Monday, June 02, 2014


Conservatives have had such a hard-on for Lena Dunham over the years that I've gotten not one but two Voice columns out of it. I'll never want for material, it seems; at National Review, Quin Hillyer ejaculates this under a big picture of Dunham:
If girls act like Lena Dunham’s character on Girls, they are sluts.
Hillyer's not just hard for Dunham, though, or even for women. This is one of those yeah I'm politically incorrect so what you pussies articles conservatives sometimes put up to feel butch. But it seems like it's been a while since we've seen one; it certainly seems as if Hillyer's had his sackful stored up a long, long time, and does not have complete control of his apparatus. For example:
And yes, I did say “aliens.” That is the precise, and precisely accurate, word for illegal immigrants. We won’t let the language be denuded any further just because somebody’s feelings got hurt. We long ago lost the word “gay.” The Left is now expropriating the word “marriage.” Several years ago, somebody tried to take away the perfectly wonderful “niggardly.” Well, I’m sorry, but they can’t have “alien,” too. And if Barack Obama happens to be miserly, then, well, he is niggardly, too.
 At National Review, no one suggests to your date it's maybe time to go home, apparently.

It's like he's reading slurs off fast-moving cue cards. Why is he straining so hard? Here's a hint:
Meanwhile, back to marriage: Many on the left say not only that the state should legally recognize just about any commitment somebody might decide to solemnize, but also that the state should penalize a private decision not to bake a cake or create a bouquet for a particular commitment ceremony. Now that should be grounds for civil disobedience. Hundreds or thousands of people should stand in solidarity with the baker. 
Except Hillyer can't get hundreds or thousands of people to do this, not because we live under Liberal Fascism, but because even relatively apolitical people would look at his rant and recognize he's not making a point about liberty, but just being an asshole. The politically incorrect bit can be fun once in a while, but it gets old fast -- and these guys have been at it for decades. (When was the last time you pulled down the P.J. O'Rourke and had a laugh about how bad the poor smell?) I think Hillyer must know the squares won't get it, and so sprays his spoor as a signaling device for such Republican Party Reptiles as are still around. There may not be as many of them as there once were, but at least they get his jokes.


  1. Jon Hendry11:36 PM

    "This is one of those yeah I'm politically correct"

    *in*correct, surely?

  2. edroso11:42 PM

    Thank God someone reads these things. Thanks, fixed.

  3. Jeezus, Roy, you need to block those metaphors and images. Between the premature ejaculation jokes and the reptile spoor spraying imagery I'm feeling kind of sick.

  4. Ten bucks says that inside of three months, that column shows up in one of your inboxes attributed to George Carlin.

    Yes, even though the references are all too current.

  5. Except Hillyer can't get hundreds or thousands of people to do this, not
    because we live under Liberal Fascism, but because even relatively
    apolitical people would look at his rant and recognize he's not making a
    point about liberty, but just being an asshole.

    Really. Do they honestly somehow think they have the talent to use words to construct asshole camouflage? 'Cause for FREE, man, I can tell them... it's just not working.

  6. trizzlor12:14 AM

    Hundreds or thousands of people should stand in solidarity with the baker.

    Between this and the in-your-face open carry fiasco I'm sure glad these guys don't care much about the 1st Amendment, or else they'd be running around yelling ethnic slurs at people to show how sacred it is.

    Indeed, the top comment on the article urges conservatives to stage Westboro Baptist style pickets at gay marriages and "ruin their special day" ... because that worked out so well.

  7. TGuerrant12:37 AM

    Not only have I expropriated the word "smegmatic™," I have trademarked it and will be selling a line of t-shirts featuring that word and an image some, to their dismay, may find evocative of Quin Hillyer.

  8. Chairman Pao12:40 AM

    From his candidate website:

    'While I gained respect around the country for my writing, my roots are in political activism. The Reagan administration appointed me to serve our veterans at the VA for my first job out of college, and I served at the highest staff levels of Congress during the first and best two of the Gingrich years, when the committee I worked on successfully laid the groundwork for the first balanced budget in three decades, and cut $50 billion in actual dollars.'

    In other words: Without me you're nothing. Nothing but sluts.

  9. Jeffrey_Kramer12:40 AM

    And if Barack Obama happens to be miserly, well, then, he is niggardly too.

    "And I will go on SNIGGERING at him. Did you hear me SNIGGER? I know it isn't politically correct, but SNIGGER, SNIGGER, SNIGGER."

  10. AGoodQuestion1:24 AM

    So what's the deal here? Anyone who writes a rambling anti-bitchez manifesto and doesn't have their name on a police blotter within 48 hours automatically gets it posted on NRO?

  11. AGoodQuestion1:30 AM

    "It’s also not racist to insist on photo IDs for voting. And it certainly isn’t discriminatory."
    He makes this alleged point in a column which seems to be railing against the curtailment of freedom. That's the mindboggling part.

  12. AGoodQuestion1:33 AM

    That should piss Carlin off enough that he rises from the grave and starts eating brains. Hey, I'll take whatever kind of comeback I can get.

  13. We need hundreds of thousands to stand in solidarity with the peepshow house janitor.

  14. Kordo3:25 AM

    Fuckin' A...

  15. Kordo3:33 AM

    Best explanation of the NRO editorial policy I've heard yet. That, or refrigerator-magnet word jumbles. They might have a bunker somewhere, with a million chimps chained to a million laptops, but somehow I just don't see them putting in that kind of effort. Besides, I have a feeling the chimps would occasionally produce something original...

  16. "...the state should legally recognize just about any commitment somebody might decide to solemnize…"

    I initially read that as "sodomize" and thought he might be onto something.

  17. miliukov4:21 AM

    Roy -- I just don't know how the hell you do this, day in and day out. I hope Soros is giving you double-overtime combat pay.

  18. Donalbain4:21 AM

    Hang on. If Obama is being miserly... I thought that the problem was that Obama was spending too much money. That is a long way to go just to call Obama something that sounds like "nigger".

  19. Penniless Moocher4:24 AM

    I would like to gay-marry this comment and each of its replies. That's right; first gay marriage, now polygamy, bitches!

  20. Another Kiwi4:56 AM

    You know who else (apart from the enigmatic "someone") tried to take away niggardly The Derb, man!!John Derbyshire wrote that although he loved to use words that are sometimes
    considered obscure, he would not use the word among black people,
    especially among less-educated black people, out of politeness and to
    avoid causing someone to feel uncomfortable, regardless of any
    non-racial meanings he would intend.

  21. Derelict5:44 AM

    We'll stop calling conservatives racists when they stop saying and doing racist things.

    We'll stop calling out the conservative war on women when they stop saying and doing misogynist things.

    Nation Review: Unable to distinguish between people pointing at them and talking because NR just did something interesting, and people pointing and talking because the publication once again dropped its pants in public.

  22. Gee, another government teat-sucker. I'm shocked.

  23. Derelict6:09 AM

    They've been straining themselves for the last six years over this. I guess it's like holding in flatulence--sooner or later the pressure becomes too great. How long before someone really prominent cracks and just calls Obama a ni**er in print or on the air?

  24. Derelict6:15 AM

    This is all because Obama is "The One." He brings all into his being.

    He is miserly, yet profligate.
    He is creating the supercaliphate using superior mind control, yet cannot speak without a teleprompter.
    He's taking away everyone's guns by not doing anything about gun control.
    He's increasing the deficit while making it shrink too quickly.

    He's the schmoo of conservative bogeymen.

  25. Derelict6:20 AM

    Well, considering Teh Derb avoids Black people as much as he can, this shouldn't have been a real imposition on him. But I have a hard time believing he restrained himself "out of politeness." The someone he wanted to not be uncomfortable was himself--and I think "uncomfortable" in this usage actually translates as " . . . to avoid getting his ass kicked."

  26. Quin Hillyer: If you want a vision of his daily life, imagine liberals pissing in his Wheaties--forever.

  27. And you'll never guess the punchline!

    Humourless Black Lesbian Liberals don't laugh at my material because they need to loosen up. If you know what I mean. [Hip thrusty motions.]


  28. I want to spend the afternoon watching Soul Train reruns with this comment.

  29. anonymouse6:33 AM

    First they refused to patronise the businesses of homophobic, bigoted assholes, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a homophobic bigoted asshole.

    Then they gently poked fun at obscenely wealthy plutocrats who flense poor people for their wealth like Cape Cod whalers of antiquity, and I did not speak out — Because I was not an obscenely wealthy plutocrat who flenses poor people for their wealth.

    Then they mildly criticised the ruling class' tame media lickspittles and court jesters, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a tame media lickspittle or a court jester.

    Then they came for me — and there were actually lots of people left to speak for me because of Koch funding. According to them, I think that the world is best left to people with the decency of a starving wolf in a hospital nursery. Freedom is indeed red in tooth and claw.

  30. Bethany Spencer6:35 AM

    I'm too busy standing in solidarity with the candlestick-maker.

  31. Freedom is a limited resource meant for white men (provided they're Christian and straight).

    If you let other people have access to it, we might run out and Obama will take their guns and make them have sex with turtles. That's why it is a curtailment of Freedom to give minorities unchallenged access to the voting booth.

  32. Bethany Spencer6:39 AM

    Derpy is nothing if not polite. Why, he's the most polite racist I know.

  33. anonymouse6:42 AM

    Calling black people nigger is meant to shock other white people. Never in my life have I or any other person of colour been shocked by the fact that some white people want to use it. We grow up with racism. It is an ever present, constant companion, and it's presence never surprises us.

  34. Dr Pretorius6:46 AM

    If anyone ever tells him about "Looking," God help whoever has to clean up the mess.

  35. Well, they are bullies, which are just cowards with anger issues.

    Must be why they also don't celebrate Open Carry at the Bank Day.

  36. Derelict7:30 AM

    Oh, they've already pushed open carry into airports. See Georgia's latest law that allows you to open carry into airports, banks, bars, and just about everywhere else.

    I'd speculate that it's going to take a mass shootout with lots of casualties to get the country to stop cowering before the NRA. But the evidence currently available suggests that there is no number of dead toddlers that does not provoke the "wee need moar gunz!!!!1!" response.

  37. Derelict7:33 AM

    HBLLs are the real homophobic misogynist racists!

  38. Derelict7:34 AM

    Read his entire rant and you'll realize it's your brain that's been sodomized.

  39. smut clyde7:39 AM

    And yes, I did say “aliens.” That is the precise, and precisely accurate, word for illegal immigrants.What tosh. An 'alien' is "a person in a country who is not a citizen of that country" -- nothing there about illegality, or even about immigration. At times I am tempted to think that you can judge the untruthfulness of any claim made by a conservative, by the effort he makes to assure you of its accuracy.

    What kind of non-English-speaking numpty would write "precisely accurate"? What in the name of buggery was this guy's native language?

  40. smut clyde7:45 AM

    And now I think of it... since Hillyer is all hung up on precise legal definitions, it might be worth reminding him that when he chooses to write "expropriating" he implies that the word "marriage" was previously private property which is now becoming part of the public domain. Is this supposed to be a bad thing?

  41. mortimer20008:10 AM

    This Hillyer bit:
    If girls act like Lena Dunham’s character on Girls, they are sluts. Anybody with such a fetish for vile exhibitionism, and for public sex, is a slut. The boys whom the show’s main characters consort with... are scum.
    Even on a show on pay TV, their voyeuristic, shamelessly copulative behavior is intrusively vile.

    Reminds me so of this Robert Bork memoir:

    One evening at a hotel in New York I flipped around the television channels. Suddenly there on the public access channel was a voluptuous young woman, naked, her body oiled, writhing on the floor while fondling herself intimately…. I watched for some time–riveted by the sociological significance of it all.

    I'm guessing smart conservatives who go looking for sociological significance always bring plenty of Kleenex.

  42. Derelict8:19 AM

    And I guess the NRO paychecks are just the sliced bananas on top.

  43. Derelict8:35 AM

    In much the same way that Dreher spends so much time writing about homosexuality because he's just not that interested in it, so too do many conservatives spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about other people having sex: It's all academic to them.

  44. Derelict8:39 AM

    Ever since Jonah the Fail's attempted murder of English (by writing Liberal Fascism), the right has been trying to kill off meaning. That way "science" can mean the same thing as "opinion" and "religion." And "impeachable offense" can mean "Democrat in the White House."

  45. smut clyde8:41 AM

    While I gained respect around the country for my writing
    Another person mistakes "recognition" for "respect".

  46. "Precisely accurate" is just a smidgeon less accurate than "extremely precisely accurate," S.C.

  47. Dr. Hunky Jimpjorps9:09 AM

    Kids love skirting the taboos of language: "you're such a homo.... sapiens", "your epidermis is showing", "all I called you was a bundle of sticks". Most kids grow out of it, but Hillyer made it his credo, apparently.

  48. This is literally the only reason that conservatives give a shit about the word "niggardly."

  49. It's amazing how quickly Hillyer whips between sounding like a 19-year-old frat boy and sounding like a geriatric old fogey.

  50. Smarter than Your Average Bear9:30 AM

    The moment he's no longer in office

  51. Halloween_Jack9:31 AM

    As I said over there: Somewhere in Mr. Hilyer's past, there is an overly-stern mother holding a bar of soap with tooth marks in it.

  52. Halloween_Jack9:36 AM

    Oh, and:

    (When was the last time you pulled down the P.J. O'Rourke and had a laugh about how bad the poor smell?)

    Pretty much never. He was OK when he was just another toiler at National Lampoon--well, given that I was a teenager when I read it and hadn't yet understood the concept of "rape culture"--but when he did his "Republican Party Reptile" shtick, I recognized it as an attempt at rebranding, even though I hadn't yet read or heard the term.

  53. Halloween_Jack9:37 AM

    I watched for some time–riveted by the sociological significance of it all.

    Jesus H. Presley on a blue-suede cross, that may be the funniest thing I read all week.

  54. Made with the world-famous Shmaltzberg candle-fat, I suppose?

  55. Sometimes the jokes literally do write themselves.

  56. Brian Schlosser9:40 AM

    For some reason, I'm reminded of my small nieces and nephews who like to curse in front of adults just to get a reaction.

  57. This has been making the rounds lately. You have to wonder if people like him actually know any real liberals.

  58. L Bob Rife9:51 AM

    Just wait for the Freedom of Retail Conscience Act of 2015 that lets you refuse to bake a gay wedding cake if you can prove you never wished anyone a "Happy Holidays".

  59. Ellis_Weiner10:00 AM

    "We long ago lost the word 'gay.'”

    Tell me about it. And what about "hopefully"? Plus "mouse"--we're not allowed to talk intelligently about rodents any more, because the liberal-dominated academy has allowed that once-beautiful term to be commonly associated with computers.

  60. Polycommentary is not just biblical--its talmudic.

  61. philadelphialawyer10:07 AM

    Sure, the "freedom" of white politicians to suppress the Black vote without being accused of racism or discrimination! What more important freedom can there be than that!

  62. and it's presence never surprises us.

    "Oh, my God, Quin. You mean you're actually a racist, misogynist, homophobic little shit?"
    --No one non-sarcastically, ever

  63. Uprating for schmoo. Which i actually remember.

  64. Sadly, it wasn't a joke.

  65. I watched for some time–riveted by the sociological significance of it all.

    Years ago, I was the involuntary recipient of a screed from one of the "Keep America Looking Like Leave it to Beaver (Not Like That, You Pervs)" groups. The author was justifying a hotel chain boycott because of their smut by describing in ... discreet terms the filth he was subjected to on his hotel television. I, uh, was able to identify the film in question from his clues, and thereby determine that he apparently watched it all the way to the end (or kept checking back in, which works too). Ah, the sacrifices these noble souls make for Jesus.

  66. Well, to be fair, as an election judge, I prey on older white women, asking them for ID and if the carpet don't match the curtains, I mean the married name don't match the Voter Registration (even if they've been voting there for 39 years), I say "Oops! Sorry! You can't vote!". Plus, they're invariably gonna 'waste' their vote for an R in a very D city, so really, I'm just saving them from themselves, the poor dears...

    Actually, no, I don't do that, because I'm not an anti-American crotch fungus who's life goal is to let no one who doesn't vote exactly like me vote (maintaining they're MORE about 'freedom', even as they act like they'd be happy as a clam living in a 1970's South American Junta).

  67. Ellis_Weiner10:21 AM

    ...if, by "recognition," you mean "eyeballs."

  68. Those aren't eyeballs.

  69. JennOfArk10:23 AM

    I was gonna go in another direction: a guy who supports a party which has destroyed the meanings of so many words and phrases, including but not limited to "death tax" to replace "estate tax," "liberal" to replace "pervert," or "depraved individual," "reform" to replace "rape", etc etc etc, is in no fucking position to be bitching about anyone else's destruction of the language.

  70. JennOfArk10:37 AM he's taking credit for the 1993 Clinton budget package, which passed without a single Republican vote? Because that's what balanced the budget. None of the dick-stroking he and Gingrich did over the next 5 years would have brought the budget into balance without the revenue raised in Clinton's '93 budget, which of course the 'pukes in Congress all voted against because it unfairly asked rich people to pay 3 or 4% more on income over $200K or something. In fact, here are some actual, real-time quotes about how the "biggest tax increase in history" would destroy the US economy, Godzilla-style:

    Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-GA), February 2, 1993: We have all too many people in the Democratic administration who are talking about bigger Government, bigger bureaucracy, more programs, and higher taxes. I believe that that will in fact kill the current recovery and put us back in a recession. It might take 1 1/2 or 2 years, but it will happen. (Congressional Record, 1993,Thomas)

    Rep. Bill Archer (R-TX), May 24, 1993: I would much rather be here today supporting the President and I would do so if his proposals could expect to increase jobs and the standard of living for Americans, but I believe his massive tax increases will do just the opposite. (Congressional Record, 1993, Thomas)

    Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-GA), July 13, 1993: Small businesses generate the bulk of this Nation’s new jobs. And they will be the hardest hit by the Clinton tax-and-spend budget. Because, when you raise taxes, you kill jobs. (Congressional Record, 1993, Thomas)

    Rep. Christopher Cox (R-CA), May, 27, 1993: This is really the Dr. Kevorkian plan for our economy. It will kill jobs, kill businesses, and yes, kill even the higher tax revenues that these suicidal tax increasers hope to gain.(Congressional Record, 1993, Page: H2949)

    Of course, this was the budget/tax increase that preceded the largest peace-time expansion of the US economy in history, but why let a few little inconvenient facts get in the way?

    IOW, Quinn Hillyer - not just a misogynist, homophobic racist, but a big fucking liar as well. Whodathunk?

  71. JennOfArk10:39 AM

    "Smegmatic;&trade" would be a really good brand name for dildoguns.

  72. LittlePig10:46 AM

    The Second Coming: Boy Are You Gonna Be Surprised

  73. whetstone10:50 AM

    I have to admit I still find some P.J. O'Rourke--circa, say, Parliament of Whores--pretty funny sometimes. And he could not be a dick; his piece about shadowing a Representative was genuinely empathetic towards the essential impossibility of the job. When he's punching up--tearing apart Lee Iacocca's biography, say--he has enough fun with prose to be fun.

  74. Derelict10:53 AM

    But the liberals in their heads are so much more fun than the ones in real life. Especially when it comes to schooling liberals at cocktail parties, the ones in their heads are ALWAYS much better than actual thinking humans.

  75. Halloween_Jack10:53 AM

    Well, he's not bad on Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me either; at least, he doesn't stand out on a show that seems a bit too pleased with itself.

  76. Derelict10:54 AM

    Kinda gives new meaning to "I sing of arms and the man . . ."

  77. Derelict10:55 AM

    Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me, or Smugfest as a friend of mine calls it.

  78. whetstone10:56 AM

    sluts... vile exhibitionism... slut... scum... shamelessly copulative

    That's funny, because I happen to have Travis Bickle right here.

    Listen, you fuckers, you screwheads. Here is a man who would not take it
    anymore. A man who stood up against the scum, the cunts, the dogs, the
    filth, the shit. Here is a man who stood up.

  79. whetstone11:00 AM

    Kevin Williamson's recent screed ("Laverne Cox is Not a Woman") got picked up by one of my local papers. I'm convinced that the easiest way to get published as a writer is to write some crude, hostile, "politically incorrect" crayon scribble. Someone will publish it.

  80. LittlePig11:01 AM

    I really doubt it. It would have to be a New Town a day for three months just to get in the ballpark.

    All these guys think they are exceptional. I heard one asshole saying on NPR if someone at the sorority house had been armed, then Rodgers could have been stopped. I always wonder, "Dude, have you ever been in that situation? It's not a movie, and it is not always obvious who the bad guy is" (Say someone was struggling with Rodgers and was winning at that moment. Who gets shot?)

    Yet every one of these movie-heroes-in-their-own-minds know that THEY would save the day, that their masterful tactical understanding would instantly identify the bad guy and stop him. Horseshit. Real life don't work that way.

    There will never be enough mass shootings. Maybe when enough crazy olds die off sanity can prevail. But it will never prevail by body count alone.

  81. And let's throw THIS in, too: government SHOULD pay for insurance, birth control included, and FUCK the joyless puritanical assholes who would never stop sniveling about it. Shitheads.

  82. Derelict11:08 AM

    Sadly, all too true. More sadly, I'm not so sure about the olds being the main base of this lunacy. I know plenty of younger types (25 - 50 years old) who are just as het up about their Second Amendment rights.

    And the whole idea that the fog of war doesn't apply to any of these meatheads, well, they've obviously never been in a situation that's sudden, fast-moving, violent, and loud. You can play COD all you want, but the snap of a bullet zipping past your ear produces an amazing tunnel vision that tends to shut out much of what's going on around you.

  83. mgmonklewis11:09 AM

    Wait, wait, wait: The Left™ expropriated the word "marriage"? When did this happen? Not only does the word no longer mean "two people united in matrimony," it is now under lock and key somewhere? Is it stored in a bunker with the Ark of the Covenant?

    Regarding his childish a**holery about "niggardly," people rarely use it anymore because 1) it's old-fashioned, and 2) people might mis-hear or misunderstand you and think you're a racist a**hole. Neither thing is very effective if you're trying to make a point in speech or writing — unless, of course, your whole point is to be a racist a**hole.

  84. Derelict11:09 AM

    "Haunted by the idea that someone, somewhere, is having a good time."

  85. LittlePig11:12 AM

    The new Smegmatic™ Raper 3000! Available in both John Holmes and Ron Jeremy.

  86. Duncan11:13 AM

    As a pervert, I resent being called a liberal. There are depths to which even I would not sink. I am known for the sweetness of my disposition, but I warn you, Miss Cardew, you go too far.

  87. Mooser11:13 AM

    "has destroyed the meanings of so many words and phrases"

    It all started with "family". Once those conservative bastards got hold of "family", they went for the rest. If I remember, Reagen did that.

  88. dstatton11:14 AM

    Fuckin' A.

  89. dstatton11:14 AM

    Sorry, I didn't know you got there first!

  90. LittlePig11:16 AM

    "In the 50's, you could come right out and say 'Snigger, Snigger, Snigger!'. Later that got to be too much, so you have to say 'grin' or 'snort'. Then grin and snort are too much, and have you have to say things like 'bemused' or 'derisively scoffing'..."

  91. mgmonklewis11:17 AM

    And yet they claim to despise postmodernism and relativism. Once again, It's Always Projection.

  92. Mooser11:17 AM

    Yeah, except that the liberal in their heads is becoming the picture of a 'liberal' for a generation of young people.

  93. dstatton11:17 AM

    Me, too. Too bad Al Capp was, or became, such an asshole in the 60s.

  94. LittlePig11:18 AM

    Nah, someone's going to crack before the end of his term. My money's on Joe Wilson.

  95. dstatton11:18 AM

    He's Hitler! He's Chamberlain!

  96. LittlePig11:19 AM

    I'd like to give this comment an ice-cold bottle of Kick-A-Poo Joy Juice.

  97. DN Nation11:20 AM

    Good sex, good health. Just because these maladjusted freaks suck at it doesn't mean the rest of us should suffer.

  98. LittlePig11:20 AM

    Gotta be polite to attract 13 year old girls, ya know.

  99. dstatton11:21 AM

    Even on pay TV, it's intrusive. Classic. What happened to the free market? If you don't like it. don't watch it.

  100. Mooser11:21 AM

    If I read the stuff Roy does in a regular basis, I'd probably go back to the 'three R's'. I'd be asking myself "Razor, rope, or revolver?"

  101. LittlePig11:22 AM

    "he implies that the word "marriage" was previously private property"

    It was, the private property in question being the wife/wives.

  102. dstatton11:27 AM

    Did you see the video one of them took at a Chipotle? A waitress came up to them with her iPhone on video, saying "Texas retard! Jackass!" Got right into their faces.

  103. Mooser11:29 AM

    I gave all those language problems some long, hard thought. It took about two seconds, and I decided I had more than enough stuff to offend people with purposely, so maybe I could make a small effort not to offend or enrage people inadvertently. Problem solved.
    And it took even less time than that to decide I couldn't expect people to address me as I prefer to be addressed ("Hey there, you brown-eyed, handsome man!") if I didn't address them as they wished to be addressed.
    Took two seconds, years and years ago, and hasn't caused me a moment's problem since.
    And hasn't kept me from saying anything I wanted to say. In fact, you wouldn't to know it to look ata me, but I'm quite a garrulous fellow, in compatible company. A regular raccooner.

  104. tigrismus11:31 AM

    I watched for some time–riveted by the sociological significance of it all.

    Also the paucity and poor quality of hotel lotion.

    Also too, he has his fasteners mixed up.

  105. Rugosa11:32 AM

    Amazing, since "sniveling brat" describes perfectly the PJ O'Rourke who sometimes shows up on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.

  106. Mooser11:42 AM

    I could spend the entire afternoon watching this one. James Brown and the inimitable Damita Jo Freeman

  107. DN Nation11:47 AM

    The Georgia law assumes to override federal regulations w/r/t the TSA, too. Before, if you tried to go through the metal detectors packing heat, they'd automatically give you whatever the highest level of probing possible was. Now they're apparently supposed to just confiscate your weapon, promise to mail it to you, and apologize profusely for putting your FRDM in peril.

    Good luck enforcing that one, guys.

  108. DN Nation11:48 AM

    Oh! I should also note that the one place you still can't carry is....the state legislative house. Courage of their convictions, as always.

  109. sharculese11:52 AM

    The state of Virginia would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  110. Penniless Moocher11:53 AM

    I know, anything I could possibly say about PJ would be simply venting and preaching to the choir, but dammit, it feels good. And boy does it feel good to laugh at the caliber of smartitude on display in that quote. You know he's both super-duper intelleckshul and absolutely right because he could come up with no less than six adjectives to describe both spoiled children and liberals, right off the top of his head! Golly, I wish I was that smart.

    I mean, really. Spot-fucking-on description...of conservatives. Guy's projecting like a fuckin' Imax, in HD and 3D where available.

  111. sharculese11:54 AM

    I had someone say that he uses the c-word around me for that reason. My question was 'okay, but why do you want to shock me?'

  112. sharculese11:55 AM

    And even that's too charged now, which is why we say 'ironically upvoting'.

  113. Luckily for him (and us), he chooses the three H's: Ha, ha, and ha.

  114. glennisw12:00 PM

    Seriously, is outrage at Lena Dunham still a thing? That's so 2012.

  115. Derelict12:00 PM

    We grow up with racism. It is an ever present, constant companion, and it's presence never surprises us.

    Which, really, is something no white person in America can ever really understand. And that just makes all the Right's blithering about how racism is ended, or it's now something that only Black people engage in, all the more enraging.

  116. Do not shit me. I love that show.

  117. slavdude12:14 PM

    And what really annoys me is that the word "niggardly" has nothing whatsoever to do with the N-word. Different roots and all, but few people, right or left, seem to care about etymology anymore. Sigh.

  118. Brian Schlosser12:14 PM

    Here's another thing: "nigger" is a perfectly proper English word. Its a noun and an adjective, it has a definition and etymology. We dont use it, not because its not a proper word, but because its a fucking disgusting word, the vilest slur in our culture, with a history of vicious usage against an oppressed class.

    This whining about "not being allowed" to use "proper words" is so gaggingly tonedeaf, I have to conclude its willful ignorance. .

  119. JennOfArk12:21 PM

    It will always be a thing for them, because not only does Dunham not act like a woman is "supposed" to act, she doesn't look like a model or a movie star. How dare she show herself nude when she doesn't look like they think she should look!

  120. JennOfArk12:25 PM

    I'm kinda with you on the niggardly thing - it's a perfectly cromulent word which as you say has no relation to the N-word. Alas that the high level of illiteracy in the US makes its usage unacceptable.

  121. "Many on the left say not only that the state should legally recognize just about any commitment somebody might decide to solemnize, but also that the state should penalize a private decision not to bake a cake or create a bouquet for a particular commitment ceremony."

    Cool. Let gay-hating florists and bakers start throwing business to their gay-friendly counterparts and watch what happens. They'll be claiming discrimination--:"They're boycotting us!"--quicker than you can say "Ina Garten."

  122. Oh, by the way, mortimer2000, congratulations on your Poeman's work over in Hillyer's comment thread:
    I would so love a Republican candidate somewhere, anywhere, to stand up and call a slut a slut and Obama niggardly.

  123. drkrick12:40 PM

    Remember the Moral Majority fundraising pitch in 1984 that included a bonus offer of pictures of gay decadence snapped by one of Falwell's sons during downtime (so to speak) of the San Francisco Democratic Convention of that year? Only for contributors of at least $50 and for the sociological significance I'm sure.

  124. Please use this comment if you wish to additionally upvote "flense".

  125. LittlePig2:01 PM

    As Louis Grizzard wanted to name his newspaper, 'We Ain't Shitting You'. P.J. appears once in a great while, his assholiness shining for all to see. I don't think he's ever been on when Pierce was sitting in, sad to say. Epic bloodletting would ensue.

  126. LittlePig2:03 PM

    I've found he has a time or two, typically with sentences that begin with the word liberal.

  127. tigrismus2:04 PM

    We won’t let the language be denuded any further just because somebody’s feelings got hurt.

    Okay, cretin.

  128. LittlePig2:04 PM

    Oh, it's fun and all, just a bit on the dumb side. I listen to Says You! for actual brainwork.

  129. Halloween_Jack2:05 PM

    When they say stuff like this, I always wonder why the sticking point is gays and gay marriage.

    Because they'd come to believe that homophobia and treating LGBTs like second-class citizens was a socially acceptable substitute for racism, especially since same-sex marriage banning amendments had passed in a majority of the states just a decade ago. The fact that not only were those a reaction to SSM starting to be passed in a few states, but also that the state constitutional referenda were coordinated by Ken Mehlman to bring conservative voters to the polls to successfully re-elect George W. Bush (Mehlman, of course, has since come out and now supports SSM in an effort to bring gay conservative votes and donations to the GOP), and that the days of demonizing gays and lesbians as Destroying America are quickly coming to an end except for a rapidly shrinking fringe (yes, I'm being wildly optimistic here) , is simply unacceptable to them. Without some minority to vent their loathing toward, they'd be like deep-sea fish brought to the surface; they'll explode.

  130. Halloween_Jack2:07 PM

    I don't exactly turn to another station if I catch it playing. Any show that also occasionally features Charles Pierce can't be all bad.

  131. KatWillow2:20 PM

    I think the answer is, it makes them feel powerful to insult people, especially people they think are inferior to themselves.

  132. KatWillow2:31 PM

    Maybe if a crazy gay black woman atheist muslim shoots up a conservative rally, gun lovers will consider limiting ownership?

  133. philadelphialawyer3:10 PM

    Right. I agree, on the politics and the "need" to vent and hate. But why I don't get it is how someone like this can think he is making a cogent argument. The "right" to refuse service has been pretty much non existent for a half century. That being the case, isn't it a little bit late in the day to be pretending that "violation" of that right should give rise to mass civil disobedience? If that didn't happen in 1964, when a good chunk of the country regionally and a not inconsiderable part of it in general really believed in racial separation AND the notion of forcing a business owner to serve all comers was a new one, why in hell would it happen now?

  134. Gromet3:15 PM

    I find myself confused by the way the Oriental Chicken Salad of my youthier days became first a Chinese Chicken Salad (because "oriental" is racisty; I get this) and then more recently an Asian Chicken Salad (this I don't get; I sense it is an attempt to avoid being offensive, on the part of people who couldn't tell you who'd be offended or why but are just in a blind panic. But they've panicked their way into making no sense: the salad wasn't invented in Asia -- it comes from Santa Monica. And there it was invented by a Chinese-American named Madame Wu… and her friend Cary Grant.)

  135. mortimer20003:15 PM

    Thanks. I usually don't bother but it's fun, fine line to walk to be insane but not give the game away. Some other person started making a lot of actual sense and their comments are all deleted now because conservatives have the courage of their convictions.

  136. Gromet3:24 PM

    Conservatives looove freedom -- you can tell by the way they delete opposing views from their comment threads.

  137. BG, dismayed leftie3:24 PM

    If girls act like Lena Dunham’s character on Girls, they are sluts.

    Boys who are sexually active, however, are manly.

  138. Can I just say that I heard one of youse was trolling the comment thread over at NRO so I went to look. The horror was literally more than I could bear. About 30 or 50 comments in I started to feel sick to my stomach. Truly awful people. Ineducable, bitter, spiteful, and mean.

  139. As someone who occasionally enjoys mucking about in their litter box, I can tell you it's not at all uncommon for sensible, sane, rebuttals to be regularly shitcanned asap.
    This is how the right "takes back the words," which frankly makes me giggle like a schoolboy menaced by a tramp.

  140. montag24:04 PM

    Oh, I think the floodwall breaks just after impeachment proceedings begin. You just know they're going to do it, because this is a party that has recycled every bad idea they've ever had. It's in their DNA. And, if they think it will give them even a small edge in 2016 to regain the White House, as it did in 2000, they'll be on it like flies on shit.

    Of course, if Ron Paul or Ted Cruz gets the nomination, the Supreme Court will have to jigger the results in 31 states, rather than one, and without the help of Katherine Harris.

  141. montag24:07 PM

    There must be some distinction in being a publisher of last resort. After all, Regnery thinks there is.

  142. smut clyde4:11 PM

    I know! Such small servings!Also too, he has his fasteners mixed up.That can easily happen when you are re-buttoning in a hurry.

  143. montag24:14 PM

    There's a joke in there somewhere about the latest edition of the Newspeak Dictionary.

    And Frank Luntz is the editor.

  144. And they only read Playboy for the articles.

  145. smut clyde4:22 PM

    We won’t let the language be denuded any furtherLiberals are creating a language without nudes?! The monsters! Suddenly I am on Hillyer's side.

  146. smut clyde4:28 PM

    If you don't like the colour, it comes with four skins!

  147. Even if the show were bad, where I live the main radio alternative is Classic Rock ("Haven't heard 'Juke Box Hero' enough? Here it is again!"). Besides, I may well be mixing that show up with the one that Paula Poundstone is on. There are a couple of them that run on weekend afternoons. I like them both, FWIW.

  148. And most of them voters, if not all of them.

  149. Al Swearengen5:14 PM

    "Why is he straining so hard?" Pretty hard to take a shit with a Selectric balancing on your knees.

  150. Halloween_Jack5:17 PM

    Currently, the "right" to refuse LGBTs service is framed as the right to practice your religion as you please, and if your version of Sky King demands homophobia... (This didn't work when fundamentalists claimed that the Bible justified slavery or segregation, but that's what they're going with, perhaps gambling--and with some justification--that people won't remember how these arguments were struck down previously.)

  151. smut clyde5:18 PM

    I first encountered the word in science-fiction criticism from Brian Aldiss, in which he quoted from an essay by Damon Knight:
    Merritt was chinless,
    bald and shaped like a shmoo.

  152. RogerAiles5:29 PM

    We long ago lost the word “gay.” The Left is now expropriating the word “marriage.”

    What a Drama Quin.

  153. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person5:44 PM

    why is it only gays, and gay marriage, that trigger it?

    Two thoughts on that. It could be that they feel gays are all they have left, discrimination-wise. It could also be that gays are more or less a stand-in for all the ethnic minorities they feel they've been wrongly forced to serve. Or both.

  154. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person5:59 PM

    He's a SupercaliphatalisticesperHitlerHayeKeynieAbkudegfgyjecklemenopsquerstuitziz?

    Now there's something you don't see every day, Chauncey...

  155. Derelict6:03 PM

    I want to sweep my chimney with this comment, then give it a spoon full of sugar.

  156. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person6:05 PM

    their voyeuristic, shamelessly copulative behavior is intrusively vile.

    It's a TV show. It can't intrude on you unless you want it too...

    Suddenly there on the public access channel was a voluptuous young
    woman, naked, her body oiled, writhing on the floor while fondling
    herself intimately

    He either misspelled "Pubic Access", or just doesn't want to admit he paid for Dirtyvision...

  157. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person6:18 PM

    Yeah. Quick, gimme a short word for "a guy that likes sex"...

  158. Public sex? What? I don't think Dunham's character has ever indulged in that particular pastime, unless "public" means "witnessed by the television audience, who do not exist within the world of the show."

    Also, her character has had one long-term relationship most of the way through Girls, and only slept with anyone else during two periods when Adam had basically broken up with her. Regardless of whether you think "slutty" is a bad thing or not, she is just about the least slutty person on the show.

  159. philadlephialawyer8:41 PM

    Right, and that makes sense politically and practically. What I am wondering about is how this guy can pretend that there is a new intellectual/moral case to be made here. As if, from a philosophical viewpoint, there is anything going on here that hasn't been going on for fifty years already.

  160. redoubtagain9:01 PM

    What happens when you confuse YKK with Y2K.

  161. redoubtagain9:11 PM

    (You know, I'd pay real American folding money to see that.)

  162. redoubtagain9:16 PM

    As someone who has been BIG SCARY BLACK MAN a time or two, I would love to, uh, remind Quint Hillyer (who apparently just got his brain broken by "Politics and the English Language" today) of why we don't say these things in polite company.

  163. Chairman Pao11:53 PM

    By which you mean "eye rolls".

  164. Chairman Pao11:59 PM

    Stupid things facts are.

  165. realinterrobang3:41 PM

    I want to stay up all night engaged in pilpul with this comment.

  166. bekabot9:07 PM

    "I will snigger, snigger, snigger at my trigger, trigger, trigger!!"

  167. Halloween_Jack10:03 AM

    He deleted mine. Temptation to post "u mad bro?": successfully resisted.