argument on the order of "nigras has funny names"? Liberalism has much to answer for.

You know, I'm beginning to think that these guys weren't really into Charlie Hebdo for the free speech part.


  1. Speaking of funny names:
    Bristol Palin and Sgt. Dakota Meyer's wedding is off!& no desire to be part of mainstream society.

  2. Megalon11:45 PM

    "Part of the reason is Asian males are not shooting one another up like inner city black males are."

    True, although I wish they'd stop being so darn sinister and inscrutable all the time. That, and observing that it's too soon to tell about the significance of the French Revolution. I mean, I GET it all ready, jeez!

  3. AGoodQuestion11:46 PM

    Part of the reason is Asian males are not shooting one another up like inner city black males are.
    For Surber being young and Asian means life is a twenty four hour study party. Being young and Af-Am means Shootout at the OK Corral every day and night. He claims to find the former preferable, which is paradoxical for a true believer.

  4. Didn't realize the derpitariat at ol perfesser instapundit didn't care for Althouse.

    Agreement can feel dirty.

  5. Fats Durston12:03 AM

    "Every Asian student has a very simple old American first name that symbolizes their desire for integration." My Asian Duke friends: Sanghoon, Seulghee, Shireen, Ajay, Bikrum, Muhammad, Donald, Egwin, Frank, Shelly, Jon, and Rima. That's some mighty fine statistificatin' perfesser.

  6. I am a professor at Duke University.

    indeed. i didn't go to any high-falutin' university myself, nor do i work at one, but at the jes' folks state university where i worked on my second master's, i was fortunate enough to be exposed to a book called "the shifting grounds of race: black and japanese americans in the making of multi-ethnic los angeles," by scott kurashige.

    it's a wonderful text, and rather eye-opening: this may come as a surprise to the prof, but asian-americans, particularly the children of recent immigrants---many of whom would no doubt become the students of our prof---were in fact a project of sorts for the federal government following world war ii. see, planners and officials at the highest levels of government had pretty much figured out that they would be running the world when the dust settled over nagasaki, and that it would look reflect pretty poorly in the new provinces that not only had we burned most of japan to the ground, we had also put a bunch of their kin into camps when the war started (not to mention all the oppression of blacks, which is another story).

    a big piece of the asian-american post-war story was this---teams of sociologists and psychologists, mostly out of chicago, were charged with going into these camps, identifying and categorizing "model" children of immigrants (white for best candidates, brown for poor candidates, black for unreedemable candidates---do you see, prof? the color scheme, what's being communicated there?).

    "whites" were fast tracked into good high schools and given scholarships (i am personally acquainted with one such "white" asian, who was given a free ride to the university of denver. to her everlasting credit, she took that education and became a dedicated civil rights activist), brown were taught trades or given opportunities to buy farmland (there are numerous big farms here in colorado which are run by asian farmers, because of this. history!), and blacks probably went and followed malcolm x right haw haw.

    there's also another great big book, one that they probably have at the wonderful library at duke, that also talks about the role the federal government played in shepherding the post-war black civil rights movement; the point is that BIG THINGS like NATIONAL GOVERNMENT and WAR have profound effects on peoples' lives, for generations, with nary a bootstrap in sight.

    i don't like writing comments like this, all long and preachy and full of indignation, but if in fact this guy is a duke prof, it's literally a case of going to work, walking down the hall, and finding all this shit out. i don't expect much out of the hustlers at national review or brownshirts that write for the websites roy peeps, but jesus, really? you work at a major east coast university, as an instructor, for money, and you lurk the comment sections of the new york times complaining about civil rights activists 50 years dead? boo hiss, you suck.

  7. AGoodQuestion12:09 AM

    do you see, prof? the color scheme, what's being communicated there?
    Might be a touch too subtle there, son.

  8. Don't feel bad, this is what needs to be written. That the NYT considers this moldy old "model minority" shit worthy of publication while actual information remains obscure is fucking sad.

  9. One of the reasons that East and South Asians take Western names is that their own names are often considered difficult to pronounce. I've gone through this exact conversation a few times:

    WESTERNER: Wong Yee?

    ME: No, not even close. It's pronounced hwang, with a little elision at the beginning.

    WESTERNER: Wong?

    ME: No, that's a completely different surname.

    WESTERNER: So hwang?

    ME: Right. And the given name is pronounced with a long vowel.

    WESTERNER: I don't understand.

    ME: As in "eh." Hwang yeh.

    WESTERNER: Wong Yeh?

    How many times do you think you'd have to go through that before you said "Fuck it, give me a name the laowai can pronounce on the first shot."

    Oh, and I'd think someone as worldly and educated as a Duke professor would know that many Westerners who work in East/SE/South Asia likewise take on names in the local dialect. Mine is Jiang Sidun, which sounds not wholly unlike my actual name. I've also been called An De Le a few times, which again is a vague homophone. These are useful things to know when dealing with a target language with far fewer distinct sounds than the one you're used to speaking, but apparently far less useful if you're a racist old fuck.

  10. For Surber being young and Asian means life is a twenty four hour study party.

    Well, it's what everyone believes, including most of the multiculturally-sensitive white liberals I've known ("I never stereotype, but there are some things you just know are true").

  11. DocAmazing12:42 AM

    I like his use of the word "Asian". More than Walt Whitman, it contains multitudes: Filipino, Vietnamese, Hakka Chinese, Han Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Bangladeshi, Sinhalese, Tamil, Kazakh, Tajik...and that's just my neighborhood. Needless to say each of these groups is at different points in the Model Minority Sweepstakes--but Jesus, if we're going to stereotype, then I can't say that I'm surprised that at white guy from Duke doesn't know much about the doings of other-than-white people.

  12. Among my circle, I've known a "Zero" and a "Monkey." Oh, but I know what you're thinking, and I agree - they are beautiful names for women.

  13. Fats Durston12:52 AM

    And the blacks! Michael, Michael, Dexter, Julian, Carole, Audrey, and Pledge. I couldn't even begin to guess how to pronounce the monikers of these poor victims of Afro-nationalist separatist parents.

  14. StringOnAStick12:54 AM

    At the engineering school I recently worked at, most of the mainland Chinese students I treated had adopted names like Mike or Hank to make being a student easier. I can't imagine how hard it is to study difficult technical subjects in not only another language, but in an entirely different written alphabet, and on top of that have no idea when professors are calling your native name because they are butchering the pronunciation so badly. Hell yeah, I'd take on a nickname just to lower my stress level.
    Every winger should be dropped somewhere that they do not speak the language and the natives don't speak English just to see how stressful that is, though I suppose they'd just talk louder in some idiot stereotype of what they think the local language is and blame the locals for being stupid or purposefully misunderstanding them.

  15. It has the added benefit of giving you a name in "proper" given name/surname order. I'm always amazed how many Americans are just completely thrown by the concept of the family name coming first. Hell, a lot of East Asians (particularly Japanese) will flip their names around even if they don't take a Western name just to avoid confusion in that regard.

  16. DocAmazing1:51 AM

    Duke of Earl...

  17. BadExampleMan2:11 AM

    Which causes confusion among those of us haoles who know about the name ordering thing. With Japanese and Korean I can usually tell if it's a surname or given name. Often with Chinese, though, I haven't a clue.

  18. Wrangler2:55 AM

    The funny thing about these sorts of arguments-- which conservatives have been making for, I don't know, my whole life certainly-- is that they not only repulse African-Americans (obviously), they also tend to come across as very condescending to Asian-Americans, at least in my experience.

  19. Wrangler3:05 AM

    I wish you liked writing posts like this, because it was very informative. And I appreciate the reading suggestions.

  20. ken_lov3:09 AM

    At least I understand now why Piyush Jindal calls himself 'Bobby'. No doubt he just stuck a pin blindfold into a list of Kennedys to show how assimilated he is.

    But you do have to admire the way Asians have overcome their whole slavery/Jim Crow/KKK heritage thing. Truly inspirational.

  21. smut clyde3:48 AM

    Every Asian student has a very simple old American first name that
    symbolizes their desire for integration. Virtually every black has a
    strange new name that symbolizes their lack of desire for integration.By "old American" he presumably means "white".

    I heard Dr Atul Gawande speaking a few nights ago. He went to Harvard rather than Duke, perhaps on account of the bar on exotic first names.

  22. smut clyde3:52 AM

    a Chinese design won the competition for the Martin Luther King state

    What in the name of fuck is Professor Hough on about?

  23. smut clyde3:54 AM

    Even being an old commie apologist isn’t enough to keep you from being savaged

    Behold the perfidy of liberals, and their unprincipled absence of tribalism!

  24. smut clyde5:20 AM

    Come to think of it, this is a recurring theme, or rhetorical trope, in the Perfessor's literary output. "My expectation of liberals is that they behave in an ignoble way [in this case they will defend a douchebag because tribalism], yet in practice they follow principles instead, WHAT HYPOCRITES THEY ARE!".

  25. Person says asinine thing in public forum and is called on it by multitudes of his fellow citizens. In the American conservatoid's simplistic worldview, this is some form of groupthink?

    Obviously, the mature way to go about things is to incorporate every crazy, hateful, pathetic, mistaken or bizarre idea spewed by one of your "tribe" into the collective consciousness of the group--not to publicly debate or criticize it. That's why the American conservatoid is held in such high esteem as the paragon of maturity and wisdom the world over.

    You don't see any of that weird refuting of bad ideas in the conservatoid tribe--they incorporate those bad ideas or they kick the offender out. Voila!

  26. Also, too, as to the subject they really want to get at, that black Americans are the inferior inferior race, shown by their lack of respect for their former masters and current hosts....

    I wonder if there might be some sort of difference to being the child of voluntary immigrants and being the descendants of violently abducted people made into slaves, who were only released after a horrible civil war and then still treated as de facto slaves for generations after "liberation," and whose parents and grandparents were legally classified as not full citizens in their own country of birth a mere 50 years ago?

  27. Socialist Cubone6:52 AM

    Maybe he's talking about the MLK memorial, the sculptor who designed it was Chinese.

  28. Ya know, if we just ignore all that slavery stuff, and if we don't take into consideration 400+years of racism, and if we pretend that the Black community actually has all the privileges and advantages that, say, Georgetown has, why, then, it's perfectly acceptable to wonder why the negroes haven't been able to pull themselves up by the bootstraps--or at least their Air Jordans.

    I so despair of this country ever coming to grips with its racist history, much less its all-pervasive contemporary racism.

  29. Every winger should be dropped somewhere that they do not speak the language and the natives don't speak English just to see how stressful that is, though I suppose they'd just talk louder in some idiot stereotype of what they think the local language is and blame the locals for being stupid or purposefully misunderstanding them.

    The story is told of Ronald Reagan's ambassador to Hong Kong attending the welcome dinner there. The ambassador--who had been given the assignment based on his campaign donations--is enjoying the first dinner course of soup. He turns to the man on his right and says, "You likey soupey?" The man gives him a deeply puzzled look.

    A short time later, that same man rises, walks to the dais, and gives the ambassador a welcome-to-Hong-Kong speech in flawless King's English. The man returns to his seat and askes the ambassador, "You likey speechey?"

  30. You would be depressed to know how frequently I have to correct his stuff in people's dissertations that attempt to deal with Eastern topics. It's not like Korean or Chinese or Japanese naming conventions are unknown or unknowable. I guess there's just an assumption that the Western convention of having the family name come last is a universal.

  31. But you do have to admire the way Asians have overcome their whole slavery/Jim Crow/KKK heritage thing.

    Not as long-term, but something nonetheless: The Chinese Exclusion Act.

  32. to show how assimilated he is

    Definitely time for that second cup of coffee. I read that as "assassinated".

  33. I would like to wander the used bookstores with this comment until, covered with dust, we sank to the floor entombed with knowledge.

  34. Yes, why dont black americans choose normal names like Pompey, Ceasar, n---jim etc...?

  35. redoubtagain7:51 AM

    As one of the nation’s leading Kremlinologists, Hough tried for decades to dispel what he considered misconceptions about the Soviet Union.
    OK, so another member of the Buggy Whip Makers Guild (chairwoman, Condoleeza Rice).
    PS: You just know this is the kind of person who goes batshit when they call their bank, insurance company, etc. and hear options for English and Spanish.

  36. [Conservative speaker/writer says/writes horrible racist screed.]

    I guess the only acceptable reactions for a fellow conservative would be "Hey! He's just telling the truth!"
    Which, sadly, isn't a snarky comment but a tragically accurate representation. The only unacceptable speech in conservative circles is speech that indicates empathy with anyone slightly less fortunate. THAT gets you dismissed from their public discourse.

  37. coozledad7:55 AM

    Shorter Duke professor: We whipped them Asians into line with decades of racial descrimination. Why can't blacks be white?

    Also, why can't George St.George Biddle Duke get an American name like Willis, or Doc?

  38. coozledad8:05 AM

    Part of the reason is Asian males are not shooting one another up like inner city black males Lindsey Graham and John McCain's Leibstandarte Waco are.

  39. coozledad8:13 AM

    I only wish there were a dozen Brother Yusuf's for every cranky old bastard Duke professor.

  40. It is central to his point. Which is on his head, as always.

  41. Chris Anderson8:22 AM

    "[I]t's perfectly acceptable to wonder why the negroes haven't been able to pull themselves up by the bootstraps--or at least their Air Jordans."

    That's another thing. Not only do they give their kids weird names, they refuse to wear boots! There aren't any bootstraps on a pair of Air Jordans.

  42. Or Newt? Or Reince? Good, solid, conservative names!

  43. White kids college like this, Asians college like that!

  44. GeniusLemur8:31 AM

    I'd say it was a stretch that a US ambassador would be that ignorant and tactless, but we are talking about someone Ronald Reagan appointed.

  45. Zack Budryk8:32 AM

    LOL wtf is a "michael"

  46. Zack Budryk8:35 AM

    It's the old-person version of all the anti-feminists chortling when they thought feminists had driven Joss Whedon off Twitter.

  47. Ted the slacker8:38 AM

    So faced with this opportunity, where they could say, "Look, libruhls are the real racists", they instead go with, "Oh yessiree, we stand with this guy."
    I wonder why.

  48. Zack Budryk8:42 AM

    The commenterati claimed, citation-free, that both George Zimmerman and Cliven Bundy were registered Democrats while endorsing their actions too. They're like some weird variation on Schrodinger's cat where they occupy all possible repulsive positions even after the box is open.

  49. My family in Florida complains about this all the time. When my sister visited me in Vermont, she did not have the same reaction to all the bi-lingual signage here. Perhaps because the second language is French and not Spanish.

  50. MichaelNewsham8:49 AM

    I heard it about a party given by Teddy Roosevelt; the speaker was the Chinese ambassador to America. A poorly adapted version of this appears in "The Wind and the Lion".

    The other story told about the same ambassador was when an American asked him "Which 'nese' are you: Chinese , Japanese, or Javanese?"
    "Chinese", he replied, then asked "And which 'key are you- monkey, donkey, or Yankee?"

  51. As in so many cases, they endorse/support whatever asshole-of-the-moment is under fire from "liberals." Until they realize that asshole-of-the-moment has become toxic because normal people are horrified and repulsed by the asshole.

    At which point, said asshole MUST be a Democrat.

  52. Cato the Censor8:58 AM

    Everytime I think my hatred and loathing for attorneys can't get any worse, Instaputz says something else.

  53. MichaelNewsham8:59 AM

    Well, here in Taiwan we have Oscar-winning director Lee Ang, and former Yankees pitcher Wang Chien-ming.

    And innumerable Lisas, Tinas, Johns etc.... One of your jobs as an English teacher is assigning names that are
    a) easy to pronounce
    b) not subject to twisting i.e. "Bobby" for a boy sounds like 'Babby-Wa-wa' (Barbie Doll) so that's out

    I had an easy ride with my name thanks to Michaels Jackson and Jordan


  54. Downpup E9:16 AM

    Could you be Phuoc Nguyen with us, Andrew?

  55. brandonrg9:21 AM

    It's like when they attack affirmative action by attempting to take up the flag of Asian Americans who may or may not be negatively impacted by such programs. Nobody is actually buying that that's their real cause and motivation.

  56. AngryWarthogBreath9:22 AM

    A London taxi driver once asked if it was true that there were very few Asians in Australia. I had to sputter a great deal before I realised he meant "Indians and Pakistanis".

  57. brandonrg9:23 AM

    cleek's law

  58. Halloween_Jack9:27 AM

    *psst* Don't tell him about Larry Wilshire.

  59. Halloween_Jack9:28 AM

    See also: Nikki Haley.

  60. Don't tar all the attorneys with the Insta-Nitwit brush! There are some actual great human-being attorneys out there, some of whom comment regularly right here on this blog.

  61. BadExampleMan9:32 AM

    Well but there's those velcro ankle strap thingys. That ought to be good enough.

  62. Halloween_Jack9:39 AM

    Well, that's a shock.

  63. Being young and Af-Am means Shootout at the OK Corral every day and night.You misspelled "older white biker."

  64. Chris Anderson9:52 AM

    Since we're on the topic of names, here's the Library of Congress "name authority record" for Malcolm X: http://authorities.loc.gov/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?AuthRecID=2829542&v1=1&HC=1&SEQ=20150520094438&PID=QtkRjvTTKJL7ImtK-l8ymCI_deAO

    The 100 field is the authorized form; the 400s are variants for cross-referencing purposes, etc. You can look up all the codes at http://www.loc.gov/marc/

    I'm glad to say that catalogers have long since solved problems re: names incl. names in direct order, surnames, forenames, whatever you've got.

  65. tigrismus9:57 AM

    He's a Duke POLITICAL SCIENCE prof, he should really already know this stuff.

  66. tigrismus9:59 AM

    I have been thinking this since I heard about the shootout. WHY are we not talking about the problems with white culture again?

  67. P Gustaf10:00 AM

    It sure ain't about the pay.

  68. Cliven or Rand or Rush

  69. He claims it's after "Bobby Brady", would I make this up?

  70. Chris Anderson10:05 AM

    You'd think so, but in the pullin' game, the white kid with the bootstraps starts out on second or third base.

  71. One wag suggested that she didn't want to be known as Bristol Meyer, although it would have offered the opportunity to name their first-born Squibb.

  72. Damian Hammontree10:09 AM

    This trope is very, very common. I hear it all the time from wingers who think that they have a real "gotcha" whenever they see some liberal failing to live up to their stereotypes of them.

  73. Helmut Monotreme10:33 AM

    They keep being surprised when liberals do not act as mirror-universe "evil" goateed versions of conservatives.

  74. Magatha10:38 AM

    Not to mention the fact that Asian gangs are a significant problem in terms of criminal activity, at least here in the SF Bay area, and weird names? I have one for you: Cotton Mather. Plus, doing genealogy is really annoying when all your ancestors are named William, James, Mary, Margaret, and Anne. My great aunt Jackquetta was a refreshing exception.

    I actually feel sorry for officials in Waco. They have literally hundreds of dangerous, mostly white guys in custody, and they have no idea how many of their comrades and/or antagonists are headed there.

  75. Chris Anderson10:44 AM

    Or, for example, "Diddy, 1969-" ... they've actually documented that nitwit's changes of moniker, and adopted his current preference as LoC official. "Snoop Dogg, 1972-" has not been replaced by "Snoop Lion," however. Maybe they don't believe he's sticking with it.

  76. Obviously, the mature way to go about things is to incorporate every
    crazy, hateful, pathetic, mistaken or bizarre idea spewed by one of your
    "tribe" into the collective consciousness of the groupYou watch a lot of C-Span, I take it?

  77. DN Nation10:57 AM

    "racist blacks in Durham exploited the hoax as a pretext to commit violent hate crimes against white students, simply for breathing while white."

    Got a citation for that, hombre?

  78. "I am 80 and figure I can speak the truth as I see it."

    Clarke's First Law, Version 2.0: When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong. When he spouts racist gibberish, he's a bigoted asshole deserving of contempt.

  79. DN Nation10:58 AM

    Aren't the two of them creepy besties? Or did they have a falling out? I lose track of Wingnut Days of Our Lives.

  80. Just Google "Amanda Marcotte Race Brigades" and "machetes" for the whole horrifying story.

  81. DN Nation10:59 AM

    I mean, Coach K's name...how do you even spell it? Freaking whites, man.

  82. DN Nation11:01 AM

    Don't get me wrong, Marcotte was wrong, and the Group of 88 were wrong, and they were wrong, wrong, wrong, but "hate crimes," I mean...words still do mean things, right?

  83. LookWhosInTheFreezer11:04 AM

    Glenbot: Brrp Beep Beep...need verb...Oh I know..."SAVAGED"...hee hee...This will show those librulz, hee hee

  84. Zack Budryk11:06 AM

    I will refer the plaintiff to the precedent of Thomas v. High-Tech Lynching.

  85. i've met a couple of students here and there who come out of poli sci programs, and depending where they come from (for example, the one at cu-denver is plenty rich in style and content), they can end up being really workman-like, quotidian kind of people: a head for processing stats and analyzing outcomes, not so good on the synthesis or historical imagination parts.

  86. DN Nation11:10 AM

    What would liberals say if _____________ was white, huh? Huh?

  87. DN Nation11:12 AM

    I have an abusive ex who was a poli sci major, AMA!

  88. BigHank5311:15 AM

    Also: 80. His prime was what, forty years ago? Which would be when (1) a lot of Chinese immigrants started showing up with nice, short adopted names that were easy to pick out of a foreign language, and (2) about when you'd start encountering the children of black parents who realized they didn't need to use white people's names during the Civil Rights struggle.

    I thought about this for almost three minutes before posting. I suppose our dear professor could have just put on a t-shirt that read "I"M A VILE RACIST SHIT*" but it's his prerogative to be long-winded about it, I guess.


  89. Ellis_Weiner11:16 AM

    (slams desk) Fuck. I wish I had noticed that.

  90. As well as Lawyers, Guns and Money, where, as far as I can tell, rock and roll will never die. http://www.lawyersgunsmoneyblog.com/

  91. Marcotte was wrongYup, and as a consequence, those falsely accused young men had their futures destroyed, either by being virtually unemployable, or in some cases being literally shot down by police for "not walking on the sidewalk." Even worse, it suddenly caused conservatives to become contemptuously dismissive of rape, and unlikely to believe any future allegations of same. And that's even without getting into all the violent hate crimes against white students in Durham, simply for breathing while white. The papers were full of it. (Well, someone was.)

    In summary, words do still mean things, but can be assembled into sentences that a mendacious racist bullshit. Especially on the internet.

  92. Governor Abbott has, indeed, put his finger on the REAL problem confronting White culture in Texas: Not enough guns. Thus, Abbott renewed his efforts to push through Open Carry in Texas.

  93. SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER...Hang on, lemme fire up the unversal translator:




    Okay, you know how I just commented elsewhere in this thread about words still meaning things? I have to take it back as far as "truth" and "power" are concerned.

  94. For the same reason that Christian Tennessee dude who was planning a murderous attack on a Muslim community in New York state isn't currently splashed all over the airwaves as an example of terrorists in our midst?


    In an unrelated question, could the left stop saying this phrase? Why would you want to "speak truth to power"? Wouldn't the power just imprison you or blow you away?

  96. petesh11:40 AM

    ... and very occasionally gets some of what he deserves. Just thinking of Lucky Jim Watson, who had to be poisoned, shot, strangled, thrown in a freezing lake and finally impaled on a silver spike before being urged into retirement with little but a bauble worth a few million to cling to his chest.

  97. Zack Budryk11:49 AM

    I mean, if we're going to compare, I bet this guy hasn't gotten any rape threats and I bet that black professor at BU currently being Ward Churchilled has gotten several.

  98. redoubtagain12:06 PM

    There's still the chance of her marrying a Blenheim.

  99. LA Julian1:02 PM

    Haven't there been studies that prove tribalism is the highest virtue to authoritarian conservatives? They frame it as "valuing the community," but since "community" is defined so very narrowly and exclusively by conservatives, it isn't community as most people would understand it, in the "common good of the whole group" sense.

    So in that case, it makes sense that every other adherence to principle would appear as a vice to them -- they all amount to treason when they involve rejecting other members of the group who have violated the group's ideals. It isn't really hypocrisy to them, on a strange and perverse level, because the only real hypocrisy is ostracizing "one of us," or at least "one of us who has sufficiently high standing in our little community."

  100. So this man took the stereotype "Asians are good at math" and turned it into a worldview?

    Seriously, there are plenty of Asians without good American names like Trig and Track,

  101. BigHank531:06 PM

    Not to mention cheerful mob atrocities:


  102. Gromet1:07 PM

    Seems like he doesn't consider himself racist, though, and that's where I lose track of what must be going on in his head. I mean, my instinct is to say, Eh, he's 80, he formed his idea of America before any of it happened -- I'm just luckier I formed my sensibility in a world with the Wu Tang Clan. He had what, Guy Lombardo?

    But then I do the math. When he was 20, Chuck Berry happened. When he was 30, Selma happened, and Malcolm X died. When he was 34, MLK and Fred Hampton were murdered. THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH IN THE EVIDENCE REQUIRED TO RECONSIDER CONCLUSIONS DEPARTMENT, BUDDY.

    I stop short of calling him vile (though I might reeeeaaallly be erring on the side of caution there). But certifiably he is a terrible professor: He stopped thinking when he was 19.

  103. Ellis_Weiner1:07 PM

    "their lack of desire for integration"

    No. He's 40 years too late for that. Back when black people were changing their names to Rasheed and Jamal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, maybe it was a gesture toward black separatism. But today, when their mothers name them Tay-Shon and Key-Shawn and Shaniqua and Dominique, my bet is it's a reach for middle/upper-class "sophistication." There's a pseudo-French feel to the names that, in fact, signals a striving for more integration, but at a higher class level. It's bootstrapping-via-naming.

    In other words, Prof. Duke follows most of idiot America in confusing race with class.

  104. Part of the reason is Asian males are not shooting one another up like inner city black males are.

    Sure, they might not be shooting one another, but the last time I was in funky Chinatown, everybody was Kung-Fu fighting.

  105. Cantonese kids are all pretty much bourgeois now and I think Chinese martial arts are in some disarray. Today's bad kids are mostly from Fuzhou and the far northeast and they could probably frighten a Duke professor to death just by menacingly narrowing their eyes.

  106. Would they be doing the Bristol Stomp at the reception?

  107. BigHank531:26 PM

    No, seriously, I did think about this for three minutes. I thought about an ex-boss of mine, a Chinese immigrant with the first name of "Tina", which isn't traditional in either Cantonese or Mandarin. I asked her about it one day, and she told me that her entire family picked out western names to make the adjustment to America easier. I also recalled something I heard (most likely in the early seventies) about blacks getting rid of "slave names", which is hardly something that anyone can be faulted for. One might think their new name is silly, but (a) lots of names are silly, and (b) having any sort of manners means you do your snickering later, behind a closed door.

    Now, I am not a political science professor, and I was able to figure these things out. Moreover, even if Iwasn't able to figure them out, I'd like to think I'd notice that publicly declaring that blacks are members of an inferior race is the sort of thing that is perceived as being racist as hell.

    So, he's a racist, he's proud to be a racist, and he doesn't mind letting everyone else know he's a racist. Vile.

  108. And disco is in even more disarray than Southern Mantis Style... such is the way of the world.

  109. For a conservative, I guess "speaking truth to power" is really nothing more or less than standing athwart history yelling some version of "n****r.

  110. But, as the professor would point out, there are plenty of Asians who are good at trig, but not so swift in track.

  111. Gromet1:38 PM

    Huh. I did skim chunks of his editorial. He seemed mainly to be griping about what struck him as poor decisions made by [every single member of a different race]. Sure his conclusion ignores, eh, all available evidence, and is de facto racist -- but I did miss the part where he declared "the black race" actually inferior. I guess I will go re-read (though it didn't strike me as worth it the first time).

  112. . . . her entire family picked out western names to make the adjustment to America easier.

    I used to work with a man from Hong Kong whose name was "Patrick Chan." After I got to know him, I found out that his name was the result of, first, British colonial practices in which upwardly mobile Hong Kong parents gave their children English first names as a kind of cultural fig leaf, and second, that his name had been completely twisted upon his arrival in the States.

    So his actual name was "Chi-Fung Chan," but by the time U.S. authorities got done with his paperwork, he'd become Patrick Chan.

  113. Gromet1:51 PM

    by menacingly narrowing their eyes.

    If they did, how could you tell?! [rimshot]

    Huh. No one's laughing? Well, it killed in Durham.

  114. witlesschum2:03 PM

    This is what I noticed. An actual example of liberals being the real racists, or at least racist, and they hold that argument.

  115. Makes you wonder what Whitey would say if, say, Sean Hannity were black. (For one thing, he wouldn't have that fucking show.)

  116. Power doesn't seem to give a shit because it is power.

  117. witlesschum2:13 PM

    Of course words mean things.

    "Saying uncomplimentary things about a white man or, worse, a conservative on the internet" means "Hate crime."

  118. witlesschum2:14 PM

    But what if the donuts were from a GAY MUSLIM's bakery?

    Wait, I think I messed something up.

  119. Not a scientific study, but it seems most of the "lawyers" typing on the iNternetz are actually law professors, as opposed to practicing (Will they ever get it right?) att'ys. who are too busy to be blathering from their keypads.

    Possible exception: That Patterico clown who is an L.A. A.D.A. & obviously not overworked.

  120. TGuerrant2:28 PM

    Once again Disqus is limiting me to only one upvote on a comment that deserves many more. It's a conspiracy.

  121. J Neo Marvin2:30 PM

    The kid named Bristol is decidedly NOT sharp as a pistol, so probably not.

  122. Lawyers type among us! It's just that, on the internet, nobody knows you're a lawyer unless you tell them you are.

  123. TGuerrant2:31 PM

    I have a colleague with Vietnamese ancestry who's first name is Hung. He is an American of great courage and resolve, obviously, or he would have fled the English-speaking world long before now.

  124. witlesschum2:33 PM

    Because it's Instapundit and there's always more stupidity to be mined, I wonder what the angry old man's commie apology consisted of? Something along the lines of, "Well, Stalin didn't actually transform into a bat at night" or how about "I think these Team B people are probably full of shit."?

    A little searching and The American Thinker shows up, still angry as a rational person would, Hough published a book about Soviet politics in 1979 that patterned its title after a work from the early 50s which described how things worked under Stalin.

    They also deride him for being a wideyed pollyanna in thinking that Andropov would opt for detente and for being wrong in predicting that Gorbachev would be a hardliner. So, their idea of him someone ideologically motivated to soft-peddle the terribleness of Ivan doesn't really even fit the fact they're stating. But that might just the quality of writing that you get with The American Thinker, given that I found this within a longer article on how this showed The Left Eats Its Own.

  125. Although during the big Palin family brawl, she may well have been trying to do the Bristol Stomp on somebody.

    Or, as a friend of mine noted when Bristol was on Dancin' With The Stars, Bristol stomping around the stage did not constitute dancing in any recognizable form.

  126. TGuerrant2:46 PM

    Of course there actually ARE Asian-American street gangs that operate just like the Latino and African-American street gangs do -- drug dealing, extortion, revenge killings -- but Serious Commentators will ignore that fact to keep a cherished stereotype alive. If there isn't a Good Minority to pet, there can't be a Bad Minority to slap, and slapping's what being the Majority is all about.

  127. TGuerrant2:50 PM

    And, yes, he can speak the truth as he sees it. He could do that even at 18 or even 8. It's just that he's going to be evaluated by others in response. That freeze peach used to be spelled "petard" seems to be lost on the Right.

  128. bekabot3:00 PM

    CN: Nationalist snark

    "Every Asian student has a very simple old American first name that symbolizes their desire for integration. Virtually every black has a strange new name that symbolizes their lack of desire for integration."

    How weird that this discussion is limited to first-names-only, especially since good old Amurcan standards like "Hiyashi" are so much more Amurcan than exotic taradiddles like "Washington." Such a puzzlement.

  129. J Neo Marvin3:18 PM

    I have often wondered why there hasn't been more of an effort to change the name of Phelan Avenue, where the City College of San Francisco is located. I would think it would be a constant slap in the face to all the Asian-American students there.

  130. whetstone3:21 PM

    So where are the editorials that say racism doomed the Asian-Americans.
    They didn’t feel sorry for themselves, but worked doubly hard.

    Sounds like someone's been reading some Amy Chua. If only her writing had generated a discussion about the very crap Hough is on about:

    It turns out that a group’s immigration history explains differences in achievement much better than does the Triple Package
    theory. For many groups, like Cubans and Mormons, the early wave was a
    select group endowed with some significant material or nonmaterial
    resources—wealth, education, or maybe a government resettlement package.
    For other groups, like Nigerians and south Asian Indians, student and
    employment-based visas have helped to select a rarefied cross section of
    people with English skills and educations, making it difficult to now
    conclude much about the larger groups’ cultural traits. The degree of
    selectiveness that immigration law imposes has varied highly from group
    to group.


    It isn’t just that Chinese-Americans have developed a “‘how dare they
    look down on me’ mentality and an iron will to succeed.” It’s more that
    the second wave of Chinese immigrants—those who have formed the
    foundation of current Chinese communities—were professionals (nurses, doctors, and engineers) who brought wealth and education with them. (Most of the first-wave Chinese, who were poor railroad workers and miners, died or were sent back.)

    How about the Chinese-Americans who don't go to Duke?

    A third wave of poor undocumented Chinese immigrants has come to the
    U.S. since the 1980s, and this wave has not folded into existing
    communities. This group’s trajectory looks nothing like the earlier waves, nor are they getting into selective schools like Stuyvesant High.

    But she has some weird name ("Daria Roithmayr"), so who knows.

  131. J Neo Marvin3:37 PM

    In that instance, they would appear to be right. Bunny Wailer publicly called him out for being a fake Rasta and now he changed his stage name back. Who says bunnies aren't more powerful than lions?

  132. redoubtagain3:52 PM

    If he needs help writing his "book" I'm sure the staff at the John Hope Franklin Research Center, right on campus, would be glad to help.

  133. If Seam Hannity was Black, I suspect his name would be Ben Carson.

  134. TGuerrant4:09 PM

    And I am immediately overcome by... abstinence.

  135. Cato the Censor4:47 PM

    This ties into another bete noire of mine, one I've raised before. I got the distinct impression in law school (that's right; I'm one too) that law professors were just lazy attorneys who lucked into really cushy billets. The fact that Instaputz has all this time to snark on the Internet seems to just prove my point.

  136. smut clyde4:49 PM

    Haven't there been studies that prove tribalism is the highest virtue to authoritarian conservatives?
    That is Haidt-speech.

  137. Hough's "leftism" seems to have consisted in being somewhat to the left of Richard Pipes in the study of the USSR; he thought it was possible to talk about politics whereas of course Pipes thought every action of every individual was dictated by a single hand from the October Revolution to when Mr. Reagan tore down that wall. Which is OK but not exactly wild-eyed or communist. His 2006 book

    Changing Party Coalitions: The Mystery of the Red State-Blue State Alignment

    sounds Broderite-bothsiderist.

    In 2001 he wrote a variant version of the Times article for the Duke student newspaper except the students who pulled their pants up and used names he could pronounce were Polish instead of Asian, so he's been doing this shtik for a long time. He may think he was a huge civil rights guy in 1965 but then so does Willard Mitt Romney, with his vivid memories of marches before he was born.

    He seems to be some kind of ancient firebagger who thinks of himself as to the left of Obama, but it's not clear to me in what sense; his command of modern English is a little shaky. I found this in a long comment originally attached to a Krugman blogpost on the December 2012 budget deal:

    ....For my current book on the "Genteel Anarchism" of the 1990-2020 transforming cycle, I have spent all this semester break looking at Reagan's economic program. There is now no doubt of what I suspected: Obama is clearly marginally to the right of Reagan on economic policy--and, of course, far, far to the right on foreign policy and terrorism.

    Obama is not caving in or negotiating. He is deliberately creating the theater to reach the goal he wants. Theater is the key part of politics.

    Jan. 1, 2013 at 12:27 p.m."

  138. coozledad4:53 PM

    Try saying that after you've helped her drink a twelve of Smirnoff Ice!

  139. Atrios4:57 PM

    Mrs. A took a Western name in school because she was forced to. Those teachers weren't going to even try to pronounce her actual Korean name.

  140. Socialist Cubone5:02 PM

    If his understanding of Russian history is anything like his understanding of American history, he probably thinks all those Ukrainians starved because they adopted a 'victim mentality'

  141. Chomsky's 1992 Deterring Democracy quotes Hough as complaining that GHW Bush was too easy on Gorbachev.

  142. Tengrain referred to last October's Palin riot in Wasilla as "Bristolnacht".

  143. Smirnoff Ice--now that Zima is gone!

  144. Guess they'll just have to be satisfied with having the beach's name restored.

  145. Jay B.5:17 PM

    Just a thought here, but it seems to me that he's never been to, oh, I don't know, a sweatshop.

  146. Arakasi_995:36 PM

    I was reading about this doofus at work, so I looked over to the phone list I have tacked to my wall:
    Black coworkers: Keith, Tommy, Shawn, Phil, Alan, Camilla, Chari, Cornelia
    Asian coworkers: Quyen, Shu Min
    Hispanic: ZeusCeaser - which is out of the original scope, but I'm including because it is just fucking awesome

  147. sigyn5:39 PM

    Do you mean the one who was mocking a rape victim on Facebook? Damn, that's irony I can't even enjoy!

    Rape threats are stupid menacing and I still can't find any sympathy for her.

  148. Wow, impressive digging Yast!

  149. Anyone can look menacing, given the right circumstances...

  150. Shit, my first name is Maureen, and you would not believe how many people fuck that one up. Somehow, in Georgia, it got turned into "Boreyan."

  151. J Neo Marvin6:07 PM

    Sylvain Sylvain too.

  152. He's not just a law professor, he's a tenured law professor at a state institution who prides himself on being anti-tax and a libertarian.

    He also, really, really, wants to fuck a robot. The Roomba is getting nervous.

  153. ohsopolite6:17 PM

    I'd like to salute the Ol' Perfesser for his continued efforts to bring back "commie" as a popular pejorative. Extra charming because he's obviously unaware that he's kind of giving the game away by doing so...

  154. Ellis_Weiner6:33 PM

    For "state" read "statue." Spellcheck strikes agenn.

  155. Ellis_Weiner6:34 PM

    Good points. Maybe the idea is to speak truth ABOUT power to the powerless.

  156. Asians ain't shooting each other, except for, you know the Asian gangs.

  157. "Obama" is a strange, unpronounceable name, now?

    And while I have no clue for odd African-American names, one thing that might be a factor is the fact that we stole the goddamn cultures from their ancestors when they were kidnapped here. So, you know, kinda hard to draw on a culture you weren't allowed to have.

  158. A third wave of poor undocumented Chinese immigrants has come to the U.S. since the 1980s, and this wave has not folded into existing

    So they're going to lose their "academically successful Chinee" trope soon, then?

    What. A. Shame.

  159. Maybe someone's just all snippy that they don't give their kids nice classic American names like Praisegrace.

  160. But were they, actually, fast as lightning?

  161. Southern Mantis, Southern Mantis Duck

    nope, doesn't scan

  162. Someone ought to tell him about Khloe Khardashian.

  163. Fun fact: "petard" comes from the same root that gave us "fart".

    Hoist with your own Jonah!

  164. "Hey, maybe the poor aren't totally personally responsible for their poverty..."

    *cue Invasion-of-the-Bodysnatchers-Remake style screeching*


  165. We don't even get agonizers, goddamnit.

  166. Didn't wingnuts go apeshit when a Vietnamese girl won the competition to design the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

  167. Well, it's hard if you're an 80-year-old racist. Compared to simple blue-eyed names like Czesław and Grzegorz.

  168. Well, there is the "Yellow Peril / Opium / Kidnapping Young White Women Into Chinee Degeneracy" thing, but, no, even that doesn't rise to the level of lynching parties.

  169. mgmonklewis7:31 PM

    The trip through Ellis Island did wondrous and amazing things to many "ethnic" names, even Scandinavian ones. Anything with odd-sounding vowels and unusual consonants was likely to be spelled a half dozen different ways, depending upon the speaker and the hearer. With Czech names, the variance gets even greater. I can only imagine what it is like for people with Chinese names.

  170. There's a park in Columbia, SC named after one of Lee's men - the good ol' Americanp-named Maxcy Gregg.

    Suck on that, Instashit.

  171. mgmonklewis7:34 PM

    In fairness, the evil version of conservatives still = "conservatives."

  172. mgmonklewis7:37 PM

    One of us! One of us!

  173. Oh, that last sentence had me making audible sounds that would've frightened the cat under the bed, if I were rooming w/ a cat.

    As good as "... where men are men & the sheep are nervous".

  174. mgmonklewis7:40 PM

    Beat me to it.

  175. mgmonklewis7:42 PM

    Or Lindsey! Or another time-honored tradition, using a confederate general's surname as a first name. Because that's not fking weird.

  176. mgmonklewis7:44 PM

    I would like to invite this comment to occupy a superposition with me.

  177. mgmonklewis7:48 PM

    I am a professor at Duke University.

    All that's missing is ending his screed with, "P.S. I am not a crank!"

  178. THIS SHIT HAS A BOTTOM, RIGHT? UPDATE: Oh, let's see. The fucking freight company with all our possessions are once again wanting to sell them all off to "salvage" for a $600 storage bill; we still can't find a place to live, and Mom's entire Social Security check this month was eaten up by the bank's overdraft fees - yep, over $1300 in overdraft fees. You know, the lovely friendly credit union we went to after we dropped Wells Fargo over their abusive overdraft fees.

    At least things went well with my father today; a decent meal and a full tank of gas.

  179. sigyn8:03 PM

    And then they poop all around outside the box. I wish we'd thought to name that cat Schrodinger.

  180. Whenever I'm chided w/ "Stop cursing the darkness, light a candle", I remind the chider that lighting anything near you makes you an easy target for the forces of darkness.

  181. I can't understand why glibertarians haven't made an attempt to connect w/ the hip-hop community & get them all voting Republican.

    Maybe right after they convince Hispanics & Muslims their conservative family values should have them all voting Republican.

  182. Haven't heard "firebagger" in awhile. Heh.

  183. Chris Anderson8:34 PM

    I did not know that. Good for him. When Bunny calls you out on that account, you need to do some self-reflection, with or without a spliff.

  184. Don't forget insidious.

  185. Chris Anderson8:42 PM

    You're reminding me of my visit to the Thomas Jefferson estate. Display text indicates that one of his, uh, favored associates was named (IIRC) either Pompey or Caesar (and (one suspects) not by his mother). I was like, WTF? Is this supposed to be a Greco-Roman fetish compliment or were they naming 'em silly like dogs? It's both, for sure. Depressing as fuck.

  186. sigyn8:56 PM

    "I actually feel sorry for officials in Waco." Eh, I'm waiting for the ballistics reports. I'm not impressed with the 'weapons seized' which includes searches of cars in the parking lot. It's Texas, for fucks sake! You'd probably get a similar haul from the parking lot of a Shoney's at Sunday brunch.

    Full (partial) disclosure: My Problem With Authority may or may not have begun with a fat white guy with a badge stumbling out of a Crown Vic, but they weren't assuaged by a fat white guy stumbling off his Harley. Although the knives kept me quiet. Which was part of my point. Everybody wears a knife. It's just part of getting dressed in the morning.

  187. Bitter Scribe10:16 PM

    You show me a racist, and I'll show you someone who claims that he or she is "just telling the truth."

  188. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person10:54 PM

    Or Reince...

  189. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person10:57 PM

    Yeah, well, the Vets were Real Americans. At least the white ones. MLK's statue they could give a shit about.

  190. Tehanu10:59 PM

    The agonizing comes in having to listen to them talk.

  191. LA Julian11:12 PM

    Case in point, John C. Wright, leading literary luminary among the Sad Puppies. Everyone who reads his shouts of "Libel! You quoted me, damn your eyes!" understands exactly why his law practice failed.

  192. LA Julian11:12 PM

    Now imagine him watching Ex Machina...

  193. I don't think I knew Chuck Norris was that hairy.

  194. Jesus, that sucks.

    This may be relevant: http://www.salon.com/2003/09/15/repo_man/

  195. billcinsd11:23 PM

    No, I think he once rowed a boat ashore.

  196. billcinsd11:29 PM

    Is the Pope Uruguayan?

  197. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person11:44 PM

    I am a professor at Duke University. Every Asian student has a very
    simple old American first name that symbolizes their desire for

    Of course it does (though it may have also been a college requirement in China). The thing is, asshole, they came here voluntarily, and have no history of wholesale persecution by the white majority fucking with their heads. Or at least not nearly as much. Quite a few of them, though, may have parents with English names. Or, like a Chinese American I worked with in the '80s, a grandfather with one, who was more Texan than most white Texans. (Also a barbecuein' fool, trailer and all. No surprise, really, barbecue, like many other things, having been invented by the Chinese long before Westerners thought of it.)

    Also too, they're giving us American fumbletongues a break, pronounstificationally speaking, since Chinese phonemes can be a bit difficult for Bubba.

    Virtually every black has a strange new name that symbolizes their lack of desire for integration.

    Oh, bullshit. A lot of 'em do, though, and if you can't figure out why that is--hint, ain't many names less White Xian Majority than "Muhammed Ali" (alternate spelling "Fuck you, Honky")--then I wonder how much you paid for that professorship, because you're obviously too damn dumb to have earned it. Conservatives (and I don't care how "Left" this guy is supposed to be, that rant was written in fluent Racist Conservative) just seem to have a real problem letting other people and groups have their own names. If I were a sociologist (or anthropologist), I'd find that fascinating. As it is, "I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused"....