Thursday, December 06, 2012

A LITTLE GOOD NEWS. At Zero Hedge we hear from Brandon Martin, who believes the Republicans and the Democrats are colluding to make America socialist; that there is a secret "Liberty Movement" majority afoot which would have swept the polls in 2012 if only Ron Paul had run (then why didn't he, one wonders), but because he didn't they contented themselves instead with ousting RINOs like Allen West; etc. Key passage:
Second, if you subscribe to the well documented idea that elections, at least at the federal level, are entirely staged (which I do)...
At PJ Media one Vik Rubenfeld weighs the traditional reasons conservatives give for Obama's victory (including "dependency on big government handouts on the part of some pro-Obama voters" and "mainstream media bias") and, while he finds much merit in these, cottons to this one:
For decades, adults have been told, and more importantly our children are now taught, that America owes penance due to a past history of racism. It is inevitable that this would play a key part in the reelection of the nation’s first black president.
Rubenfeld concludes that "some percentage of pro-Obama voters decided that putting racism in America’s past would be a deciding factor in their vote," referring perhaps to the voter survey that took place in his mind when he saw a white girl reading a Toni Morrison book.

Over at the Wall Street Journal we get the high-class version of this from James Taranto, who tells us once again about "the increasingly open hostility toward whites from mainstream left-liberals." (Does that mean that if race riots come back, I get to loot? Sweet.)

At Glenn Beck's The Blaze, we get a Kulturkampf kvetch from one Richard Mgrdechian, who tells us "HOW SHORT-SIGHTED LEADERSHIP HAS SABOTAGED CONSERVATIVE POP CULTURE," whatever that is. In 2012 "Republicans once again missed the boat on popular culture," he says. His solution (besides the customary hundreds of words about the need to "leverage the power of popular culture"):
The way I do this is through music. You might have heard of the band I manage – it’s called Madison Rising. We’re somewhat of an anomaly in the music industry, being a pro-American rock band and all.
That's just one example. There's also... well, that's the only example he gives, actually. Did he mention he manages a band called Madison Rising?

Meanwhile Joel Kotkin asks, What's the Matter with Connecticut? Don't you blue states realize it was in your economic best interest to vote for Mitt Romney and the Republicans, who were "the ones most likely to fall on their swords to maintain lower rates for the the mass affluent class in the bluest states and metros"? Yet you voted for Obama! You guys'll be sorry! (Kotkin has been lecturing on the imminent death of the blue states for years; he's basically the guy who expects you to fail and, when you succeed, concludes that you must secretly be miserable about it.)

The bad news is these lunatics live among us. The good news is that Republicans ain't getting their thumbs out of their asses anytime soon.


  1. Wow, that Mgrdechian piece is the most obvious ad-disguised-as-article I've seen since the last thing posted to WorldNetDaily.

    Madison Rising is a real pip, by the way. One of their videos is a butt-rock version of the National Anthem, prefaced by a looping clip of a Daniel Tosh routine that they find offensive. Nothing screams "I get pop culture" like taking a comedian at face value.

  2. Geo X5:39 AM

    it was in your economic best interest to vote for Mitt Romney and the Republicans, who were "the ones most likely to fall on their swords to maintain lower rates for the the mass affluent class in the bluest states and metros"?

    Weird--it's almost like Democratic voters are capable of thinking about other people and considering factors other than pure, short-term economic self-interest. Imagine how horrified Jesus would be by such a grotesque concept.

  3. Halloween_Jack5:39 AM

    Mr. Madison Rising (Jim Morrison's unhunky, untalented cousin) should check out these ladies, who have some experience being a pro-American rock band and all (well, a pro-Santorum band, as opposed to being pro-santorum, which they may not have established a position on). Somehow, I get the feeling that they'd be the best of friends.

  4. Landru5:39 AM

    "elections, at least at the federal level, are entirely staged"




    I'm trying to remember where I heard that.

  5. BigHank535:39 AM

    "Sabotaged conservative pop culture". That's almost as good as colorless green ideas sleep furiously, isn't it? I wonder who'd be more offended at the comparison: Mgrdechian or Chomsky?

  6. Spaghetti Lee5:39 AM

    You might have heard of the band I manage – it’s called Madison Rising. We’re somewhat of an anomaly in the music industry

    Oh God - teabagger hipsters. Kill me now. Listen, bud, If I want pro-America rock music, I'll listen to Levon Helm.

  7. Those are my favorite post-election autopsies - the ones from people who had models to predict how such-and-such group would vote. When those models miss the mark, their creators start grasping around for something wrong with the group, because the model was obviously perfect.

    As they say, conservatism can not fail...

  8. Spaghetti Lee5:40 AM

    I saw someone else point that out (I forget where) maybe the reason wealthy Northern states are blue states is because they've actually invested in their states at large instead of just allowing the local barons to steal everything that isn't nailed down, and the reason the continue being blue states is because they know that it works.

    It's a counterpart to my question that, if New York and California are so pinko, why have all their highly successful and profitable businesses not rationally left town for Bugspit, Tennessee? Could it be that things like social services, good infrastructure, a middle class that actually has disposable income and the like actually be, you know, good for business, and not the unfair and terrible burden that the Rand crowd claims?

  9. Conservative rock music? Oh, you mean that one Kinks song about how rich men are unfairly persecuted by tax collectors and mendacious bitches.

  10. Spaghetti Lee5:40 AM

    Nothing screams "I get pop culture" like taking a comedian at face value.

    Next on World Net Daily: Liberal Hollywood elite Mel Brooks enjoys laughing when people fall into manholes and die!

  11. FMguru5:40 AM

    First: Roy, white people don't loot - they "salvage", "gather", and "forage" supplies.

    Second: That Madison Rising articles reminds me a couple of "whither conservatism?" articles immediately after the election, where young-fogey conservatives like Domenech and Shapiro all spoke in voice about what was need to save the Republic - a massive infusion of resources into promoting a new generation of young, fresh conservative voices; i.e. paychecks for Shaprio and Domenech. At least 60% of conservative opinion writing is just auditioning for a better-paying gig.

    Third: I gotta say I love Kotkin's idea of Connecticut as a state (or at least an electorate) made up entirely of millionaire hedge fund managers.

  12. Another Kiwi5:40 AM

    I love the idea of a fake election. I wonder where the cut off point is for knowing that it is false. I mean is Bachmann in on it? Palin?Allen West no he's not in any loop except his own.

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  14. AGoodQuestion5:40 AM

    I can't believe that Glenn Beck gave some guy space on his website to just totally pimp the band he manages. Oh wait. Yes I can.

  15. AGoodQuestion5:40 AM

    And I can't sail my yacht
    He's taken everything I've got

    Strip away the nuance and you've just about got it.

  16. DocAmazing5:40 AM

    Hey, you'd have problems with language, too, if someone stole most of your vowels.

  17. Tehanu5:41 AM

    "Mainstream left-liberals" aren't whites? Or is Taranto confusing hostility towards _him_ with hostility toward white people in general?

  18. Of course the GOP and the Dems are colluding to impose socialism! Duh! What else could explain their cozy relationship and close cooperation on everything?

  19. Pope Zebbidie XIII6:34 AM

    The Wall Street Journal only exists to combat irony-deficiency.

  20. Pope Zebbidie XIII6:37 AM

    These United States are nice.

  21. Pope Zebbidie XIII6:44 AM

    His attempts to meet women are also entirely staged.

  22. MikeJ7:12 AM

    Murdoch wanted to move the WSJ to Atlanta, but nobody could figure out which Peachtree Street it was to become the Journal of.

  23. MikeJ7:18 AM

    I like the way he attempts to link to their Star Spangled Banner and instead points to a domain squatter.

  24. montag27:44 AM

    Speaking of taking things at face value, what is this "butt-rock?" (Excuse me, I am just old.) Does this involve fart solos?

  25. BigHank537:47 AM

    Whites that aren't white supremacists aren't really white, I guess. Maybe the WSJ style book doesn't let you use "race-traitor".

  26. chuckling8:05 AM

    It's easy to laugh, but I think we genuinely have a lot to fear from Madison Rising. This self-described patriotic rock band could be first among the vanguard in a coming American revolution that sweeps us from our positions as all-powrful cultural arbiters who control every aspect of American life.

    Sonically, MR's electric guitar driven rock anthems harken back to early Metallica and Van Halen. And their lyrics provide a double whammy to the heads of liberal culture. Written in the patriotic tradition of such classics as "March of the Soviet Tankmen" and "Deutschland Uber Alles," they will soon have America's youth to banging their heads rhythmically to the glory of American Conservatism!!!

    "California was still the Golden State
    Our culture we could celebrate
    Our First Lady still had some class
    No race-baiters talking all of their trash

    In The Days That Reagan Ruled
    In The Days That Reagan Ruled
    Things were so much different"

    Scary stuff, for a liberal. But more likely they'll have to mellow out or they will pay. In any event, I'll just put on my happy face and go for a jog.

  27. Doesn't matter. They all lead to Turner Field eventually.

  28. "You'll be sorry when you're paying 3% more in taxes."
    "Actually, I'm okay with that."
    "Yeah, serves you right!"

  29. aimai8:12 AM

    Madison Rising has to be one of the most jaw droppingly anodyne and forgettable names ever picked voluntarily for a band. I practically fell asleep reading it. I know that The Beatles or The Stones might make you think that naming a band is easy but even the fictional kids in Switched at Birth chose something memorable and risque for their fictional band--(Third World Bus Plunge.) Why didn't they just call it "Cold baked potato" and be done with it?


  30. aimai8:15 AM

    We've been talking about the nexus between grifter, rentier, and mailing lists for a while. Here it is in all its glory. I just got this from the NRO mailing list. At least they admitted it was a paid "informational supplement" i.e. Advertisement.

    Concerned Citizen,

    I believe in straight talk. Especially about threats that could imperil the savings and quality of life of every American.

    The reelection of Barack
    Obama—the worst president of my lifetime—is the perfect opportunity for
    straight talk about the dangerous path our country is on.

    But instead of being
    honest with the American people about just how dire our situation is,
    our elected officials and the media won’t level with us.

    They are not just giving us spin.

    They are not just telling us half-truths.

    They are not just ignoring important information we need to know.

    They are actively lying to us. And those lies are making it
    harder—if not impossible—for us to fix what’s wrong.

    That’s why I’ve written a new report, detailing the hard truths that they won’t tell you.

    It’s calledThe 99 Year Plot to Destroy America,
    and it not only calls out the lies that are corrupting America, it also
    gives you a simple, no-nonsense plan to secure your savings, your
    family and your future from the terrible consequences of these lies.

    You’ll learn:

    Lies about the Federal Reserve’s latest misguided actions

    Lies about government policies to “grow the economy”

    Lies about the $700 trillion in international derivatives

    Lies about who’s responsible for this stagnant economy

    Lies about the financial system bailout

    Lies about how to manage our energy resources

    Lies about China

    Lies about Facebook and other big-name technology companies

    Lies about Europe

    Lies about national security threats

    Lies about how best to protect your family and your home

    If you’ve ever worried
    that you’re not getting the whole story about what’s wrong with this
    great country of ours, this report is for you.

    But it is not sold in any store or on Amazon.

    In fact, it’s not for sale at all.

    It’s completely free, and the only way to get it is through the link at the bottom of this email.

    Go here now to read this raw and uncensored expose (yours FREE) of the lies that are corrupting America.

    Do it now, before it’s too late.


    Richard C. Young
    Editor, Intelligence Report

    The only thing this is missing is "three tricks to thinner thight" and "secrets your boyfriend is keeping from you."

  31. aimai8:18 AM

    Oh Montag2, try to keep up.

  32. Fats Durston8:19 AM

    (Should we mention "booty-bass"?)

  33. redoubt8:27 AM

    Pillsbury's Madison Rising Canned Buttermilk Biscuits

  34. Derelict8:30 AM

    Life must be so confusing for people like this. You have this intensely rigorous logic that works perfectly--until you poke your head out the front door and find yourself in this insane world where people vote for a black man for president, don't storm their state capitols to get their tax rates to zero, and tend to look at so-called libertarians as victims of arrested development.

  35. montag28:34 AM

    Perhaps this incessant whining about "pop culture" is just an excuse to go all Goering on everyone and reach for their revolvers (or AK-47s or Glock 23s, as budget and technology permits). Ultimately, this sort of kvetching must have some underlying complaint unrelated to culture, i.e., that they aren't legally entitled to just go and kill everyone that has stepped between them and their dream of a Republican Fourth Reich.

    C'mon, guys, what did you expect, anyway? Successive Republican primaries (and an interminable string of debates) offered ample opportunity to display the charms of Teabagger Nation's favorite candidates, each of whom then self-destructed in an explosion of deranged vowel sounds, leaving a poorly-programmed robotic Gilded Age throwback to carry the Berserk Party's standard into the general election. And, when that poorly-assembled pile of gears and solenoids and hair gel and conflicting 56K modems--which you all viscerally hated before the true nutjobs were well and truly out of the running--did not win, well, it's the fault of the culture, or the fix was in, or the blue states were too stupid to see what a tremendous asset the Rmoneybot would be in their lives, or that goldurned ACORN poltergeist threw the election.

    And, no, Sarah Palin would not have afforded salvation, either. She would have set world records for embarrassing and/or extreme campaign utterances, because that is all she knows how to do.

    There is a reason the Rmoneybot--and by extension, all the Teabagger-favored froot loops he ran against--lost. It's because reasonable, ordinary people hear them talk and their first reaction is to run for the exits. If you want to win, stop running people whose mental health is questionable.

  36. montag28:37 AM

    Oh, fuck, thanks, now I'm really confused.

  37. Doghouse Riley8:41 AM

    Sonically, MR's electric guitar driven rock anthems harken back to early Metallica and Van Halen.

    In those circles that is not harkening back.

  38. Third: I gotta say I love Kotkin's idea of Connecticut as a state (or at
    least an electorate) made up entirely of millionaire hedge fund

    In Kotkin's defense, many of the millionaire hedge fund managers themselves behave as if it were true. Not to mention anyone who gets elected governor.

  39. Here in millionaire hedge fund manager country, the taste runs more to "glute-punk."

  40. aimai9:02 AM

    Three percent more in taxes over the first 250,000! Oh the humanity.

  41. aimai9:03 AM

    Comes after the armpit solo.


  42. The bad news is these lunatics live among us. The good news is that Republicans ain't getting their thumbs out of their asses anytime soon.

    The other bad news is that they still retain sufficient political power to burn a lot of the country down. And they're apparently going to hold on to a lot of it for years to come, thanks to state and federal districts that Elbridge Gerry would have vetoed. It's not nearly so difficult to play cards with a thumb up your ass if the deck is stacked in your favor.

  43. Wow, that is either astonishingly high levels of bullshit or astonishingly LOW levels of self-awareness. I knew RW homeschooling was turning kids into morons, but pretending like racism didn't exist before "civil rights"? Evidently "our children is not learning", to paraphrase Shrub.

  44. BigHank539:23 AM

    Madison Self-Rising Biscuit Mix would actually be an okay band name. But there really aren't that many good band names involving the Founding Fathers available. Even when you open it up more you haven't got much:

    The Presidents of United States of America
    The Dead Kennedys
    Paul Revere and the Raiders

  45. Fats Durston9:32 AM

    We are the Wall Street Preservation Society,
    God save the mega-corps, limousines, and market piety.
    We are the Public Housing Persecution Consortium,
    God save the ex-urbs, and driving back and forth t'em.
    We are the Atheist Condemnation Affinity,
    God save Jesus Christ, propriety, and virginity.
    We are the Caucasian Conservation Society,
    God save Wonder Bread, Wes Anderson, and lack of variety.

  46. M. Krebs9:38 AM

    Maybe Spinal Tap's "Big Bottom" launched an entire genre that went totally under our radar.

  47. satch9:39 AM

    What... no love for *Taxman*? You know, the song that John and Paul wrote when they discovered they were successful enough to have to decide whether to move their money to Liechtenstein or Monaco.

  48. satch9:44 AM

    Well, in the case of Janesville, WI, the good folks there rejected the Romney/Ryan ticket, but then turned right around and re-elected Eddie Munster to another congressional term. I'm thinking that the congressional election was the fake.

  49. M. Krebs9:45 AM

    I want to watch a Waterloo sunset with this comment.

  50. BigHank539:53 AM

    If only I had a blonde, blue-eyed daughter whose hand in marriage I could offer this comment.

  51. ...some percentage of pro-Obama voters decided...
    ...the increasingly open hostility toward whites from mainstream left-liberals
    (outside academia, where this sort of thing has been fashionable for

    ...somewhat of an anomaly in the music industry...
    ... One can expect a proportionally greater impact on citizens and the
    budgets of the already expensive, high-tax states, where the new kulak
    class is concentrated...

    no wonder nate silver bummed them out so much.

  52. satch9:56 AM

    "At least 60% of conservative opinion writing is just auditioning for a better-paying gig." So true... and it must have killed all those conservative young guns like Domenech and Shapiro when Old Fart Cracker Jim DeMint got the million dollar a year gig at the Heritage Foundation.

  53. i was into rehabilitated 19th-century nationalism before it was cool.

  54. i'm all like daaaayum with this comment.

  55. Whether immigrant, or white or black, we just called each other friends

    for reals? cos i thought the other two used to call the one "boss."

  56. tigrismus10:17 AM

    Perhaps the greatest irony in all this is that the Republicans, largely detested in the deep blue bastions, are the ones most likely to fall on their swords to maintain lower rates for the the mass affluent class in the bluest states and metros.

    If only Massachusetts had known Romney better, then we surely would have voted for him! Or perhaps Kotkin should consider that blue staters knew the Republican stance on taxes and voted against them not just in spite of it but because of it... some folks really do believe that taxes are the price we pay for civilization.

  57. Isn't the problem with that little word...irony?


  58. Robert E. Lee and the Traitors...or is that making the subtext the text?


  59. sharculese10:35 AM

    This is actually a thing that wingnut's have been harping on for a while, though- that everyone's moving to the south because that's where the jobs are and in twenty years new york and la will be ghost towns so take that libs.

  60. KatWillow10:37 AM

    the ones most likely to fall on their swords... Umm, those ain't swords they're fallin on.

  61. KatWillow10:39 AM

    Conservatards cannot imagine another view point or attitude than their own, so projection is all they are able to do.

  62. Mr. Wonderful10:46 AM

    Not even "the band I'm in." MANAGE. Fuck you, taker. Also, I look forward to using "the way I do this is through music" in var. appropriate contexts.

  63. sharculese10:48 AM

    When your primary goal in naming your band is to make sure all your personal peccadilloes are front and center in the audience's consciousness, not sucking tends to be a forgotten priority

  64. Mr. Wonderful10:49 AM

    Steady on, son. Harrison wrote it when he realized Harold Wilson's "supertax" took 95% of their income.

  65. sharculese10:53 AM

    Last week we got a bunch of stories about the non-insane Republicans trying to learn from OFA veterans how exactly Obama's operation was so much better than theirs, and it's comforting to be reminded that all the studying in the world won't help them if every morning their field offices have to re-convince the volunteers that ACORN isn't tapping their phones.

  66. Duncan10:56 AM

    "it's almost like Democratic voters are capable of thinking about other
    people and considering factors other than pure, short-term economic

    That can't be, because the vast majority of voters are idiots who choose on the basis of tribal loyalties and personality; they're incapable of thinking about issues. I learned that here at alicublog, so it must be true.

    "Imagine how horrified Jesus would be by such a grotesque concept." He would be horrified. If you look at his teaching as recorded in the gospels, he put everything in terms of rewards and punishment: "For great is your reward in heaven." (The Greek word translated here as "reward" also means "gay.") If you think of other people, it's so that you can "inherit eternal life." But biblical illiteracy runs rampant in our degenerate society these days.

  67. Mr. Wonderful10:57 AM

    Does The Jefferson Airplane mean nothing to you?

  68. Duncan10:59 AM

    Um, Harrison wrote that, not Lennon-McCartney. Paulie played the great guitar solo though.

  69. Duncan11:01 AM

    I have to say, to judge by their lyrics, Madison Rising sounds like the new Spinal Tap.

  70. BigHank5311:15 AM

    Heck no, they count. My only excuse is that they date from a period of music I try to forget. (Personal taste issue, not a statement with regards to quality.) But how many more are there?

  71. El Manquécito11:41 AM

    Believe it or not some friends recently made the decision to call their band 'Mercury Rizing' (yes, with a zed). Horrible things happen in band naming meetings.

  72. chuckling11:51 AM

    I was thinking more like Dolly Madison Zingers. Nutrition free product made mostly from mysterious industrial ingredients that rises when heated and bravely goes on to cause heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

  73. wileywitch11:54 AM

    Aren't they stepping on those?

  74. Wait, so I have a gay reward waiting for me in heaven? Awesome! I hope it's Vincent Kartheiser.

  75. Budbear12:12 PM

    "The good news is that Republicans ain't getting their thumbs out of their asses anytime soon."

    How else could they pick their noses?

  76. Boy, SOMEBODY has a couple-three chips on his shoulder.

  77. Leeds man12:27 PM

    Ah, wingnuts. Yet again blurring the line between Magical Thinking and Psychosis.

  78. Awright, awright, Harrison then. Jeezus, you guys! In my defense, I am old enough to remember those guys when they were the next new thang, but I liked the Stones better than them there "Beetles" or whatthefuckever, because they did blues and didn't dress up, And wasn't it just praycious that The Ed Sullivan Show producers thoughtfully informed their viewing audience: "Sorry, girls, He's Married" when they showed Lennon in closeup? Talk about yer "conservative Values"!

  79. And yet, even after all that, Lennon was still only imagining no possessions.

  80. montag212:38 PM

    "... guitar driven rock anthems...."

    Neat trick to make an anthem out of a polka time signature.

    But, speaking of rock anthems, if they're lucky, they may one day do something a quarter as good as this... or this.

    And as for "The Star Spangled Banner," sheesh, why bother after Hendrix vanquished all pretenders over forty years ago?

  81. wileywitch12:47 PM

    He moved to NYC.

  82. wileywitch12:49 PM

    HEY! I was in love with John AND the Green Hornet. I was liberal when I had no idea what it was.

  83. PulletSurprise12:56 PM

    Preserving the old ways... uh... just preserving the old ways.

  84. montag21:05 PM

    Some blur, while some obliterate....

  85. JennOfArk1:18 PM

    I dunno. I think Alexander Hamilton's Fucked-Up Hairdo might make a decent band name.

  86. redoubt1:26 PM

    For "where the jobs are" add " in a 21st century chain gang" and you have the gist of what they're trying to do.

  87. redoubt1:29 PM

    I'm sorry, I saw "whither conservatism" as "whiter conservatism" and said, "That's possible?!?"

  88. jameslyden1:30 PM

    I'm in Las Vegas and have tried mightily to explain the same to the wingnuts around me. If California is such a socialist hellhole and we have almost no taxes whatsoever, personal or business, why don't we have to take shifts at the border over at Primm, linking arms together to keep the hordes of invading businesses out, fleeing the evil jackboot of taxation? I've never gotten an answer that made an ounce of sense.

  89. sharculese2:28 PM

    A little too close to Natalie Portman's Shaved Head.

  90. smut clyde2:49 PM

    I recall Pink Floyd singing about the unfairness of having to share one's money.

  91. Atticus Dogsbody3:20 PM

    Jeez, Aimai, give the young rockers a break, the name is ironic. These patriots know that Madison was a goddam communist, what with him fucking with the Constitution and Bill of Rights and all.

    I've sent them a suggestion that the album art on their debut should be of a whack-a-mole machine with a puppet of Madison rising out of it and getting slammed by an Obama hammer. More Irony! Heh! (No, really. Communists whack each other all the time.) USA! USA! ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL!

  92. "The bad news is these lunatics live among us."
    NO, no, there are no more lunatics!


  93. Jon Mellencamp called Bruce Springsteen and told him this. They laughed and laughed.

  94. Maybe more Republicans will move into that Citadel in Idaho...

    I had never heard of Madison Rising, and while I am getting greyer in hair and longer in tooth, I like to consider myself knowledgeable about music, so I looked this group up. Why not? Dave Mustaine became born again in 1994 and has become weirdly anti-U.N. in recent years, but a good riif is a good riff, right?

    The one song I sampled, "Walking Through That Door," reminded me of contemporary modern rock...from 1998. Nice to see Conservatives are consistently behind the times. no matter what aspect of their lives.

  95. chuckling4:18 PM

    Apparently you missed their legendary 6 pm show at the Doubletree Hotel in Oak Brook, IL. What planet do you live on?

  96. Geo X4:41 PM

    There's a lot to mock about this band, but I don't find the name particularly notable one way or 'tother. Very few bands have especially great names. I mean, seriously, "Beatles?" A feeble pun that almost instantly became irrelevant to the band's sound? C'mon.

  97. Howlin Wolfe5:08 PM

    The bass part was great - did the cute one play that too?

  98. Haystack5:27 PM

    Sure, MR rocks out balls to the wall, but every concert has a quieter moment when they slow things down, dim the stage lights except for a ghostly lit flag, and, like the Eagles with their a capella harmonies, gather at the footlights and play a patriotic melody on their skin flutes. Chilling, really.

  99. "We’re somewhat of an anomaly in the music industry, being a pro-American rock band and all."
    Being patriotic doesn't mean dumbass flagsucking. It means doing what you can to make your country a better place. Sometimes that means calling out its faults. This shouldn't be hard to grasp, but I suppose I should be more supportive of the agressively inbred.

  100. MikeJ5:37 PM

    Bruce was pro-America because Chris Christie liked him, but after the hurricane Christie posed with Obummer which means Bruce went back to being anti-American.

  101. AGoodQuestion6:06 PM

    Triplanetary, I've been the middle portion in pretty much exactly that conversation.

  102. Madison Rising....

    Did Mystic Spiral -finally- change their name?

  103. AGoodQuestion6:15 PM

    But there really aren't that many good band names involving the Founding Fathers available.

    Charles Carroll of Carroll and His Sheepskin Condom could really jam. But you've probably never heard of them. [/hipster]

  104. Leeds man6:24 PM

    Exactly. "Beatles" is a monumentally lame name, even for its era. We overlook that because humans have blinkers so efficient that they cannot distinguish between motes and beams.

  105. DocAmazing6:24 PM

    Louie Gohmert says otherwise.

  106. AGoodQuestion6:24 PM

    They flashed the "Sorry, girls, he's married" title, but they forgot to show the second part "... but only a little."

  107. DocAmazing6:36 PM

    Does that mean that (if I get to heaven) I'm going to be really, really gay, or that I'm going to have my own really big gay person? Either's good; I could really use a personal assistant.

  108. DocAmazing6:37 PM

    Anemia's paper of record.

  109. Spaghetti Lee6:50 PM

    Thing is, in Oak Brook that does qualify as nightlife.

  110. Halloween_Jack7:07 PM

    Hey, her best work dates from that period.

  111. satch7:08 PM

    "Gorge Rising"?

  112. Halloween_Jack7:08 PM

    I'd like to offer this comment a cherry cola, C-O-L-A cola.

  113. wileywitch8:30 PM

    A tiny bit more than Jefferson Starship probably.

  114. wileywitch8:40 PM

    My mother drunk or sober will never sink in for the single-minded patriot pickled in the churches of the "free market" and a mean denomination of Christianity.

    It's almost as if they have some kind of inferiority complex that can only be mollified with cheap jingoism, the accident of being born white in the U.S.A., and the silly beliefs that the U.S. is God's favorite country EVER and that Jesus is the ambassador of greed, gluttony, and indifference to the suffering of others.

  115. Mr. Wonderful9:20 PM

    Um-be-leivable. This year's Prussian Blue. Cute gals! Can't wait to catch up with them in six, seven years and see how that whole Jesus-Reagan-Santorum thing is workin' out for 'em.

  116. J Neo Marvin9:31 PM

    It's basically cock rock, but even dumber.

  117. montag29:39 PM

    "Being patriotic doesn't mean dumbass flagsucking."

    Lee Greenwood would disagree. He's made a career out of it.

  118. J Neo Marvin9:40 PM

    Neat trick to make an anthem out of a polka time signature.

    Minor Threat used to do it all the time.

  119. for the the mass affluent class

    Pope Nazi and the Bishops?

  120. M. Krebs11:11 PM

    Just for good measure, the best damn thing on YouToob:

  121. Formerly_Nom_De_Plume12:02 AM

    Wait, wtf:

    Richard Mgrdechian

    Who else pronounced this as "Mergderch...." and then just kind of trailed off?

  122. Jon Hendry2:04 AM

    If there isn't a wingnut band called The John Phillips Sousa Blues Explosion, there needs to be. Or maybe a Colbertian satire of a wingnut band by that name.

  123. Jon Hendry2:17 AM

    My brother's in a band called "Dropping Deuce".

    (I think he came out of my Mom's other uterus. He doesn't look like me or my sister.)

    "Madison Rising" sounds like a stripper name.

  124. Jon Hendry2:21 AM

    "Successive Republican primaries (and an interminable string of debates) offered ample opportunity to display the charms of Teabagger Nation's favorite candidates"

    Their best bet would probably be to make their future primary debates Pay Per View.

  125. Jon Hendry2:26 AM

    The one with the complimentary pigs in a blanket?

    That was *epic*.


  127. GregMc5:17 AM

    Late to the party, but I just wanted to confirm Taranto's suspicion in my own case: all of the hatred and resentment I've ever had cause to feel has been directed towards white folks. All of the abuse (including self-inflicted) has been from white hands.

  128. It's like raaaaaain
    On your wedding day...

  129. montag22:15 PM

    Umm, I think West is in his own orbit....

  130. wileywitch2:49 PM

    And Marvin Gaye.

  131. montag22:58 PM

    Oh, Beck's got more than that upcoming. He's going to be putting on a reality show (as if he isn't a one-man reality show already) premised on twenty documentary filmmakers competing for production help and distribution money. The name of this?: "Pursuit of Truth." I shit you not.

    I'm betting the winner's film will definitively show that Kennedy's assassin was the Communist black lover of Obama's mother, financed by the estate of Patrice Lumumba, the documentation for which was found in the safe of an abandoned ACORN office.

  132. not if any of those climate maps i see have anything to say about it....

  133. smut clyde1:43 AM

    Second, if you subscribe to the well documented idea that elections, at least at the federal level, are entirely staged

    I suspect that Brandon has a number of other subscriptions as well, most of them to self-proclaimed "alternative sources of information".

  134. smut clyde1:49 AM

    Kotkin [is] basically the guy who expects you to fail and, when you
    succeed, concludes that you must secretly be miserable about it.

    You missed out the stage where he accuses you of hypocrisy and perfidy for deviating from the course of action that his straw-man version of your motivations had led him to predict that you'd follow.

  135. Nah, he made a career out of dull, saccharine pop country tunes. He made his retirement out of dumbass flagsucking

  136. catclub3:38 PM

    Bob Mar(ster) Lee and the Wailers. Who knew?

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