Friday, December 26, 2014


In attempting to inculcate young girls with his administration’s “War on Women” theme, Barack Obama made a point of making the central theme of the 2014 White House Science Fair last May the paucity of women in the sciences.
The author is William Bigelow and I am only recording his name so that when he advances in the conservative propaganda mill -- and he will, because anyone who would drag his tongue so eagerly through such a pool of shit as this will go far in that loathsome enterprise -- the world may remember what an asshole he is.

William Bigelow: See you on the Times OpEd page.

UPDATE. Yeah, I know it's a ridiculously puny subject; that's why I'm making a point of it. Once upon a time, Ross Douthat was just a freelance nut like Bigelow, and look how that turned out. For some samples of Douthat columns that were buried once he became an NYT big-bug, see here, herehere, and plenty more where that came from. Once Bigelow is thus promoted, expect him to be similarly coddled.

UPDATE 2. Oops, messed up the link to the story; fixed.


  1. Megalon2:18 AM

    Oh great. Now, on top of everything else, Obama has cooties! All the homosexual coke orgies and Caliphate establishing and surrendering to various foreign leaders was bad enough, but this is absolutely the LAST STRAW!

  2. nanute5:25 AM

    Word has it that he will be signing all future posts as Douche Bigelow.

  3. By Jove, I think he's got it! Bigelow most certainly has the "blame Obama" theme down cold--that's a pretty easy one to nail and the world is full-up with poseurs and dilettantes who do that all day long. What makes Bigelow's effort worthy of advancing him in the ranks is the tidy folding in of the right's favorite thing: Simply pointing out that something is a problem means that YOU are the problem. Here, Obama's pointing out that women are under-represented in STEM careers means that Obama is making war on women.

    Roy's right that Bigelow will go far. And I'm sure we'll be seeing more as Bigelow lies like a rug to move up the wingnut-welfare food chain.

  4. Twenty years ago, I said that very thing about a loudmouth the AM side of the house used to run in the wee-hours.

    Paul HarveyThat man grew out to become Lush Rimbaugh.

  5. In Orwellian fashion, their minders do not call it "lying"--it's Creative Truthing.

  6. And thus did the Tyrant Obama, on the day of his coronation, corrupt young white girls into believing a non-biblical worldview.

    After I stop puking, I'm going to demand my wingnut welfare check.

  7. Mr. Goatfucker Jones, Esq.8:35 AM

    Remember that time the most trusted name in news hired Erick Erickson? Good times, good times...

  8. I, for one, do not doubt Roy's wingnut-scouting skills.

  9. satch8:44 AM

    At this point, they don't even care if it's a lie, if it's told in service to The Faith.

  10. mortimer20008:46 AM

    Jesus. He's a keeper. He's got another one that repeats the perennial Obama doesn't go to church so how can he have a "Christmas" message? crap, without of course ever mentioning that St. Reagan never attended church but the Clintons went every week, etc. Some of this shit is so old it pre-dates Obama's 2008 election.

    And here's proof that you don't even have to wait for Bigelow to be promoted, because the shit factory that employs him has ralready eached Beltway-sanctioned news organization status:

    I'm Chuck Todd, and joining me to provide insight and analysis this morning are MSNBC's Chris Matthews, former Bush White House political director Sara Fagen, former Democratic governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, and Breitbart news columnist John Nolte.

  11. Tybalt8:55 AM

    The Douthat columns were fascinating, like the profusion of maggots on turning over a dead squirrel. Best moment was when he used his awesome powers of historical clairvoyance to argue that hey, Jesus might have told that one guy to sell all he owned and give it to the poor, but he didn't, you know, *really* mean it. Christology!

  12. And here I was expecting John "Dirty Harry" Nolte to replace Manohla Dargis as the NYT movie reviewer...

    You know, somehow the chances that CNN would employ David Bordwell or Glenn Kenny or even Anthony Lane to comment on the latest news out of Washington seem very slim. But as I've said for years, be a right-wing political pundit and you can comment on whatever you like.

  13. "I am the ghost of Douthats yet to come..." Spirit, speak! Must these shadows come to pass?

  14. coozledad9:08 AM

    Jesus might have told that one guy to sell all he owned and give it to the poor, but he didn't, you know, *really* mean it.

    This is what Jesus himself referred to as "the broker's corollary". It only means that in a truly free economy, liquidity must remain high enough that the poor,i.e. brokers, play a significant role in the distribution of assets.

  15. You should have known when it was revealed that he eats vegetables. There is no end to the perfidy of this man.

  16. satch9:10 AM

    The reason so many hacks come out of Breitbart's wingnut D-league is not because they're particularly talented, it's because the game is so easy.

  17. I want to go long on this comment and make a killing as its true value becomes apparent.

  18. LittlePig9:27 AM

    William Bigelow:tcot gigolo.

  19. bjkeefe10:11 AM

    Link to original, if anyone wants it:

  20. Ellis_Weiner10:19 AM

    Cf. Megan McArdle: from "econoblogger" to opiner extraordinaire. Recipes, household appliances, Christmas gifts, political developments, ways to deal with school shooters--nothing human is alien to McMegan, or beyond her (godawful) abilities to evaluate.

  21. Ellis_Weiner10:22 AM

    "Lies like a rug"? I see what you did there. You know--as we all know--that a publication of wingnut chaff rates a Bigelow on the staff.

  22. petesh10:43 AM

    nothing human is alien to McMegan, for rather substantial values of nothing.

  23. "For some samples of Douthat columns that were buried once he became an NYT big-bug, see here, here, here, and plenty more where that came from."

    I would do anything for love, but I won't Douthat.

  24. I will short Coozledad's comment because I have inside information that the .01% will soon have ALL the money, thus leading to a complete loss of liquidity in the markets.

    At which time, they will decide that the only acceptable currency is human flesh.

  25. the perennial Obama doesn't go to church so how can he have a "Christmas" message? crap, without of course ever mentioning that St. Reagan never attended church but the Clintons went every week, etc.

    Or, as Bill Maher pointed out back in 2008: "Obama regularly attended a radical Christian church. Which proves he's a Muslim. John McCain has never gone to church. Which proves he's a Christian."

  26. Or is we simply state that EVERYTHING human is alien to McMegan

  27. Howlin Wolfe11:11 AM

    Too bad there's no video of Louie Prima doing this, because DLR totally ripped off from him.

  28. Frank McCormick11:44 AM

    I can't wait until Bigelow catches up with current events and discusses the president's sorting of toys by sex for Toys-for-Tots

  29. I thought the flathead SKREEEE was that he was WEARING! A! TIARA! in contravention of, um, something or other, argle bargle you know the drill.

    Look at those kids, though! How could you NOT wear a tiara for those young ladies, if they asked you to?

  30. if anyone wants it


  31. the only acceptable currency is human flesh

    And you wondered why they call it "Human Resources"?

  32. Gotta trust the professionals.

  33. Damn! That's the third keyboard I've sprayed down this year!

  34. I'm William Bigelow, and everywhere I go
    People know the part I'm shartin'
    Writing words of shit, Breitbart's full of it
    Ooooh, what I'm a part in
    There'll come a day, all the brain cells pass away
    What will they say about me?
    When the end comes they'll know, Walter Bigelow
    Mangoes rot without me

  35. Giant Monster Gamera12:01 PM

    It's too early to start drinking.

  36. Don't get me started on my nightmare memories of Wal-Mart and their fabulously segregated Toy Department, complete with the Pink Wall Of Hell that was Barbie.

  37. "Days like today are a reminder that contemporary Western civilization is very, very, very fortunate in its enemies."

  38. Something tells me Roy may have had a reason for not linking it.

  39. Because it's a CROWN! He thinks he's the fucking KING! The girls are just a distraction.

  40. I've got something to say that might cause you pain
    If I catch you talking to that boy again
    I'm going to let you down and leave you flat
    Because I've told you before: You can't Douthat.

  41. In the spirit of the season I had to put my oar in over there, and in that same spirit I was rewarded with a textbook piece of irony.

    I'm warm and tingly for the first time this holiday season.


  43. Google knows everything.

  44. susanoftexas1:28 PM

    And now movies. You may think that America is racist instead of exceptional but you are wrong and America is not racist because everyone else is racist too.
    Her proof was that The Equalizer made less money abroad than Iron Man 3 and less abroad than in America. Then she admitted that of course the latter will make more than the former but it doesn't matter because " it's not implausible, either; we tend to think of racism as an American problem when in fact it's a quite human problem that's found all over the world."

    The Equalizer made 100 million here and 90 million abroad but facts just screw up a good story so fuck 'em. Working just gets in the way of living one's life, doesn't it?

  45. The girls are just a distraction.

    Isn't this what The Derb would have written if he was still employed at NRO? (Wasn't he the one who would wax ineloquent on the wonders of ogling under-age girls? Or am I thinking of one of the other social misfits over there?)

  46. Did her calculator come down with gastritis again?

  47. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person1:39 PM

    Soylent Greenbacks?

  48. Matt Jones1:39 PM


  49. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person1:42 PM

    Yez wanna welfare check? Here ya go...

    Hey, how yez doin'?

    Cash that, heh.
    And happy Exchange day!

  50. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person1:45 PM

    This is your Liberal Media, America. Cherish it...

  51. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person1:51 PM

    Reagan never attended church but the Clintons went every week, etc.

    Reagan also dabbled in the Occult, which is a Go Directly To Hell card for just about any fundamentalist. Unless you're Saint Ronnie. Ans said fundies wonder why all they get from us is an eyeroll and dismissive wave...

  52. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person1:52 PM

    ♫You eat cheese
    You eat cheese and other things...♫

  53. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person1:59 PM

    That's him, Sparklepants J Tweenthrob Derbyshire Esq himself.

  54. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person2:00 PM

    If we have to do it for him...

  55. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person2:00 PM

    #douchebigelow Trend it up, kids!

  56. Ellis_Weiner2:05 PM

  57. Smarter than Your Average Bear2:28 PM

    OMG proof that Obama is Gay /s

  58. And let's not forget how much Nancy was into astrology, which is also a big no-no.

    But I guess among Christians you can't be saved unless you've sinned. So remember, kids: The more you sin, the more you save!

  59. Whatever happened to her book?

  60. What is really horrifying is that Erick-son-of-Eric is STILL AROUND. And held in esteem by.... someone, somewhere.

  61. Sadly, 'normal' people ignore the whole thing: "I don't pay attention to politics!" they say. Its understandable, but probably exactly what the 1% want them to do.

  62. By which time the story will have mutated into "the president's sorting of sex toys for Toys-for-Tots".

  63. geraldo nosebrawl3:10 PM

    Wow, you 've got "Hands Off Our White Women, Boy", "Obama's A Homo", "Girls Suck At Science!" and probably "Meddling Liberals" all in one photograph. Is there something one bigger than "trifecta"?

  64. Find two more and you'll win the daily PickSix.

  65. brettvk4:45 PM

    I respect the bloghost's experience and proven expertise in diagnosing malignant punditry in Stage 1.

  66. satch4:51 PM

    “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you”


  67. satch4:53 PM

    "An' they're WHITE, dammit! Git the rope, Buford!

  68. satch5:01 PM

    I just don't understand it... how could anyone not like watching Denzel Washington take out a bunch of greasy Russian gangsters with power tools and gardening implements?

  69. Why not? There are still lots of people who believe the Clintons decorated the White House Christmas tree with crack pipes and dildos.

  70. And that's the rest of the story.

  71. billcinsd5:28 PM

    Yes, political scientist Sheldon Wolin called it Managed Democracy or Inverted Totalitarianism from Wolin's book Democracy Incorporated

    Inverted totalitarianism reverses things. It is all politics all of the
    time but a politics largely untempered by the political. Party squabbles
    are occasionally on public display, and there is a frantic and
    continuous politics among factions of the party, interest groups,
    competing corporate powers, and rival media concerns. And there is, of
    course, the culminating moment of national elections when the attention
    of the nation is required to make a choice of personalities rather than a
    choice between alternatives. What is absent is the political, the
    commitment to finding where the common good lies amidst the welter of
    well-financed, highly organized, single-minded interests rabidly seeking
    governmental favors and overwhelming the practices of representative
    government and public administration by a sea of cash.

  72. billcinsd5:31 PM

    well the other context would be that he thinks he's a Princess, which goes along with the conservatives attempts to define all non-conservative-like-they-are-men to be effeminate

  73. billcinsd5:34 PM

    Benghazi and Obamacare could easily be worked in

  74. susanoftexas5:36 PM

    It's out and climbing the charts at :#38,477 in Amazon Books. It appears to be a rehash of her columns.
    The New York Times called it "epic fail." But in a nice way.

  75. drspittle6:30 PM

    I'll do anything that you want me to
    But I can't go Douthat
    No can do

  76. drspittle6:38 PM

    This is Chuckles Toddler's idea of being "edgy" and "shaking things up". I also read where he lost weight and got a fake tan.

  77. mgmonklewis6:51 PM

    Didn't Bill Simmons or another sports columnist invent a bowling term that was one better than a "turkey" (3 consecutive strikes) — a "ham bone"? Gentles all, we have ourselves a Wingnut Hambone.

  78. mgmonklewis6:54 PM

    the ghost of Douthats yet to come

    The first ghost who could take not only corporeal, but corpulent form.

  79. tigrismus7:58 PM


  80. Beautiful. I remember my parents watching Louie Prima just to enjoy Keely Smith looking appalled.

  81. montag28:22 PM

    If he were only held in esteem by the Red State Trike Force, no one would really care. But, this guy got his nose under the mainstream media tent, and that, apparently, like Bloody Billy and Pat Buchanan, means that he will be with us forever. Those are the rules.

  82. montag28:29 PM

    Which is pretty fucking appalling in itself.

  83. glennisw9:13 PM

    Yeah, I went to the link someone posted below and made the mistake of reading the comments. I shoulda known better.

  84. As he scoots away in the Volvo.

  85. Well said. Now I think I'll go slit my throat.

  86. StringOnAStick10:13 AM

    And he's starting seminary, so we'll soon be treated to the hate- and invective-filled screeds he produces, but with the extra Reverend sauce to give him added Jebus cred.

  87. montag210:19 AM

    Umm, didn't know that, but given his resume', I'm betting that he's mostly working toward tax-free status. With luck, in about ten years or so, he'll wind up in prison on the same charges as Jim Bakker.

  88. StringOnAStick12:17 PM

    From earlier this year, via TheBlaze (I feel dirty for going there, but accurate information is a harsh mistress):
    "Conservative commentator Erick Erickson announced Wednesday that he’s planning to enter seminary, a decision that came after he felt “strongly called” to more deeply study Christian theology.

    '“I have put off the idea of going to seminary each time it has popped into my head. But in the last few months have felt more strongly convicted than ever,” he wrote. “So I applied. Yesterday, the Reformed Theological Seminary’s Atlanta campus accepted me as a student and I will begin work on my Masters in Biblical Studies.”

    "Erickson asked readers’ for prayers and also explained why he’s been writing more about faith lately — something that he said helps him put things into perspective.

    "“I spend my day being told in equal parts how awesome I am and how awful I am. I get told I need to do bigger and better things and I should be murdered on a near daily basis,” Erickson said. “I find myself often surrounded by people and things that would pull me more into the World and away from God.”

    "He admitted that he might not complete the degree, but he said he felt that pursuing it is a necessity, as he wants to better understand Christian themes.

    "Erickson doesn’t plan to leave his responsibilities at RedState, nor does he plan to cease appearances on radio and television, despite taking on these studies.

    "“My conscience has convicted me that I need a greater education in these matters of faith I find myself more often discussing,” Erickson concluded."
    I tried to find the quote from him about how he plans to mix politics and religion (quell surprise!), but I did find that he is subing for Limbaugh right around now so obviously seminary is not making him into any nicer of a person. If anything, he'll just be better armed and more tightly wrapped in the flag and carrying a bigger cross.

  89. montag212:22 PM

    “My conscience has convicted m

    Would that that were true....

  90. bourbaki12:31 PM

    Dude don't you remember that time Obama bowled a 37 (back in halcyon days of '08)? I seem to recall the usual suspects making hay about (for instance).

    I swear if there is a thing, then there is some wingnut on the internet using it to bash Obama. We could call it rule 37 (though I guess that's already taken).

  91. Giant Monster Gamera1:30 PM

    I'm sure they responded to the photo the same as they would have to a similar one of them with their own daughters.

    [looks at comments]

    Oh, wait....

  92. marindenver3:52 PM

    My conservative Republican parents side-stepped their cognitive dissonance by muttering "something, something, Hollywood, something".

  93. Musical accompaniment

  94. AGoodQuestion4:55 PM

    All do respect, sir, you're kind of burying the lede on Bill Bigelow, hard right gigolo. Look at his other posts for Breitbart. The real reason he'll go far, given his takes on Kobe, Ferguson, et al, is his willingness to put Certain People in their place. An appetite for ooga booga destruction, if you will.

  95. AGoodQuestion4:58 PM

    Getting back to gocart mozart's Meat Loaf theme, now I'm waiting for the end of time so I can end my time with Erick.

  96. AGoodQuestion5:01 PM

    You earned it as soon as you got to "corrupt young white girls".

  97. AGoodQuestion5:05 PM

    nothing human is alien to McMegan
    Except everything.

  98. AGoodQuestion5:11 PM

    That is fucking beyond stupid. Left out is the fact that Iron Man has more global currency than The Equalizer because it's easier to translate a comic than do a convincing dub on an old Edward Woodward TV show. Or that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury and made insane amounts of money overseas. This isn't not seeing the forest for the trees. It's staring at a forest for three hours and saying "Um, it's a desert, right?"

  99. AGoodQuestion5:11 PM

    Only the call girls need pretend to care.

  100. redoubtagain5:12 PM

    Reformed Theological Seminary also has a Korean-language program; I'll be interested to see how he interacts if at all with said students.

    (I also expect he did this to upgrade his Klan status, but I digress.)

  101. . . . and carrying a bigger cross.

    Which he will nail himself to at every opportunity.

  102. susanoftexas10:36 PM

    That post was outrageously stupid. How stupid do you have to be to say that yeah, the facts prove you wrong but you must be right anyway because gut check? It just makes sense to think that everyone else is as racist as she is, so the facts can't be right.
    Obviously her readers don't care--they saw the word race and immediately began telling each other how liberals are racist because they don't admit Blacks are inferior to Whites.

  103. freq flag10:48 PM

    No wood for you!

  104. freq flag10:57 PM

    the facts prove you wrong but you must be right anyway because gut check?

    Hey, it worked for W for an entire presidency. The corporate-owned media are hopelessly in love with the concept.

  105. freq flag11:08 PM

    It's out and climbing...

    Quick, call an exterminator!

    in a nice way
    Heh...but the best part was that the reviewer was referring to it as a self-help book.

  106. freq flag11:14 PM

    Soylent Green Mangoes...

    Do. Not. Want.
    (Roy must have built up some sort of immunity.)

  107. freq flag11:15 PM

    The cowbell is pitch-perfect.

  108. freq flag11:18 PM

    The President is near!
    (always a crowd-pleaser in some sections of the Confederacy country.

  109. montag212:09 AM

    Hell, everybody's busy nailing Bigelow to a cross of his own making, and I'm still trying to figure out the "BREITBART LONDON" bit on the banner.

    What.The.Fuck.Is.That? Have they actually found a Brit with so little schooling and so little self-respect that he'd write for them? Were they just envious that NRO has Charles C.W. Cooke? Has brightfart established a relationship with the BNP? Republishing arrangement with one of Ruprecht Murdoch's tabloid rags?

    "Wherever there are leaping, screaming protofascists, breitbart will be there, urging them on to ever greater dickitude."

  110. TGuerrant1:29 AM

    If he'd had a proper upbringing he'd never, NEVER, wear a tiara without a sash. NEVER.

  111. TGuerrant1:44 AM

    Several of the commenters accuse Obama of racism for including only white girls in the picture, while another says that if he were the father of the white child Obama's touching, the president would now be dead. Perhaps the conservatives have managed to erect a big tent after all!

  112. UnsaltedSinner4:37 AM

    As I read this, I heard "When a Child Is Born" with Johnny Mathis in my mind.

  113. who really is William Bigelow ?

    Tour du lich Singapore

  114. cleter10:06 AM


  115. cleter10:09 AM

    To be honest, that Barbie aisle isn't about sorting toys by gender. It's "this aisle is sponsored by Mattel." It's a product placement.

  116. "Quick Henry, the Flit!"

  117. After Googling "Barbie aisle," I see what you mean:

  118. StringOnAStick12:24 PM

    "Convicted"? Funny, I copied the text directly fromTheDaze; Freudian perhaps?

  119. RogerAiles2:45 PM

    Christ never told me not to remove Douthat's balls with a rusty soup can and shove them down Douthat's throat.

    I'm beginning to warm to Douthatology.

  120. Well, technically, they're vests, but...


  121. realinterrobang4:02 PM

    Nah, that's straight-up fundamentalist-Christian-speak. It means he became convinced (got a conviction, in the non-legal sense, alas) to do something. He's code-switching for the new base already, I see.

  122. realinterrobang4:03 PM

    I bet they're a force involved with trying to infiltrate N. Korea; lotta evangelical Christers are bigtime trying to conquer N. Korea for Jebuz.

  123. susanoftexas4:17 PM

    It's so useful.
    This "we're all racist" excuse for racism on the right is refreshing. At least they are admitting it now, and maybe in time we will be able to get them to realize that no, we are not all racist. They are.
    McArdle wrote about The Bell Curve. She said that she would need to read it again to make up her mind if it was accurate and different races have different IQs. She seemed to think that her position was perfectly reasonable. It did not occur to her that the theory was quite obviously wrong. She was not revolted by the arrogant bigotry and pathetic assumptions of undeserved superiority.

  124. Have they actually found a Brit with so little schooling and so little self-respect that he'd write for them?

    Have you ever seen The Daily Mail?

  125. cleter4:58 PM


  126. realinterrobang5:13 PM

    I'm tired. I just read "sex Toys for Tots."

  127. realinterrobang5:14 PM

    I see I wasn't the first person to think that, but I plead exhaustion, not presumption of malice.

  128. realinterrobang5:27 PM

    Nothin' green about those mangoes. They're so rotten I can smell 'em from here.

  129. smut clyde5:31 PM

    we tend to think of racism as an American problem
    Do we? The sequence seems to go like this:

    1. Make stupid mistake ("Racism is exclusively American").
    2. Claim that everyone else has made the same mistake.
    3. Recognise the mistake on everyone else's behalf.
    4. ????
    5. America is therefore NOT RACIST.

  130. It's de facto sorting by gender, because no "properly gender trained" 10 year old boy's going to pass the pink force field around that monstrosity, particularly if his parental units are the sort who shop at Wal-Monster..

  131. tigrismus7:05 PM

    Tuckered out and thinking about sex toys? Sounds like SOMEbody has been getting some use out of their stocking and I do mean stuffer...

  132. susanoftexas7:08 PM

    4. American Exceptionalism!!

  133. StringOnAStick7:15 PM

    Ah, fundy-speak. I should have known.

  134. YNWA405157:19 PM

    "'He admitted that he might not complete the degree[. . .]'"

    What the fuck? It's not a doctorate in theoretical physics, it's Jesus-ology. Anyone with a bible, decent typing skills (for the bullshit "Masters'" "Thesis" I'm presuming will have to be written at some point) and an ability to seem sincere while spouting complete rubbish could finish that degree. There are apathetic Art History undergrads on the fast-track to catastrophic liver failure who will have to do several orders of magnitude more work just to maintain a 2.1 GPA.

    Fuck this guy. He might as well just come right out and say he's just gonna half-ass it, and expect that will do And it will, considering his audience, but why not just have someone at Bob Jones or Liberty give him an honorary doctorate, and drop any pretense of even half-assing it? The gravy train will keep right on rolling as long as he keeps fanning the flames of conservative rage over anything liberals might do or say.

    Maybe there will be some sort of ancient language requirement, but we're not exactly talking about the Jesuits or some other group who cares about students actually learning something of substance. And I'm guessing the faculty are likely to be the sorts that this fuckwit is referencing when he says "I spend my day being told [. . .] how awesome I am," so I'm sure they'll waive any requirement to complete any course work that might require any real effort. And of course they'll be happy to let him skip any classes taught by any instructors who might be inclined to think the Sermon on the Mount (and similar aberrations that might be interpreted as being suspiciously humane or compassionate) was anything more than just sock-puppet theatre for the limp-wristed libtard cohort of first century Palestine.

  135. YNWA405157:33 PM

    If you think of hippie-punching as the 20th century equivalent of a papal indulgence, it makes more sense. And St. Ronnie did enough hippie punching that he could shrug off pretty much any deviation from conservative orthodoxy. His supplicants would probably even agree to look the other way even in the event of the proverbial "dead girl/live boy" kind of situation, so long as he gave 'em another heartfelt rendition of the old "Tarzan/Jane/Cheetah" zinger.

  136. billcinsd7:41 PM

    he's just gonna half-ass it

    I believe that is called a McArdle -- and not after former Annie actress Andrea McArdle

  137. Halloween_Jack10:17 AM

    a Brit with so little schooling and so little self-respect

    I was going to say "see also: Sullivan, A.", but fuck me Agnes, he's an Oxonian. Which shows you how much of a guarantee good schooling is.

  138. Halloween_Jack10:21 AM

  139. Halloween_Jack10:28 AM

    I, for one, wish to welcome our new cookie-selling overladies.