Tuesday, July 05, 2011

YES, AND THE PORTIONS ARE SO SMALL. This may be my favorite Jim Hoft Gateway Pundit headline of the summer:
Despite His Plans to Hand Over Jerusalem and Holy Land to Terrorists, Obama Still Enjoys Strong Support From Jews
Bless me, I haven't seen headline spin like that since the days of Mr. Bernstein:

Monomaniacal sites like Real Americans Defend Israel and Jews Against Obama are at this writing quiet, not to say speechless, at the news. But in the silver linings department, Hot Air's Tina Korbe goes for the rail shot:
Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jews who attend synagogue weekly — who tend to be more conservative, in general — are less supportive of Obama than those who don’t.
The anti-Obama strategy is clear: If they can just get more Jews to go to that churchlike thing they have more often, the tide may be turned. And if it can't be managed, conservatives may comfort themselves with the knowledge that Jews who won't go to Jew Church are every bit as damned as non-Jews who similarly disdain attendance at their assigned Houses of God. (The theology may be a bit shaky here, but they can probably get Billy Kristol to give them an Amen.)

Why didn't they think to handle it as Politico did: "Jewish support for Obama flat"? That's the way the pros win the morning!

Only somewhat related, but still entertaining: Yid With Lid snarls at Media Matters' Eric Boehlert:
I was a bit surprised though when he said I wrote a"Jew-bashing"post. Particularly when one realizes my nickname "Yid With Lid" is slang for Jew wearing a yarmulke.
Ha ha, how silly of Jewish Boehlert to accuse a fellow Jew of Jew-bashing! Then, minutes later:
The truth is, Eric Boehlert is part of the propaganda arm of a Jew-bashing machine... As a senior member of the Soros Jew-bashing machine, Eric Boehlert's disingenuous actions...
How do people at this negligible level of self-awareness even eat without chewing their own tongues off?

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