Thursday, November 08, 2012

MINORITY OUTREACH, REPUBLICAN EDITION. Enraged by pro-immigrant conservatism of the Heather Mac Donald, torture enthusiast Andrew C. McCarthy starts yelling about "Islamists," then drags Hispanics into it -- leading to this:
In point of fact, Islamists, like many Hispanic political activists (think: La Raza), are statists... Islamists, like many Hispanic activists, are the vanguard of a different culture that they passionately believe is superior to the culture of individual liberty. 
There is no single-issue quick-fix to the challenge of ushering them into the Republican coalition. Rather, there is a choice to be made: either convince them that they are wrong, meaning make the unapologetic case for liberty and limited government; or fundamentally change who you are, meaning accommodate their statism.
Translation: Mooslims and Messicans can't get into this party till they prove their Americanism to Andrew C. McCarthy! I'm beginning to think John Judis and Ruy Teixeira were right.


  1. Formerly_Nom_De_Plume6:34 PM

    or fundamentally change who you are

    Andrew got it right. This is the unsolvable conundrum for the GOP: the mud people are not welcome under their roof, and yet they need them.

    I'm glad I lived long enough to see this.

  2. John D.6:34 PM

    All signs thus far point towards there being absolutely zero soul searching within the GOP base as to why they just lost an important election big-time. And did any of us honestly think such a thing might come to pass? Was anyone naive enough to even consider the possibility existed?

    I'm not exactly relishing the Rethugs becoming even more like one of Europe's openly fascist political parties. Watching them slide further into irrelevancy will have its entertaining moments, sure...up to the point when the next Timothy McVeigh gets it into his psychotic, poison-filled head to start being a little, shall we say?

  3. KatWillow6:34 PM

    Funny how "he culture of individual liberty" doesn't include women and their health situations, Blacks moving out of poverty, Hispanics getting good paying work in jobs other than lawn-mowing or produce picking! The only "individual" who deserves "liberty" is the white male, and there isn't enough to go around for anyone else. So if a Woman or Minority (!) also have individual liberty, its because the STOLE it from a white man. Just like BroncoBama stole the presidency from John McCain & Rmoney.

  4. horatius6:35 PM

    If only the conservatives had a media machine like say a major news network, that made their case for liberty day in and day out.

  5. Halloween_Jack6:35 PM

    I'm seriously expecting Obama to cut down on his public appearances drastically for at least the next year, and his daughters being surrounded by a phalanx of Secret Service agents wherever they go.

  6. In other words: if you ain't white, you're not allowed into the Repub Party unless you become an Oreo.

    Looks like this sorry dipshit has learned nothing from the election.

  7. Gerald Fnord6:35 PM

    Charlie Pierce quoted:

    It is a melancholy reflection that liberty should be equally exposed to danger whether the Government have too much or too little power, and
    that the line which defines these extremes should be so inaccurately defined by experience.

    -- James Madison to Thomas Jefferson, October 17, 1788.

    James Madison cannot be integrated into our polity! He believed that there's a threat to liberty from too little government.

  8. Haystack6:36 PM

    Nobody's buying my shit sandwiches. Stupid customers.

  9. reallyaimai6:36 PM

    I strongly identify with Michelle as a mother because, among other things, my two daughters are each just basically one year older than their daughters. So I suddenly realized that Malia will be heading off to College just as Obama stops being president--does she stop getting SS protection then? Because that would scare the pants off me.

  10. Tudor Jennings6:36 PM

    Hey, I agree with McCarthy. We don't need no stinkin' diversity!

    If these weirdos aren't willing to become middle-aged and white, then screw 'em.
    Stay pure, my friends. Till the bitter end.

  11. Jay B.6:36 PM

    [Fat lady puts on Viking helmet, swivels head back and forth, cracks knuckles, clears throat]


  12. fraser6:36 PM

    In other words, accept the domination of your white overlords and we'll treat you.

  13. whetstone6:36 PM

    I would commend Mr. McCarthy to read "The GOP and Me," by Chicago dermatologist and beloved Royals blogger Rany Jazayerli, a first-generation American of Syrian parents, whose dad was a Republican, and who was a Republican up through 2000.

    I didn't realize just how quickly and thoroughly the GOP alienated their Muslim constituency. As Jazayerli points out, immigrants from, say, Syria already have a fucking obvious desire for "liberty and limited government," you dumb fuck, that's why they're fucking here and not in Syria (my words, not his).

    Maybe vicious assholes like McCarthy should consider how, I don't know, preventing mosques from being built out of naked xenophobia and racism conflicts with "liberty and limited government."

  14. BigHank536:36 PM

    Let me second the recommendation of Mr. Jazayerli's piece. It's not short, but it's a detailed account of how the GOP let the mouthbreather wing of the party off the leash...from the perspective of someone who got shat upon by them.

  15. BigHank536:37 PM

    ....absolutely zero soul searching within the GOP base....

    To be fair, it can be hard to locate your soul, that tiny withered thing, given that it's buried under a pile of crusty tissues (Palin), Cheeto bits, Valerie Plame talking points, crusty tissues (Iraq war porn), Chik-Fil-A wrappers, Herman Cain campaign pins, crusty tissues (flightsuit), Save Terri! t-shirts, and those rubber balls that Erick Erickson told you to buy but you never got around to mailing off.

  16. whetstone6:37 PM

    Update: speaking of immigrant minorities with logical affiliations with the GOP... apparently Obama won Cuban-Americans in Florida.

  17. redoubt6:37 PM

    Andrew C. McCarthy's first grade teacher: "Andy, did you bring enough cookies liberty to share with the class?"

  18. redoubt6:37 PM

    "Conservatism cannot fail. It can only be betrayed."

  19. witlesschum6:37 PM

    Michigan's Arab and/or Muslim minority made a similar total turnaround as a voting block from 2000 to 2004.

  20. Derelict6:37 PM

    I'd guess ol' Andy doesn't get out to meet Hispanics much. Most the Hispanic political activists I personally know are much more concerned with preventing their communities from being on the shitty end of the policing stick, keeping their constituents from being victimized by (predominantly White) business owners, and trying to improve educational and economic opportunities.

    Oh, an Andy? Just for the record, the term "Hispanic" covers people from all of Latin America, most of the Caribbean, and Spain. You'll find that the vast majority of them don't really give a crap about La Raza--indeed, they don't even know what you're talking about. But, then, neither do you.

  21. Roy T.6:37 PM

    Best bet would be to start breeding and cloning more white men. But that's a long-term strategy, and can't help much before 2030.

  22. apparently Obama won Cuban-Americans in Florida.

    But, but, Marco Rubio's a far-right extremist asshole so cool! Sorry, Marco. Better cancel those custom "Estoy con estúpido" shirts you were planning to wear in the 2016 GOP primaries.

  23. rickmassimo6:37 PM

    "There is no single-issue quick-fix to the challenge of ushering them into the Republican coalition."

    Actually, the single-issue quick-fix of "stop being racist assholes who refer to Latinos as 'them'" would probably go a long way.

    "Rather, there is a choice to be made: either convince them that they are wrong ..."

    Yeah, see, right there -

    "... or fundamentally change who you are, meaning accommodate their statism."

    Oh, never mind.

  24. montag26:37 PM

    Ah, I see that the aptly named McCarthy continues to make powerful, yet incoherent, arguments for the obligation of minorities to accommodate their oppressors, because it's the natural order of things.

    John C. Calhoun would have loved this guy.

  25. montag26:37 PM

    Didn't we pretty much see the entire clone product line during the Republican primaries?

    I wish `em good luck with that launch.

  26. begun, this clone war has.

  27. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard6:38 PM

    It's like David Frum's "vote for Romney or the Republicans will cause you problems" column.

  28. RogerAiles6:46 PM

    Here's a quick-fix to usher "Islamists" into the Republican Party, Anj.... set your clock back to 2000.

  29. Tudor Jennings6:47 PM

    They're still beta-testing. Although they were pretty happy with the clone-a-crowd's "Let 'em die!" pavlovian response.

  30. KatWillow6:51 PM

    They persuaded the Pig People (hat tip Driftglass) that the terrorist actions were only religion-based, rather than mostly politically-based and understandable, though NOT justifiable. So a lot of morons think "Islam" is out to crush christianity, just for laughs I guess.

  31. KatWillow6:51 PM

    Sure there is- make them Rich. Wealth and racism seem to be the repug Thing.

  32. montag27:20 PM

    A small nitpick. They don't need them, they need their votes, or just as beneficially, they just need them to not vote at all. What the Goopers really, really want is to get their votes without the messy, time-consuming requirement to win hearts and minds, something that's becoming increasingly difficult to accomplish when most of the right-wing punditry is screaming for them to go back to their own countries and accusing them of being welfare cheats.

    There are just a few clear instances where the old adage, "wanting your cake and eating it, too" applies, and this is one of them. They want them in the big tent, but as servants, not as equals.

  33. Substance McGravitas7:50 PM

    Falling in love with your own high-minded rhetoric is no substitute for
    clear-eyed examination that takes the world as it is, not as we would
    have it.

    Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! I have a link for this!

    Second, regardless of what the polls say, Obama obviously believes he
    is in big trouble. He finds himself having to fight for votes in places
    he needs to have in the bag if he is going to be reelected. And it is
    not a propitious time to fight for votes when the tide is running in the
    other guy’s favor; when a hurricane has just reminded people in key
    states that infrastructure was utterly ignored while the administration
    paid off its cronies with over $800 billion in our “stimulus” money; and
    when the drip, drip, drip of Benghazi, despite the Obamedia’s best
    efforts to black-hole it, evolves from monumental debacle to an
    impeachable debacle.

    Mitt Romney wins … decisively.

  34. Fats Durston8:48 PM

    I think I saw that episode of Glenn Beck. It was hard to follow the arrows and remember who were our Frenemies.

    (Not to mention that Nate Silver probly used algebra, a Muslam math, that is probably the reason why O'bama won.)

  35. Another Kiwi9:24 PM

    Jeebus, I read the comments after the pundims had dunnit
    Ah, holy shit, that's some crazy muthfucka right there.

  36. redoubt10:11 PM

    Gilliard (PBUH) called these Pajamas people years ago.

  37. Chris Anderson10:36 PM

    Huh? Hispanics are statists? Differently and specifically, they are the "vanguard of a different culture that they passionately believe is superior to the culture of individual liberty"?!

    The latter definition applies to no culture, not any version of U.S. culture. It's a shoddy definition for low-impact soundbites.

    Insomuch as Hispanics might believe they bring something valuable to our cultural mix, more power to them! Godspeed to you, Hispanic Americans. Show us what you've got. I may take some notes. I shall apply them to the politics of State.

  38. DocAmazing10:55 PM

    What are you talking about? Everybody who speaks Messican is Messican, right?

  39. horatius11:04 PM

    "What? And redistribute the wealth?? Go fuck yourself libtard!!!"

    The only thing dearer to these morons than racism is their Randian philosophy.

  40. Don't forget using his global warming machine to create a hurricane!

  41. Halloween_Jack9:33 AM

    At some point, the slander campaign against Silver backfires when he's turned into a classic Bond villain. (Even that name, evocative of Goldfinger...)

  42. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard1:03 PM

    Mexicans are really disguised Red Chinese, why else would they celebrate Cinco de Mao?

  43. DocAmazing3:24 PM

    I just found a really good deal on bulk lots of "Don't Re-Nig in 2012!" bunperstickers!

  44. nate silver, he's the man
    the man with the mean/median touch
    a slide rule's touch
    such a cold silver
    beckons you to enter his website
    but don't go in

    silver probabilities he will pour into scarbough's ear
    but his charts can't disguise what you fear
    for a doocey know's when he's kissed him
    it's the kiss of death from mistah nate silver
    megyn kelly, beware of his chart of gold
    this heart is cold....

  45. Oog, I went to look it up. It's 10 years for former president and spouse, but for children only until age 16. It used to be lifetime for ex-president and spouse and (I gather) famiy, in a 1965 law. The existing practice was established in a 1994 law. Damn but legacies linger :(

  46. Pope Zebbidie XIII12:41 AM

    For these
    Muslims, the Republican message of self-reliance and entrepreneurship, the
    exaltation of small business owners, the emphasis on cutting taxes to encourage
    industriousness, was catnip. So too was the vilification of people sucking from
    the public teat and asking for handouts. There were no Muslim welfare queens,
    and Muslims joined the Republican stampede against them.

    So when the Republicans were vilifying other weak and downtrodden minorities that was OK...but when he was a member of group that it was convenient to use as a target of white resentment he was shocked. Yet as soon as the Republicans start saying "Muslims are all right - it's still the (ahem) inner-city dwellers we hate", he'll be lining up to vote for his tax-cut (and fuck the rest of the country).

    He is not being principled, he is whining because he caught the pointy-end of a system he was happy to be behind as long as someone else was copping it. That is the world-view of a coward.

  47. To be fair, the surface rhetoric of self-reliance, free markets, patriotism and family values from the Republican party is alluring for an new expat from a totalitarian populist regime, but they don't realize what they're getting into because they don't have the same cultural context for the Southern Strategy dogwhistles and winking references as the rest of the country. It's a very dispiriting blow, to realize that the party of liberty you thought you were signing up for is actually one of hate and greed.

  48. JennOfArk11:45 AM

    I honestly don't think it has yet occurred to them that they, themselves, were quite likely as responsible for increasing minority turnout at the polls as the Obama campaign was. They spent the past 4.5 years dog whistling and doing everything short of screaming "ni**er, ni**er, ni**er!!!," then embarked on very transparent attempts to make it more difficult for the "wrong" people to vote. I'm sure that not every additional person who turned out to vote shares my obstinacy, but I'm willing to bet a fair number of them do - that is, if voting wasn't something that I had prioritized in the past, at the very moment someone tried to stop me from doing it, it would become a crusade and I would walk over hot coals and crawl over broken glass just to stick it to them for trying to take it away from me.

    This further complicates the conundrum - yes, the mud people are not welcome under their roof and yet they need them, but further, the dog whistling they've relied upon these past 40 years is needed to turn out the people who are welcome under their roof - yet every time they practice it from here on out, it's going to come with a penalty attached. It will attract not only the party faithful as it has reliably these past 4 decades - now it will also attract those against whom it is used, who will vote against whoever is whistling.

    It's no longer a zero or low-cost tactic, but as I noted previously, this notion of "you inferior people should vote for us" is so entwined in Republican DNA that it will take at least a decade and probably several for them to wake up to the fact that they're going to have to find some new tricks.

  49. I don't think I have ever seen the word "statist" used to make a valid point about something occurring on Earth, rather than in a right-winger's feverish imagination. Can anyone else think of an instance where it was used to make an argument about reality?

  50. Derelict1:30 PM

    I give this comment a thumbs down not because I disagree with it, but because I fear it all too clearly foretells the future. When Rush, Coulter, Savage and the rest of the rightwing radio chorus get back to screeching about how Obama is destroying America and "needs to be dealt with," there is no shortage of lizard-brained halfwits who will take those words (and the transmissions emanating from their fillings) as definitive instructions to start the revolution.

  51. Another Kiwi1:48 PM


  52. tigrismus1:53 PM

    Only with the suffix "-ic."

  53. Turns out we re-nigged after all, and happily so!

  54. Another Kiwi8:21 PM

    That's right, rub good hard working 'Merican noses in Nate Silver some more!!

  55. smut clyde4:03 PM

    "Ushering" is an odd choice of words, with its coercive overtones, and I would have gone for "inviting".

    But McCarthy deserves some credit for controlling his initial impulse to write "herding" or "freighting".

  56. DocAmazing4:18 PM

    Prejudice against gasses by solid-phase entities is very real, I'll have you know.

  57. Another Kiwi10:26 AM

    Well, look. The Moors ruled Spain for mumblemumble years. So they are all actually Islams. When they went to Mexico the Islam went with them though by now disguised as Catholicism. This is why Catholic JFK instituted Sharia law in America when he was Emperor and why the masons shot him whilst they were disguised as Black people.
    Why does no one learn history, no more?

  58. AGoodQuestion10:26 AM

    Man, Weekend at Bernie's must have been brutal if it made him think like this.