Friday, December 28, 2012


Batocchio, bless him, has done the usual bang-up job with the annual Jon Swift Memorial Roundup of top blog posts by your favorite fellow travelers. I found it a great opportunity to revisit writers I never get to read because I'm too busy reading idiots. I've looked at a bunch of the recent entrants and they're excellent. (I especially recommend Lance Mannion's essay on Asperger's; I used to think that I had it, but now I'm quite sure that I'm just an asshole.)  Pick a link, any link, they're all winners.


  1. Leeds man11:08 PM

    "I used to think that I had it, but now I'm quite sure that I'm just an asshole"

    Lucky swine. Some of us are both.

  2. Halloween_Jack12:28 AM

    There are two deathless traditions associated with every student who takes an abnormal psych class:

    1) You are told not to diagnose yourself using the criteria in the latest version of the DSM, because you don't have the objective distance to do so, even if you had the clinical training and experience to accurately diagnose others.

    2) You ignore #1.

    Of course, people who diagnose themselves as Aspie or autism spectrum are often misfits who either want to deal with the lingering aftereffects of childhood/adolescent ostracism by clinicalizing their alienation and sheer bafflement at what's considered normal behavior, and possibly want to belong to some group somehow. People don't always use the wrong tools, or use the right ones incorrectly, because they're lazy.

  3. DocAmazing12:57 AM

    Insurers and other payors using half-assed misreadings of diagnostic categories to deny payment for things that kids need? That's never happened before!

  4. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard6:53 AM

    I found it a great opportunity to revisit writers I never get to read because I'm too busy reading idiots.
    Wow, you read them so we won't have to... you're like a snarky . Even better, you're kinda like Jesus, the innocent victim who suffers that others may find redemption. How long before a religion pops up around your achievements? Edrosicrucianism? Roy-Tantra?

  5. Halloween_Jack10:46 AM

    A couple of decades or so ago, I worked for a private substance abuse treatment center and had to wrestle with the statistics reporting system that, I'm quite confident, was deliberately designed by the state to delay or deny paying out funds that the center desperately needed by setting up ambiguous, badly-defined categories that they could then use to challenge us with. I doubt that things have gotten better in the interim.

  6. Thanks for participating and spreading the word, Roy. (And yes, reading a few bloggers you've never read before is definitely in the spirit of the whole thing.) If any of the Alicurati I missed want to participate next year, shoot me an e-mail so I have your contact info.

  7. DocAmazing1:49 PM

    Roy was bored for your sins.

  8. mommadillo2:15 PM

    And by his snark we are healed.

  9. The Dark Avenger4:55 PM

    And given divine laughter by his commentators here.

  10. BigHank535:54 PM

    "Be not afraid of assholeness: some are born assholes, some achieve assholeness, and some have assholeness thrust upon them."

    Man, that sounds nasty. Even for this crowd.

  11. Leeds man7:24 PM

    Now that you mention it, there has been an uncharacteristic dearth of ass fucking jokes lately.

  12. bjkeefe1:30 AM

    Any time I'm on a list with Roy Edroso is a memorable time for me.

  13. DocAmazing1:39 AM

    And we're not going to take it lying down!

  14. parsec12:47 PM

    Then again, as the saying goes, just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

  15. whetstone6:35 PM

    Thanks battocio, for the hard work and the reminders for blogs i don't read enough (brilliant at breakfast, eg). Not to be that guy* though, but I demand some Doghouse.

    *It's a list, and wouldn't be a list without That Guy. I want a scene where I'm like John Cusak in High Fidelity, only I'm making people read Bats Left/Throws Left instead of dropping "Dry the Rain."

  16. I have invited Doghouse all three years, and other blogger have pressed him too, and he's chosen not to participate. Hey, I can but make make the invitation.

  17. satch7:52 AM

    Speaking of assholes (we were, right?)... now that Hillary Clinton is actually being treated for a potentially serious health problem, and isn't ducking the Benghazi hearings with what John Bolton referred to as a "Diplomatic Illness", can we please tell Bolton to go fuck himself?

  18. Halloween_Jack9:30 AM

    I think that we should tell Bolton to go fuck himself on a regular basis, purely on principle.

  19. Halloween_Jack9:31 AM

    Don't knock it if you haven't tried it that way.

  20. You're just asking for a Substance McGravitas .gif.

  21. zencomix10:26 AM

    Anybody have any good predictions for 2013?

    I'm predicting that Condi Rice will defect to Russia because she's pregnant with Putin's 2 headed love child.

  22. TGuerrant6:37 PM

    Britney Spears will sing "Happy Birthday, Mister President" at the White House on August 4, but will gaze meaningfully at Eric Holder the entire time because she hasn't watched the news as much as people think she has.

  23. DocAmazing7:18 PM

    Leave Eric Holder alooooooone!