Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It’s also liberals who would encourage the sort of creepy messaging coordination that [S.E.] Cupp is proposing. Get Republicans to denounce Limbaugh on different networks? What would that accomplish, other than making George Soros proud?... Her remarks have left a bad taste in the mouths of many conservatives, who feel that in issuing a sweeping indictment of Limbaugh as “dangerous,” Cupp is only hurting the conservative cause...
Warren Todd Huston:
S.E. Cupp's unhelpful apostasy... S.E. Cupp is wrong, wrong, wrong.
And that’s the point that Cupp misses even as she explains herself. She can disagree with Limbaugh all day. Hell, she can make a career out of it she wants (she may have unintentionally done so already). But if you’re going to rage against the machine, expect some return fire, and don’t be surprised that when you go to the New York Times, they may apply motives to you that don’t exist.
Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator:
The fact that Ms. Cupp doesn’t get this — even now, almost a full year after this controversy — startles. It means, apparently, one of two things. Either Cupp herself is a moderate on the issue (can a “conservative columnist,” as conservatives mock of elected officials, “grow in office” — i.e., become moderate?), or she is simply unaware of the history.
Either way Cupp vividly illustrates that she — and presumably her Proximus compadres — are advocating nothing newer than yesterday’s moderate Republicanism.
J. Robert Smith, American Thinker:
Picking a fight with Limbaugh, the dean of conservative talkers, particularly in a New York Times interview, is a nice little publicity gambit for a reputed young conservative. The liberal media eats up apostasy on the right... Cupp's elevation to talking head and opinion shaper couldn't have possibly occurred but for contemporary America's obsession with youth -- youth and looks... One suspects that Cupp cares more what's said about her, at least among Manhattan's liberal set.
Hm? Oh, I don't have a point here; I'm just enjoying myself. It's almost as good as the Sparticists vs. the ISO, or the People's Front of Judea vs. The Judean People's Front. It's getting so I hope they lose worse in 2014 -- not for political reasons, but because if they're this much fun now, imagine how much fun they'll be when they're even more aware of their unpopularity.


  1. Ellis_Weiner11:08 PM

    Can we talk about "Proximus"? For those who haven't read last Sunday's NY Times Magazine piece about the struggles of the right to adapt to and adopt modren (sic) tech, this is the name the groovy, forward-thinking righties have chosen for their cadre, because it means "next."

    Never mind the thought problem of you or I sitting in a group meeting and debating "What should we call ourselves? Hey, what's the Latin word for 'next'?" The real question is, Who does this? Who chooses a name like this, and for what purpose?

    It makes a feller think that, for Sippy Cupp and her cohort, it's all only and nothing but a job. "But there's no danger/It's a professional career," as Elvis C. says.

    Cynical? Moi? Deal with it.

  2. XeckyGilchrist11:21 PM

    Yeah, wow, you can tell what they think is the real blasphemy, can't you.

  3. sharculese11:29 PM

    S.E. Cupp denouncing Rush Limbaugh in a New York Times interview sounds like a dare she had to complete before getting hired as a regular contributor at Slate.

    Is slate hiring a wingnut columnist? Because I will totally fake it for that job and do a better job that Christina Hoff-Sommers Jr. ever would.

  4. The_Kenosha_Kid11:32 PM

    I thought for sure her next move was literally a come-to-Jesus moment where she denounced her previous "atheism," and became the evangelical pet convert.

  5. sharculese11:35 PM

    Being the 'good atheist' who thinks all the other atheists are icky is still probably the better career move for someone who's trying to run the alt-wingnut gambit.

  6. Isn't Proximus the name of one of the evil Decepticons from the "Transformers" cartoon? If not it sure sounds like it.

    And I'm no Latin scholar but I'm pretty sure "Proximus" means next to something as inprox-imity, not next to happen, which in Latin would be "insequens."

    If they wanna go classical with the name I say they just abandon all pretense and call themselves what they are - Legion - or what they aspire to be - Abaddon, the Destroyer.

  7. I'm rooting for injuries.

  8. FMguru11:58 PM

    "Insequens" more like "inconsequens", am I right? Heh.

  9. I knew there was a joke in there somewhere. Nice.

  10. wileywitch12:09 AM


  11. Yes, definitely, and fanaticus as well.

  12. Spaghetti Lee12:17 AM

    "We want to get back to fundamental values, so how about 'Fundament?'"

    "'Fundament...' I like it! Really rolls off the tongue."

  13. These guys really have a knack for snappy names. I remember how impressed I was when Erickson formed the Red State Trike Force - er, Red State Stroke Farce....um...well, you know what I mean. They mailed salt and bowling balls to people they didn't like. And it was awesome.

  14. AGoodQuestion12:35 AM

    The liberal media eats up apostasy on the right...

    I just want to point out that I had heard nothing about Cupp's comments until I came here, and Roy only covered it because of the shitstorm in the right wing media. That might give you an idea of who eats up what.

    Criminy, does Rush have video of every conservative who ever walked into a brothel with him?

  15. what about "the goonies"? goonies never say die.

  16. Cupp's elevation to talking head and opinion shaper couldn't have
    possibly occurred but for contemporary America's obsession with youth --
    youth and looks

    Back when Cupp was in their good graces, she was frequently lauded as proof that conservative chicks are way hotter than liberal chicks. Now that she's out of their good graces, that suddenly morphs into "pssh, she was never anything but a pretty face anyway." Smooth.

    Predictable, of course. Conservative men act like they're doing women a favor by holding them up as trophies, but that kind of commodification has always, by design, been double edged. Being an attractive woman can always serve as a sole excuse for dismissal and derision, if the Patriarchs deem it necessary.

  17. FMguru12:44 AM

    they're not good enough

  18. Prepositions are hard. In every language. I'm not making excuses for these blowhards, just advising them not to take names from language they aren't fluent in, or at the very least to stick with your basic nouns and adjectives. Even verbs and adverbs can be fraught if you're not careful.

  19. shorter brethren: <a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097493/quotes?qt=qt0347959>you were nothing before you met us.</a> you were playing barbies at the dartmouth review. you were a bluebird. you were a brownie. you were a girl scout cookie.

  20. Right, as a matter of common sense they shouldn't take names from foreign languages if they don't know what they're doing. But that illustrates the crux of the problem, doesn't it? They're a bunch of ignorant brownshirts trying to sound solemn and erudite: they're not smart enough to read a basic entry in a Latin/English dictionary correctly and they're too stubborn to consult a linguist because he's probably going to be a liberal.

    Their Keystone Kops approach to public relations would be hilarious if they didn't also control hundreds of millions of dollars in media buys, influence policy, and engage in broad political vendettas against those that don't vote for them using the same knee-jerk, halfwit approach and lack of expertise as they used choosing their name.

  21. Another Kiwi1:12 AM

    Sippee has crossed the line. Oh dear, what a shame, never mind.

    Proxima might be a better name

  22. Spaghetti Lee2:21 AM

    Rush Limbaugh has about $350 million in the bank (I apologize if anyone wants to kill themselves after reading that), and could buy and sell S.E. Cupp a hundred times if he wanted. The idea that she's seriously endangering his empire by 'betraying' him in the New York Times is a joke: you might as well try to erode Mt. Everest by pissing on it. She is so obviously just bouncing off him to get the requisite fake-centrist cred and settle in at the Wall Street Journal or the New Republic or where the hell ever.

    The fact that these guys are so psycho when it comes to rooting out heretics that they can't even figure that out is simply hilarious. They've already kicked out people who confessed to basic scientific knowledge or human empathy. If they start kicking out anyone who makes self-serving power plays, there will be no one left.

  23. Odder2:44 AM

    *Ouch* This Liberal Lockstep is playing hell on my knees, but at least I know that there's a sizable bloc that's worse off. Is it illiberal to gloat?

  24. montag22:58 AM

    At this point, I'm more inclined to think of them as "incontinent."

  25. montag23:29 AM

    Aggh! The verbosity, the pomposity, the bogosity, it burns!

    "Limbaugh, the dean of conservative talkers?" How fuckin' high is that pedestal? (With Limbaugh's history, that's a bit like saying, "Ratzinger, dean of German ex-popes." Well, hell, it is Warner Todd Huston that uses the word, "apostasy," to describe all this.)

    At least we know the easy way to get all the wankers out of their basements and into the circle jerk. Just yell, "Limbaugh's a poopy head!"

  26. smut clyde3:32 AM

    Was Josh Trevino involved?

  27. montag23:33 AM

    Just remember: ixnay on the oats-gay.

  28. smut clyde3:36 AM

    There's a deanship in talking? Well I just want everyone to know that I am the Bursar of Hand-Waving.

  29. smut clyde3:39 AM

    They sa: ‘The gauls—- galli—- subject—- go on molesworth oppugnant—-
    what does oppugnant mean—- they are attacking fossas. Ditches. What did
    you say molesworth? Why on earth attack a ditch? Keep your mind on the
    sentence. The gauls are attacking the ditches. What? I am quite unable to inform you molesworth for what purpose the Gauls wished to attack the ditches. The latin is correct. That sufices.

  30. smut clyde3:45 AM

    "Terminus Est" was voted down.

  31. montag24:00 AM

    St. Custard's as microcosm of right-wing Latinate affectation? Nice.

  32. montag24:16 AM

    Groin pulls, in particular....

  33. Kind of offtopic, but as long as we're talking about SE Cupp, I think it's worth dredging up one of her most amazing classics.

    Choice quote: "But while liberal women may praise Ann for (at least) getting herself an education, where is the praise for Ann’s best decision of all — to marry well?"

  34. montag24:42 AM

    Yep, priceless, especially since she begins with: "As a thirtysomething, city-dwelling, hypereducated, independent-thinking woman...."

    Why, then, if she is, indeed, all those things, does she promptly--and with considerable, umm, envy--reinforce one of the most shopworn stereotypes of women, and glorify a life choice that is unavailable to virtually all women?

    Besides, Mitt's an unreconstructed asshole. How well did ol' Ann marry, then? [Humming "Mrs. Robinson," da-da-dada-da, going to the candidates' debate, da-da-da-da....]

  35. smut clyde5:05 AM

    Truly Ms Cupp is one of the Right Wing's more innovative thinkers:
    Cupp finds herself in the unenviable position of maintaining that
    Americans largely side with her party’s worldview, even if their votes
    suggest otherwise.

    "They support our policies, they just vote against them."

  36. smut clyde5:10 AM

    And vice versa.

  37. smut clyde5:52 AM

    where is the praise for Ann’s best decision of all — to marry well?

    A better decision would have been "Inherit huge mounts of money from well-chosen family", so Ann deserves no credit for picking an inferior option.

  38. mortimer6:25 AM

    They would have gone with Noximus but they're fundamentally opposed to truth in advertising.

  39. wileywitch6:36 AM


  40. catbutler7:20 AM

    What's latin for WOLVERINES!!!!!!???

  41. Derelict7:30 AM

    In a rather narrow and ill-informed way, Americans DO agree with Republican policies. Poll after Poll has been consistent over the last thirty years that Americans want to cut government spending, but only in an abstract way. Once you start talking about specific programs to get the axe, most people decide that current spending is TOO LOW on just about everything except defense. Same thing with taxes: Everyone agrees that taxes are too high. Once you start talking about which taxes will be cut (per the GOP, only taxes on those making a million a year or more), most people decide that taxes on the rich are too low.

    So, yeah--support for the policies, but complete horror at the specifics.

  42. deggjr7:57 AM

    "I am Legion for we are many." I thought Peggy Noonan was going there with " ... and Republicans just now do not look like winners. They have many voices but no real voice, ....

  43. redoubt8:08 AM


    Back when I was an A/V tech the "Proxima" brand of projectors was noted for its dimness, bulb failures and an overall inability to deliver on its promises.

    Since then it has changed hands multiple times, all while getting no better.
    I'd say "Proximus" is appropriate for them.

  44. redoubt8:14 AM

    "Put in the pantry with your horseshoes cupcakes"

  45. PICTI!!!!!!!!!

  46. Doghouse Riley8:40 AM

    She is so obviously just bouncing off him to get the requisite fake-centrist cred and settle in at the Wall Street Journal or the New Republic or where the hell ever.

    Perhaps, in the spirit of the Age, Ross Cardinal Douthat has decided to enter a hermitage.

    "Pissing on Everest" is how the party's "moderate" (defined as "wouldn't shoot a gay couple clandestinely making-out in public, for fear that one of 'em might be a Republican Senator") "intellectuals" (defined as, well, fuck if I know) get themselves breathing space when the morons they rely on to maintain power have let them down.

  47. Helmut Monotreme9:14 AM

    Republican intellectuals exist, for example I point to Victor Davis Hanson, a well known classicist and Glenn Harlan Reynolds a law professor at some state school. They both trade on a lifetime of experience in (notice I didn't use the word expertise) one narrow field and assume it means everyone else has been faking it all along too.

  48. BigHank539:24 AM

    I'm trying to think of a single conservative pundit that would look anything but idiotic if they were bare-ass and smeared with blue mud.

  49. FMguru9:26 AM

    Their definition of "American" excludes poors, coastal city dwellers, single women, non-Christians, and people with skin darker than a paper bag. Republican policies are extremely popular among "real" Americans (i.e. white rural and suburban Christians).

  50. sharculese9:29 AM

    If they start kicking out anyone who makes self-serving power plays

    Chris Christie elevates his profile and improves the GOP's chances in a state where they don't normally do well. But he does so while saying nice things about the president, so heretic.

    Paul Ryan's patent dishonest earns him his lowest reelection numbers ever. But that happens in service of bashing Obama, so no consequences.

    There's no if about it; that ship done sailed.

  51. glennisw10:07 AM

    "You can disagree with Limbaugh, just don't do it out loud."

  52. drkrick10:14 AM

    As one our local sports radio guys pointed out when discussing Danny White, some people have ten years of experience and some have the same year of experience ten times.

  53. tigrismus10:19 AM

    It's true, nothing says modern and forward-looking like using Latin.

  54. sharculese10:21 AM

    Given Cupp's spot on MSNBC, I'd imagine there's a lot of totebaggers who view her as the Gen X David Brooks, a job Saint Ross of the Bloatee is just too earnest, too dweeby, to properly fill. But dittoheads are generally wingnuts of the VDH school of thought that says 'coolness' is a conspiracy inflicted on us by liberals; they probably have no use, if not an active dislike, for Cupp's brand of hip young conservatism. At best, I'd bet the intersection of people who care what S.E. Cupp has to say and people who care what Rush Limbaugh has to say is Reason subscribers, people who cheerlead for Team Conservative on the internet, and a smattering of dudebros high-fiving over the hot conservative chick.

    So yeah, in real life terms, this is overinflated gibberish from the usual chorus of half-brights. But wingnut slapfight is its own reward.

  55. tigrismus10:28 AM

    It apparently does have a relative time meaning, too, in that it can mean the thing that just happened before the current thing... a moment next to the present moment, but the past one rather than the future one. All in all a better choice than they knew.

  56. DocAmazing10:29 AM

    O yea. She's clearly trying to make it in a seriously crowded field. Anything that distinguishes her from the AM radio-and-gold-coins crowd is a good move. Besides, polite atheism is way more upmarket than snake-handling.

  57. Halloween_Jack10:48 AM

    There's a character named Legion in the Mass Effect games who's pretty neat, so I vote we leave that alone. Abaddon's pretty good, though. Extra fun because there's an evil corporation called "Abaddonn Industries" in the TV show Enlightened.

  58. Halloween_Jack10:55 AM

    I keep coming back to W. Todd's use of the word "apostasy." Does he understand the religious connotations of that word? Then again, he describes Sandra Fluke as a "pro-infanticide activist", so maybe he does. (The sparse comments on his post are interesting; read 'em while they're still up.)

  59. dude, stop. stop.

  60. whetstone11:55 AM

    I like that they're uniting against her for proposing "message coordination." Especially Twitchy, the little Tweet wurlitzer that could.

    But I recognize this social dynamic. Personally I've wanted nothing to do with Cupp since she quit math club and started dating the quarterback.

  61. BigHank5312:01 PM

    Oh my. Meow.

  62. KatWillow12:06 PM

    I thought she was waiting for Coulter to melt into a puddle of toxic goo, so she could have the "most offensive" post.

  63. ChrisVosburg12:24 PM

    Proximus Compadres.

    Wow, they are literally collapsing under their own weight.

  64. Disloyalty is worse than being wrong about EVERYTHING.

  65. Picking a fight with Limbaugh, the dean of conservative talkers

    How's the class doing?

  66. They've spent the last half century convincing themselves that they are objectively right on every issue and that the Democratic Party poses a mortal threat to America. I don't see a return to sensible moderation coming anytime soon.

  67. Haystack1:52 PM

    vespertilio cacas rabidus

  68. RogerAiles1:59 PM

    S.E. Cupp? Isn't she the wife of the late Chicago gossip columnist and Chicago Bears radio broadcaster, I.R.V. Cupp?

    Hardly youthful then.

  69. MikeJ2:12 PM

    In sequins? It would certainly liven up the brown shirts.

  70. MikeJ2:15 PM

    You were working as a waitress at a cocktail bar when I met you.


  71. smut clyde2:28 PM


  72. LittlePig2:37 PM

    But there's no danger/It's a professional career

    But it could be erased/with just a word in Mr. Limbaugh's ear

  73. John D.3:01 PM

    So, uh, is there any...well, let's call it "substance," just for a giggle...to all this caterwauling over Sippy Cupp's supposed heresy? I refuse to click on any of the links to satisfy my meager curiosity. Did she make actual criticisms against the Fat One, or was it merely a few tepid finger-wags to shore up her 'centrist' credentials? Inquiring minds wanna know!

  74. XeckyGilchrist3:18 PM

    If I were from some other planet and knew nothing about the principles - such as they are - of the movement cons, I think I'd find them repellent just because of this treachery thing they have going. Violate the taboo du jour, and out you go, no matter how popular you were ten minutes ago.

    In this case, Ms. Cupp apparently said something; I'm not so interested I'm going to look at what this is actually about. But as a woman, all she really had to do to get dungheaped was age visibly.

  75. Let's occupy his office and smoke his cigars for the photographers.

  76. Budbear7:25 PM

    Sounds like an English art-rock band from the 70's.

  77. KatWillow7:52 PM

    Surely, her best decision was to give birth to FIVE sons. Five.

  78. DrPaisley9:19 PM


    Soylent Green is Cons!

  79. AGoodQuestion11:43 PM

    What's English for "glutton for punishment"?

  80. tigrismus9:52 AM

    2 girls, 2 Cupps

  81. I dated myself once. We had a lot in common but the sex was pretty dull.

  82. To be fair, it's not just conservatives who do that.

  83. Jon Hendry4:16 PM


  84. MCSquared6:11 PM

    "Bursar of Hand-Waving"

    Sure, it's all fun and games till someone gets bursitis.

  85. Sgaile-beairt7:40 PM

    its better than 'Culture 11" at least....it kinda sounds like something from spartacus....

  86. The teabaggers have been doing the Judean People's Front schtick since pretty much their inception - grifters gonna grift, ya know?


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