Monday, September 05, 2011

HAPPY LABOR DAY, from Robert Reich:

In your Labor Day obeisances, please spare a thought for Ronald Reagan, who got this downward spiral going, and for his heirs, who think we haven't spiraled down far enough.

UPDATE. You might also enjoy the tribute at Daily Caller of one Robert Morrison, who's into puns:
Labor unions claim credit for being “the folks who brought you the American weekend.” That’s largely true. But today, organized labor also brings us America the weakened.
V. funny, but weakened how? Morrison explains:
That’s because liberal labor union leaders have too often ignored their members’ values as they’ve pressed for abortion-on-demand and the ending of marriage...

So this Labor Day, I want to pay my tribute to organized labor. That is, the labor organized in millions of homes by millions of married couples. Those mothers’ labors — labor in childbirth, in making homes, in training children — are indispensable.
And the best thing about these home laborers, from a Morrisonian POV? You don't have to pay them. A rightwing model for all labor, going forward.

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